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The Pro Rata Newsletter offers concise and insightful analysis of essential business news, spanning industries and emphasizing mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital trends. With a paid subscription model, it keeps readers informed about the latest developments in an easy-to-understand format, making it a valuable resource for industry professionals.


  • The personal touch of Claire and Patrick McNamara adds a unique and trustworthy perspective to the newsletter.
  • Provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on upcoming music events in NYC.
  • Offers a curated selection of shows, ensuring quality recommendations.


  • Limited coverage outside of the NYC music scene.
  • Occasional delays or inconsistencies in newsletter delivery

What is The Oh My Rockness NYC Newsletter about? 

The Oh My Rockness NYC Newsletter, founded by Claire and Patrick McNamara, is a go-to resource for music lovers in New York City. With their finger on the pulse of the local music scene, they curate a weekly newsletter that highlights upcoming shows, new releases, and exclusive interviews with both emerging and established artists. Stay in the know and discover your next favorite band with The Oh My Rockness NYC Newsletter.

The Newsletter Structure Of The Oh My Rockness NYC

Oh My Rockness NYC, founded by Claire and Patrick McNamara, follows a well-structured newsletter format. Their newsletters are carefully curated to bring the latest updates on indie rock concerts happening in New York City. With a concise and engaging style, they provide information on upcoming shows, ticket details, and artist profiles. The duo's passion for music shines through their newsletters, making them a trusted source for music enthusiasts in the city.

Is it free or paid? 

Oh My Rockness NYC is a free resource that provides information on forthcoming musical events in New York City. It is managed by Claire and Patrick McNamara, who share information about performances, venues, and artists. The website is accessible without payment or subscription fees.

My Honest Review of The Oh My Rockness NYC Newsletter   

Oh My Rockness, a newsletter run by Claire and Patrick McNamara, has caught my attention due to the quality of the reviews it publishes. The genuine enthusiasm and effort they put into their work is something I admire as a music fan. I feel like I'm having a chat with friends about new music while reading their evaluations; they're both fun and instructive. Claire and Patrick's expertise in the New York City music industry is evident in their suggestions, keeping their readers abreast of the latest events and rising stars. If you want a real glimpse at the exciting world of music, Oh My Rockness is the book for you.

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