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The Sweaty Startup newsletter is for founders and entrepreneurs to start and grow service-based businesses. The Founder, Nich Huber, himself runs a cold storage business, and with his newsletter, he helps other founders and entrepreneurs to be successful in a service-based business.


  • This newsletter shares actionable service-based business ideas with apt details
  • Nick focuses on discussing all aspects of the business to make it easy for you
  • The Sweaty Startup Reddit community is a bonus where you can discuss problems with fellow entrepreneurs


  • The newsletter is too lengthy to read if you like concise pieces
  • Nick focuses more on the podcast than the newsletter

What is the Sweaty Startup newsletter about? 

The Sweaty Startup newsletter is a free community for entrepreneurs and founders looking to start and grow a service-based business. The Sweaty Startup newsletter focuses more on service-based businesses instead of product-based businesses. 

This newsletter details service-based businesses and how you can grow them. Sweaty Startup has strategies and methods to grow and scale your company. This newsletter lets you choose between business and real estate according to your interests. The next part of the Sweaty Startup newsletter review is the overall email structure. 

The newsletter structure of the Sweaty Startup newsletter

Nick Huber sends various weekly emails w.r.t. the Sweaty Startup, each with a different structure. The common email structure comprises:

  • The email starts with an advertisement for his podcast or Instagram 
  • Next, he shares a sponsorship note before the main body of the newsletter begins.
  • Then, he typically picks a topic and presents his point of view on that. 
  • You will find up to five such stories throughout the newsletter, starting with a statement, followed by Huber's perspective and thoughts on the subject. 
  • At the end, Nick Huber signs off!
  • But he also answers questions at the end of the newsletter. These questions could be related to making money, marketing, or other related subjects.

Is it free or paid? 

The Sweaty Startup newsletter is free and lands in your inbox multiple times a week. It is a non-spammy, no BS newsletter offering informative advice and strategies to pick and grow a business with millionaire potential.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Nick Huber, the founder of the Sweaty Startup community, writes this newsletter. He introduces himself as a self-storage operator and owner of a small, unsexy business. He also owns six other companies with 400+ employees. Huber stepped into the entrepreneurship world young and became a millionaire at age 30. 

Is Sweaty Startup newsletter Legit? 

The Sweaty Startup newsletter is a part of Nick Huber's community with the same name. This newsletter is an excellent resource for anyone looking to join the service industry. Sweaty Startup brings interesting and implementable business ideas with the potential to grow fast. Huber believes that service-based businesses thrive better because of less competition and rising demand, and he shares result-oriented techniques in his newsletter.

Sweaty Startup Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

As we move towards the end of the Sweaty Startup newsletter review, it is time to tell you what the readers say!

The Sweaty Startup is a favorite among the readers as it brings actionable insights from the founder. Not only his newsletter but the podcast is also equally popular. The readers and listeners mention it is one of the best for entrepreneurs and people looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs. It helps them think realistically before investing money, time, and effort into a business. The newsletter also brings implementable business ideas that do not require massive capital. 

Sweaty Startup has gained a massive reader base because of the helpful and informative strategies and ideas it brings. Most readers are happy with the newsletter as it explains more than just the technical elements of business; it also helps them become better entrepreneurs by growing as a person.

My Honest Review of Sweaty Startup Newsletter

If you have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but haven't decided what to do, the Sweat Startup newsletter might be what you need. In this newsletter, Nick Huber shares service-based business ideas, believing they have a higher potential to grow with less competition. He tells you how different service-based businesses could be the best pick; they do not require massive capital, unlike product-based businesses. 

I love Nick's newsletter and podcast for the value it provides. It helps you think clearly and make better decisions when starting a business. We have covered all the good and the bad about the newsletter in this Sweaty Startup newsletter review to help you decide. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest from the founder of 6 companies.

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