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Those interested in learning more about the payments and fintech world can receive the Payments Culture newsletter. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the payment world, culture, trends, and strategy.


  • The Payments Culture newsletter is absolutely free
  • Subscribers receive the email regularly
  • The author is an expert in the field


  • The email may seem a bit long to some
  • Payments Culture newsletter comes once a week only

What is the Payments Culture Newsletter about?

The Payments Culture newsletter is a comprehensive newsletter about fintech and payments. It brings you everything about culture, trends, and strategy in the payment world. The newsletter aims to help users understand how payment methods have evolved over the years and how to navigate the latest gateways. It also helps you understand the global payment landscape when traveling through different countries.

Besides running a newsletter, Payments Culture offers advisory and consulting services for fintech organizations. They have worked with different organizations on:

  • Creating a market plan and analysis
  • Presentations on the latest industry trends
  • Facilitating a payments start-up with their strategy
  • Working with an organization to launch a new payment product

The Newsletter Structure of Payments Culture Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the story’s title in the middle and a short description.
  • Then, the author shares the details of the story with a hooking introduction.
  • Usually, you will see a relevant image after a paragraph or two.
  • Later, the author dives into further insights on the topic in subcategories and sections.

The newsletter is thoroughly supplemented with images to keep you interested and help you better understand money and payment matters.

What Topics does the Payments Culture Newsletter Cover?

The Payments Culture newsletter covers everything about payment culture and fintech. It aims to educate readers on the latest payment and fintech trends. You also learn about common and popular payment trends in different parts of the world to make traveling convenient for you.

Is it Free or Paid?

Payments Culture is a free newsletter that regularly arrives in your inbox without any subscription fee. So, you do not have to pay anything to read this valuable email. All subscribers receive each edition of the newsletter, allowing them to stay in the loop with the latest happenings in the fintech world.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Matt Jones, the founder of the Payments Culture newsletter, is an Advisor, Consultant, and Commercial Leader for Fintech and Payments. He founded the newsletter in November 2022 and has been regularly creating content for his readers. Matt also works with numerous other companies in advisory and directorial roles. 

He has been working as the Commercial Director of Payments Consulting Network and Merchant Advisory since December 2023. Moreover, he’s a senior advisor at Tietoevry.

The author has spent over 15 years working in the world of payments. He mentions that he has seen payments go from something many people did not consider significant to something more important and interesting.

Moreover, he says that the goal of the newsletter is to explore key topics in payments and fintech, with two posts per month on average, bringing you insights, analysis, and commentary on useful topics. 

The Payments Culture Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Payments Culture newsletter is a useful resource that readers love to read. Each edition brings something informative for the subscribers, which makes them wait for the next email. The readers appreciate the straightforward content in the newsletter to help them navigate money matters in different parts of the world. The best part is that the newsletter is absolutely free, leading to its popularity among new subscribers.

My Honest Review of Payments Culture Newsletter

As someone who loves learning about technology, I’d wind up this newsletter by mentioning that it’s a must-subscribe. The author brings you super-useful information without charging you a penny for all the details. I like how he explains everything in a simple manner so everyone can understand. Payments Culture is not a very old newsletter in the fintech landscape, but its credible and informative content has pushed it to the top. Subscribe to it to see for yourself!

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