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The Shatner Chatner newsletter offers diverse topics, including literature, folklore, religion, personal reflection, and more. It remains a unique offering for those who appreciate elective perspectives. From magical heists to transmasculine coping strategies, it provides thought-provoking and entertaining insights. By presenting content in a unique and intellectual manner it caters more nuanced understanding of the topics.


  • The newsletter provides a unique and thought-provoking literature
  • It’s exclusive and out-of-the-box viewpoints set it apart from others.
  • The clear and concise writing makes it easier for readers to digest information.


  • The free version has limited content availability
  • Being labeled “twice-weekly”, leaves readers uncertain about when to expect new content.

What is Shatner Chatner Newsletter? 

The Shatner Chatner newsletter offers a diverse range of topics, including literature, folklore, religion, personal reflection, and more. 

It remains a unique offering for those who appreciate elective perspectives. From magical heists to transmasculine coping strategies, it provides thought-provoking and entertaining insights. By presenting content in a unique and intellectual manner it caters more nuanced understanding of the topics. Whether it’s dissecting literature or exploring family management, Chatner offers ideas from a refreshing and non-mainstream angle. 

Moreover, it also offers a discussion platform where readers can comment and pour their thoughts into the pool of topics.

Shatner Chatner Newsletter

The newsletter structure of Shatner Chatner 

The Shatner Chatner newsletter boasts a well-formed and minimal structure. 

It begins with a prominent header introducing the topic followed by the author's name and date of publication. After that, we can see three icons comments like count and share.

Moving forward, readers can see the large clear picture related to the topic. Below the picture, The content kicks off with a concise introduction, setting the context for the day's subject matter. 

Although there are no subheadings, the content is divided into different paragraphs making a clear flow of the story. In the middle, there is a  subscription call-to-action, encouraging readers to subscribe to "The Chatner" newsletter.

Below the newsletter description, there are engagement metrics, including the number of likes, restacks, and comments from readers.

There are links to additional content written by Daniel Lavery. These appear to be separate articles or posts, each with its own title, date, and brief description.

At the end of the provided content, there's information about the author, Daniel Lavery, including the number of posts and followers.

Is it free or paid? 

No, Chatner is not completely free. If you subscribe to its free package, it will only offer occasional public posts. No other features you can enjoy such as audio and serialized function, open threads, commission future series, and more. 

However, it has different plans under the name of individual, group, and gift. Each comes with a different range of features. The individual subscription plan starts at $6/month and goes to $65 annually. Whereas, the group offers more than one person to subscribe at the same time, and the gift plan enables you to gift this newsletter to someone at the same rate as the individual subscription plan.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Daniel M.Lavery is the one behind Shatner Chatner newsletter. He is a writer and author known for his work in various literary genres. He has gained recognition because of his unique and engaging writing style. He knows how to deliver the message in the form of stories and humor. 

One of his notable roles was as a writer and editor for the popular advice column "Dear Prudence". Daniel Lavery has authored books, essays, and articles, often exploring themes related to gender, identity, literature, and personal experiences.

Is Shatner Chatner Newsletter Legit? 

Shatner Chatner serves as a credible source of information regarding security and compliance matters. It upholds transparency and reliability by hosting essential documents like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Publisher Agreement on its website. This commitment to transparency fosters trust among its users.

Who reads the Shatner Chatner newsletter? 

Individuals with different interests are likely to read The Shatner Chatner newsletter, including literature fads, followers of unconventional storytelling, those interested in comedy and folklore, and those drawn to intriguing discussions.

The newsletter's eclectic content may appeal to a wide range of readers who appreciate a multi-faceted perspective on various subjects.

Shatner Chatner Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

It appears that readers of the Shatner Chatner newsletter appreciate the writing style and content for its soothing and comforting qualities.

Overall, it seems that people enjoy the Shatner Chatner newsletter for its evocative and artistic approach to storytelling, making it a source of pleasure and inspiration for its readers. Readers appreciate the newsletter's unique perspective on topics often concealed from the general public, providing them with a fresh angle to view these subjects.

My Honest Review of Shatner Chatner Newsletter 

I believe that Shatner Chatner offers an eclectic reading experience. It draws readers' interest quickly with its provoking short story telling format. The writing style is often described as soothing and kind, making it akin to reading a comforting bedtime story.

However, I think the newsletter's content can be quite diverse, and while this can be an advantage, it might not suit readers seeking more specialized or focused content. Its structure is relatively straightforward, with a brief introduction followed by the main content and reader comments, lacking the sophistication of some other newsletters. 

On the other hand, paid subscriptions unlock a richer experience, so it's important to consider whether the additional features align with your interests and reading habits. For those who value exclusive content and a closer connection with the author, the subscription plans may be a worthwhile investment.

Overall, it may not cater to everyone's tastes due to its diverse nature, but its ability to shed light on hidden or underexplored subjects is undeniably appealing to me.

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