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If you are free on Sundays and want to begin your day with a hot cup of coffee and a good read, The Sunday Signal newsletter is the email copy you must subscribe to. It has over 40,000 subscribers who wait for a weekend to enjoy a power-packed edition of the latest AI news.


  • The newsletter brings digestible content about AI developments
  • The Sunday Signal comes from a well-versed writer
  • It is free of cost


  • It lacks visual appeal
  • The Sunday Signal is a weekly newsletter

What is The Sunday Signal Newsletter about?

Sunday Signal comes out every Sunday and provides AI-related content to avid readers. The insightful 3-minute read is free of cost. The write-ups are simple, with a clear structure and decent layout. The lighter tone is digestible to all types of readers, so the community includes beginners and experts like CEOs and investors from world-leading institutions.

Let’s dive into the email structure next in The Sunday Signal newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of the Sunday Signal 

Sunday Signal begins with the title of the featured article; the author's name and date come afterward.

  • First, the writer greets the readers, wishes them a happy Sunday, and invites them to read an energetic copy related to AI developments. The newsletter has a unique structure with five exclusive sections.
  • The first section, AI Highlights, provides the latest news about AI developments.
  • The next section is 1 Article I Enjoyed, in which the author discusses one popular article related to AI. 
  • The third section is 1 Idea I Learned. In this section, the author discusses a lesson learned from any podcast, article, or content.
  • Then, he shares a quote and its description in the next section, 1 Quote to Share.
  • In the last part, the author leaves the reader to ponder over a thoughtful question. This section is titled, 1 Question to Ponder.
  • The author bids farewell to the readers and asks them to share the editorial if they like it. 

You will also randomly find the call to partner with the newsletter to get your ad featured in the email. 

Topics in the Sunday Signal Newsletter

The content of the Sunday Signal newsletter revolves around AI and the developments related to AI. The first section of the newsletter provides the latest informative news and updates, but the following sections are not directly related to AI. They contain quotes, articles, and thoughtful discussions on generic topics irrelevant to the technology. However, it is a worthy read that subscribers enjoy every weekend.

Is it Free or Paid?

The Sunday Signal is free of cost. You can receive a free email copy every Sunday after subscribing to the newsletter. 

Subscribing to the newsletter is simple. Just visit the official website, submit your email address, and you will receive a confirmation email from the author. You can also read the past editions on the website before subscribing to it. 

Subscribe to The Sunday Signal newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Alex Bank is the founder and author of Sunday Signal. He is an AI enthusiast and also the creator of Tribescaler, a tool for content creation. He is a multi talented individual with a knack for AI. Alex also runs a startup named Stealth Startup.

The Sunday Signal Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Sunday Signal is a popular newsletter with over 40,000 subscribers. Readers admire the newsletter because of its simple structure and informative content. It is knowledgeable and entertaining because a few sections also contain generic content aimed to provide an adequate dose of content. Subscribers really like the lighter tone and easy-to-understand language the author uses in the articles.   

My Honest Review of the Sunday Signal Newsletter

I’d end The Sunday Signal newsletter review by mentioning that it is a very balanced email copy that not only contains complex information about AI and machine learning but also some lighter content like motivational quotes, lessons, and articles. This approach satisfies the appetite of learners and also provides entertaining content to avid readers. Moreover, the content is easy to understand with a simple format. The author is an AI enthusiast who has authority over the write-ups. However, it lacks the interactive elements. There are no pictures, animation, or colorful elements throughout the newsletter. So, some readers may find it boring. For those more interested in the content quality than the visual appeal, The Sunday Signal is a must-read email copy.   

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