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If you are interested in law and legal proceedings and want to stay updated on the latest events, trends, and analyses, you might have come across The Popehat Report newsletter. Is it worth subscribing to?


  • Expert legal analysis
  • Thought-provoking commentary
  • Timeliness and relevance


  • Limited frequency
  • Occasionally lengthy

 In this The Popehat Report newsletter review, I will give you an overview of what The Popehat report newsletter is about, including its pros and cons, structure, topics, and pricing. I will also share my honest opinion on whether it is worth your time and money.

What is The Popehat Report Newsletter about?

The Popehat Report newsletter is a highly acclaimed publication that provides readers with a unique blend of legal analysis, commentary on current events, and thought-provoking insights. It is a newsletter by Ken White, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and civil litigator. He writes about law, liberty, and leisure, focusing on criminal justice and free speech issues. He also hosts or co-hosts several podcasts on related topics, such as Serious Trouble and Make No Law. The newsletter is published on Substack, a platform for independent writers and creators.

The Structure of The Popehat Report Newsletter

The following is the newsletter's structure in The Popehat Report newsletter review:

  • It starts with a catchy title that summarizes the main theme or topic of the newsletter. For example, "The Popehat Report: How to Survive a Subpoena" or "The Popehat Report: The First Amendment in the Age of Cancel Culture."
  • Then it is followed by an introduction that includes a brief overview of the newsletter's content, a personal anecdote or a relevant quote, and a call to action for readers to subscribe, share or support the newsletter.
  • After the introduction, the newsletter has several sections that cover different aspects of the main theme or topic. Each section has a subheading that indicates what it is about.
  • The sections are informative, engaging, and sometimes humorous, with examples, anecdotes, and references to relevant cases or sources.
  • These also include links to further reading or resources for readers who want to learn more.
  • The newsletter ends with a conclusion summarizing the main points of the newsletter, offering some advice or recommendations for readers, and inviting feedback or questions from readers.

What topics does The Popehat Report Newsletter cover?

In the Popehat report Newsletter review, how can we forget to discuss the variety of topics it covers? The Popehat Report covers many laws, civil liberties, and free speech subjects. Readers can expect analysis and commentary on legal cases, constitutional rights, criminal justice issues, internet culture, and the intersection of law and technology. The newsletter also addresses broader societal and political issues, exploring the implications of legal developments on society.

Is it free or paid?

The Popehat Report Newsletter is free to read and subscribe to. White does not charge any fee or require any registration to access his content. He also accepts no advertisements or sponsorships that might compromise his editorial independence or integrity.

PS: My Honest Review of The Popehat Report Newsletter

I think The Popehat Report Newsletter is a great source of information and insight for anyone interested in law, liberty, and leisure. White is a knowledgeable and eloquent writer who can explain complex legal issues and cases in a clear and engaging way. He also has a distinctive and often humorous voice that makes his newsletter enjoyable and entertaining. He covers a wide range of topics that are relevant and interesting to the current political and cultural climate in the United States. He also interacts with his readers and provides them with valuable or amusing recommendations.

However, I also think The Popehat Report Newsletter is not for everyone. White is a very opinionated and provocative writer who does not hesitate to express his criticisms or frustrations with certain individuals, institutions, or ideologies that he finds problematic or harmful. He also uses sarcasm and mockery to make his points, which might offend or annoy some people. His newsletter is sometimes too long or dense for casual readers who might not have the time or interest to follow all the details and arguments he presents.

Therefore, before concluding The Popehat report Newsletter Review, I will recommend The Popehat Report Newsletter to anyone curious and open-minded about law, liberty, and leisure and who appreciates White's style and perspective. I would not recommend it to anyone easily offended or bored by White's views or tone or who prefers shorter or simpler content.

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