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If you're looking for ways to make money, then the Penny Hoarder newsletter is your go-to for every money making tip. It is issued by a US based personal finance website. In recent years it has become one of the best email newsletters related to finance. The Penny Hoarder newsletter focuses on topics like make and saving money, debt, retirement, investing, bank accounts, buying homes, taxes, and more.


  • The Penny Hoarder newsletter is not just a regular newsletter. At its core, it's about everything related to finance. From how to save your money to how to manage money, the Penny Hoarder newsletter “have it all” for you.
  • Most finance publications focus on the higher middle class. A lot of readers who earn less feel alienated because of this. But not with the Penny Hoarder. Their main audience is those below average income.
  • The Penny Hoarder newsletter is issued daily. A big plus point for those who want to stay up-to-date with every finance related news.


  • The Penny Hoarder newsletter targets a specific demographic: those who make less than the average household income. So, a lot of people might not be interested in reading the newsletter.
  • Also, this newsletter publishes videos and infographics on their daily email newsletter. This sometimes slows down email loading, which is annoying for some.

What is The Penny Hoarder Newsletter about?

The Penny Hoarder newsletter's raison d’être is how to save money. It's unlike any of your regular newsletters. 

They features important finance related topics like: 

  • how to make money,
  • how to save money,
  • also, budgeting, 
  • debt, 
  • retirement plans,
  • bank accounts,
  • how to invest, 
  • home buying,
  • taxes, and
  • insurance.

The newsletter structure of The Penny Hoarder Newsletter

The Penny Hoarder is one of the largest personal finance websites in the United States. Each month they receive millions of users, who are religiously searching for how to make and save some for their retirement.

The newsletter structure of the Penny Hoarder Newsletter is also extraordinary. They have weekly newsletters on jobs and food, too.

Is it free or paid?

Do you make much less than an average American? If yes, then the Penny Hoarder newsletter is the one you should sign up for.

They have some of the most amazing tips and tricks that will help you leverage your earnings. Their one-to-one approach is my personal favorite.

And want to know the best part? There are free and paid memberships.

My Honest Review of The Penny Hoarder Newsletter

The Penny Hoarder is published by a US based personal finance website, while the brand is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. And in recent years it has become one of the most influential email newsletters around the world.

I'm always on the hunt for money related content. Fortunately, for me (and you!) there is the Penny Hoarder newsletter. 

It all started as a personal finance micro-blog in 2010 by Kyle Taylor. He himself was in debt and documented his findings of unusual ways to save and make money. Then shared it via email newsletter. In 2016 they became one of the largest personal finance blogging websites, making $20 Millions in revenue. So, there is this personal touch in their newsletter.

That being said, hundreds of thousands of people have already signed up for their daily newsletter. It's your turn now. Sign up, and never be broke again!

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