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If you’re a fan of fantasy football, then this newsletter is for you. The Morning Huddle newsletter covers all kinds of news updates regarding fantasy football daily. It has over 6,000 subscribers.


  • The newsletter offers good readability which is a refreshing change and a valuable resource for busy professionals. 
  • It is a concise yet comprehensive source of information. Mostly, it is a short, 3-minute read. 
  • The newsletter does not leave you for weekly updates. It arrives in your inbox every day.


  • Vague newsletter titles/headings which sometimes appear unrelated to the newsletter content.

What is The Morning Huddle newsletter about? 

If you’re a fan of fantasy football, then this newsletter is for you. The Morning Huddle newsletter covers all kinds of news updates regarding fantasy football on a daily basis. It has over 6,000 subscribers. 

It combines researched findings on fantasy football and summarizes the lengthy articles published around it into digestible news updates for its subscribers. 

These short and crisp newsletters, packed with a punch of witty memes, are punctually delivered to subscribers via email every morning at 6:00 AM. 

The newsletter structure of The Morning Huddle

The Morning Huddle follows the same organized pattern of updates in all their newsletters. This is a positive thing for its subscribers since they know exactly where to look for the information they need. Here’s how the newsletters are typically organized

  • The heading or title of the newsletter is frequently a pun or a witty remark. Often the title doesn’t give away the contents of the newsletter.
  • A small witty introduction which can comprise a short piece of update regarding the newsletter team or other announcement, a humorous line or two to get the reader engaged, and a meme. 
  • The content after the short introduction is divided into subheadings that each deal with a specific piece of news on fantasy football. Each sub-heading involves a detailed outline for each relevant football player. This includes pictures, tweets, and other screenshots. 
  • Sometimes the newsletter has a section for other links that the readers might like to visit. In addition, at times there’s also a ‘Question of the day’ section towards the end of the newsletter.
  • Finally, the newsletter ends with a ‘Tweet of the day’ displayed as a tweet screenshot. 
  • The last things readers find at the end of the newsletter are a thank you note and the name of the writer. 

Is it free or paid? 

What makes The Morning Huddle newsletter so attractive to many subscribers is that it’s completely free. Sports fanatics can subscribe to the newsletter and get a daily dose of fantasy football news free of cost!

Their motto is to keep their subscribers entertained and informed for free.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

The newsletter doesn’t disclose detailed information about the people behind it and running it. However, the newsletters are written by an individual named Jake under the company of The Morning Huddle.

Is The Morning Huddle Legit? 

The Morning Huddle is a legit newsletter for updates on fantasy football and football players. The newsletter details all its privacy terms as well as collection notice, lending the newsletter sample validity. 

The Morning Huddle Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Morning Huddle newsletter has a ginormous fan club of subscribers. The newsletter is significantly revered by its readers who find it to be ‘a quick read, funny, concise, relevant, time-efficient, informative’ and a treat to find in their inbox every morning!

My Honest Review of The Morning Huddle

My thoughts on the Morning Huddle echo the sentiments of its fan club. The newsletter strikes a fantastic balance of information, humor, and conciseness. The newsletters aren’t text heavy, especially given the use of memes, pictures, and tweet screenshots. In addition, the newsletter is easy and quick to read as well. 

The only thing that I particularly found vexing were the frequently irrelevant or unrelated headings (at least in my opinion) for the newsletter. 

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