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Content marketing is 70% SEO. Same applies for digital marketing. It's hard to learn about all the SEO practices without any prior knowledge. But there's the Moz Top 10 Newsletter to help you with all of that. Moz Top 10 is a bi-weekly newsletter with over half a million subscribers.


  • Moz Top 10 newsletter is bi-weekly, so it doesn't hijack or jam your inbox like other publications.
  • Most of the newsletters use highly polished advertisements that look like a mini webpage and have no words at all. The Moz Top 10 newsletter is unlike any of those. Their team handpicks only relevant posts and shares those with you.
  • Quality backlinks, keywords, and everything else boils down to the best SEO practices. And to assist you with all of that, there is Moz Top 10 newsletter.


  • Readers need to have some basic knowledge of SEO and marketing.
  • As Moz Top 10 shares links of the top 10 articles, one needs to go to a browser to read all those articles.

What is The Moz Top 10 Newsletter about? 

The Moz Top 10 newsletter is your gateway to the best SEO practices and digital marketing news. 

For starters, why do you need to learn about SEO? Do a little math. There are tens of thousands of blogs being uploaded every hour. 7.5 Million every day. Without any long-tail SEO strategy, you'll do nothing.

So it's best to stay up-to-date with a newsletter like the semi-monthly Moz Top 10, which curates valuable articles about SEO and sends it to your inbox. Moz Top 10 also shares articles on online marketing strategies.

The newsletter structure of The Moz Top 10 Newsletter

The Moz Top 10 newsletter is sent out every two weeks. Like many other successful newsletters, Moz Top 10 also uses a minimalistic, and pleasing to eyes design.

Further, there are only 10 links per newsletter with the title of the article and a short description. This is a big plus point for busy business owners.

Is it free or paid? 

Many equate free with poor quality. 

But they couldn't be more wrong. Moz Top 10 newsletter offers the best content strategies from link building to best SEO tools that can help you get more organic views on your site. 

And guess what? It's absolutely free of cost.

My Honest Review of The Moz Top 10 Newsletter 

As a content creator, I'm always in the hunt for the best SEO practices and the latest tools. But it's daunting to do it all by myself.

Fortunately, there's the Moz Top 10 Newsletter. What's so great about it?

The Moz Top 10 newsletter is all about SEO strategies, link building, free and paid SEO tools and more interestingly, the moz team hands pick relevant digital marketing news. They also send invitations to webinars that you can attend.

500,000+ people have already joined the Moz Top 10 newsletter—what about you? Stop being an amateur; become an expert in SEO and digital marketing.

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