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This newsletter has over 23,000 readers and is written by Novak, the founder of Banana Capital. The newsletter covers many topics. For example- tech stories that don't get enough attention, new products, news analysis, and long reads for the weekend.


  • Diverse Content: Has a mix of tech stories, new product launches, and reviews of the news.
  • Engaging Format: Includes both serious insights and light-hearted memes.
  • Expertise Insight: Turner Novak's expert point of view makes the material better.


  • Niche Focus: Mainly for people who are interested in tech and startups.
  • Limited Accessibility: Some content might require more specific industry knowledge.

Turner Novak created the newsletter The Split, which comes out once a week. It is made for people who are interested in tech and startups. This newsletter has over 23,000 readers and is written by Novak, the founder of Banana Capital. The newsletter covers many topics. For example- tech stories that don't get enough attention, new products, news analysis, and long reads for the weekend. It's really interesting because it has everything from serious topics to funny jokes. In this way, tech fans of all tastes can find something they like.

What is The Split Newsletter about? 

The Split is a weekly newsletter for people interested in new companies and technology. It's created by Turner Novak from Banana Capital. Each week, he sends out emails to over 23,000 people. In these emails, he talks about interesting tech stories and startups. He includes different things like new products, news, and things to read on the weekend. He even adds funny memes. Turner also has a podcast called The Peel. Here, he talks about how famous companies started. He gives tips for starting and growing your own business. It's great for people who like tech and want to learn about startups.

The newsletter structure of the Split Newsletter: 

The Split Newsletter is a unique blend of insights, analysis, and engaging content focused on startups and technology. Its structure is as follows:

Introduction: Each edition begins with a personal greeting or update from Turner Novak, creating a friendly and engaging start.

Main Content

  • Featured Stories: In-depth coverage of specific startups or tech stories, offering insights and analysis.
  • Product Launches: Information on new and noteworthy products in the tech and startup space.
  • News Analysis and Charts: Commentary on current tech and startup news, supported by relevant data and visuals.
  • Founder Journeys: Inspiring stories about startup founders, their challenges, and achievements.
  • Practical Business Insights: Advice and strategies for startups, including fundraising and growth tactics.
  • Podcast and Video Segments: Highlights and links to episodes of "The Peel," Novak's podcast featuring detailed startup stories.
  • Career Opportunities: Information on job openings, particularly at companies within Banana Capital's portfolio.

Additional Elements

  • Numbers & Charts: Statistical insights and graphical representations of trends in the startup ecosystem.
  • Long Read: Curated articles and analyses for deeper understanding and weekend reading.
  • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): A quick roundup of important headlines and news items.
  • Monkey Business: A section for lighter content, including memes and humorous takes on current events.


  • Call to Action: Encouragement for readers to engage, such as subscribing to the newsletter or providing feedback.
  • Sign-off: A friendly and personalized conclusion to each newsletter.

This structure provides readers with a comprehensive and engaging experience, blending serious business insights with lighter content to cater to a broad range of interests within the tech and startup community.​

Who is behind this newsletter? 

The Splinter newsletter is run by Turner Novak, the founder of Banana Capital. Turner sends weekly emails to over 23,000 people, including founders and investors. His content is similar to his tweets, which reach 159,000 followers on Twitter, but more serious. He shares insights on startups and tech, covering topics that aren't widely discussed yet. Turner's newsletter includes product launches, news, long reads, and even memes. He also hosts a podcast called "The Peel," where he explores startup stories and interviews industry leaders.

The Stats of this newsletter: 

The following are some of the stats about the Split newsletter. 

  1. What is this newsletter about? This newsletter is about unique insights and commentary on startups, technology trends, and industry news. 
  2. The Total number of subscribers: The Split newsletter has over 23,000 subscribers. 
  3. How does this newsletter make money? This newsletter makes money through subscriptions, sponsorships, or advertisements. 
  4. Subscribe to this newsletter: Subscribe to The Split Newsletter here

My Honest Opinion of The Split Newsletter: 

The Split newsletter, to me, is a treasure trove of insights into the tech and startup world. It's like having a weekly coffee chat with a knowledgeable friend who knows the ins and outs of the industry. I appreciate how Turner Novak, with his unique style, dives into topics that aren't yet on everyone's radar. It's refreshing to read his perspectives on emerging trends and under-the-radar startups. Each email feels like a personal note, filled with nuggets of wisdom and a touch of humor. The newsletter doesn't just skim the surface; it often goes deep, offering a blend of thoughtful analysis and practical insights. For someone like me, who's always curious about the next big thing in tech, The Split is more than just a newsletter. It's a weekly dose of learning, packed with stories and ideas that challenge my thinking and expand my understanding of the tech landscape. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the fast-moving world of technology and startups. 

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