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If you plan on growing your online audience and business faster, Justin Welsh’s new passion project, The Saturday Solopreneur, is the ultimate newsletter for you. if you’re trying to grow your business at speed. Since January, Justin has gotten 175k+ subscribers.


  • The newsletter goes straight to the point and provides actionable tips for business owners.
  • The newsletter covers a wide range of topics regarding business and personal growth.
  • Sponsors of the newsletter provide services that will help businesses grow.


  • Some readers may find the newsletter too short.
  • Subscribers with a packed weekend may be unable to open the newsletter.

What is The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter? 

The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter

If you plan on growing your online audience and business faster, Justin Welsh’s new passion project, The Saturday Solopreneur, is the ultimate newsletter for you. if you’re trying to grow your business at speed. Since January, Justin has gotten 175k+ subscribers. So, whether you are looking to increase your subscriber count or trying to bump up your hourly freelancing rate, Justin has the tips for you. And don’t worry if you’re short on time, The Saturday Solopreneur contains 1 short tip and can always be read in under 4 minutes, so you can still make the most out of your weekend.

The newsletter structure of The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter 

The newsletter is structured in a very simple way. First, you see the name of the newsletter, then the topic being discussed in that particular episode. After that, there’s an option to read on the website with the read time stating how many minutes it will take to read the newsletter. The next section is for advertisements with a thank you note to sponsors that have helped the newsletter remain free. 

Next, the subject matter is discussed and there is a conclusion. Ending the newsletter is three calls to action. Two are for paid courses and the last is for sponsorship. The newsletter also makes use of images and the writer writes in a very conversational tone.

Is it free or paid? 

The newsletter is 100% free. The Saturday Solopreneur is a weekly newsletter that has remained free with the help of sponsors. Subscribe to join the 175k+ subscribers who receive an issue in their inbox every Saturday. An added advantage is that after subscribing, you get to answer a few questions about what you need help with so they know the best content for you.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Justin Welsh who is the owner of the Saturday Solopreneur newsletter has spent the last decade building value in companies and raising over $300 million in venture capital. After burning out on his work, he left his field and decided to pursue a passion project, which is aimed at advising entrepreneurs and developing a community for creative thinkers. He’s now aiming to bring this advice to you, direct to your inbox. 

The newsletter teaches creators how to identify, develop, and monetize skills they already have. Justin writes about six topics; Personal growth, Business planning, Personal branding, Social media growth, Monetizing knowledge, and Productivity and time management.

Is The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter Legit? 

The Saturday Solopreneur newsletter is 100% legit. With the credibility of the author and the testimony of the great number of subscribers, the newsletter provides actionable steps for business owners with visible results from Justin himself. With his experience growing businesses, his business inclusive shows that he is a professional at what he does and is not interested in scamming you or giving invalid advice.

Who reads the Saturday Solopreneur newsletter? 

The newsletter is read by business owners looking to expand their audience and business. Because of the wide range of topics covered by the newsletter, it is also for those looking for tips for personal growth and branding, business planning, social media growth, and monetizing knowledge. The newsletter is also for subscribers who just want to learn about the world of business and how to start one.  

The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

According to subscribers, the newsletter is eloquent in brevity, and you are sure to receive one actionable tip every Saturday morning. Most of the users have testified to the efficiency of these tips as they have said that every tip given by Justin is practical and actions can be taken on them immediately. Some of his subscribers have used the tips provided by Justin and they have seen positive results in their business and personal lives. 

Subscribers have praised the newsletter as it upgrades their business strategy every Saturday. With a subscription base of over 175,000 entrepreneurs and creators, it’s evident that The Saturday Solopreneur has become an integral part of their weekly routine. It brings value and simplicity together, making it a must-have resource for entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

My Honest Review of The Saturday Solopreneur Newsletter 

The Saturday Solopreneur is the ideal newsletter for every entrepreneur wanting to launch, grow, and monetize their internet businesses. Every Saturday morning, you will receive one actionable tip that you can read and act on in less than four minutes. Its high-quality content is concise, practical, and effective. 

With this newsletter, you will discover tools and techniques that will foster personal development and open doors to new opportunities, learn how to position yourself to avoid common pitfalls and seize success. You will also learn how to craft a unique and compelling personal brand that resonates with your audience and sets you apart in the market as well as leverage the power of social media. 

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