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We live in a world where arrogance is prevalent, and self-correction is scarce. In this era, if someone spares time to reflect, resorb, and react – it is no less than a blessing. The White Pages Newsletter, produced by Garret Bucks, is a unique collection of archives that poses intellectual questions about racism, religious superiority, gender disparities, and the impact of colonialism.


  • Access to reflective essays 
  • Update on recent events 
  • Become an advocate for change 
  • Engaging discussion groups 
  •  Invitation to self-awareness


  • Paid subscription 
  • Some arguable subjects may be present

The themes that people find too controversial to confront, Bucks engages and presents practically and convincingly, making it hard for the extremists to argue. The White Pages is a personal account that directly communicates with white people who have the influential liberty to change the tapestry of sociopolitical agendas. Garret Bucks has successfully engaged more than 9000 individuals in his insightful discussions. You can become a part of his journey by subscribing to the weekly newsletter on Substack. 

What Is The Purpose Of The White Pages Newsletter?

In the recent surge of political conversation around the world, most people have come to realize that race, wealth, and religious background bring forth a system of privilege. Making it hard for people of distinctive groups to engage and build an uplifting community. As important as it is to realize a need for change, it is equally important to advocate for one. Garret Bucks bravely wields his intellect and self-awareness to bring sensitive subjects to the discussion. With his incredibly original archive of a newsletter called, “The White Pages Newsletter”.

As the name implies, in this collection he focuses on critiquing white supremacy which is tainted with privilege due to a lengthy history of colonialism. Therefore, they behold the power to impact the trajectory of other people’s lives. This collection of newsletters targets internal prejudice, and how we can change by putting forward intellect and moving account of self-correction.

The purpose of this newsletter is to disintegrate the walls of discrimination and view other people as fellow humans. Subsequently, nurture a safe community and interdependence. Garret tells us how to engage with one another at a human level and minimize the suffering of others.  

What Does The White Pages Newsletter Offer? 

You are not only subscribing to participate in a mindful conversation. There are a lot of other engaging activities that The White Pages Newsletter has to offer. Let’s explore them:

  1. A Weekly Discussion Group: This is a weekly private series of conversations among people who are interested in the following subject and are eager to bring about a much-needed change. It is also a space to celebrate creativity; you can share recipes, personal images, or thoughts. 
  2. Financial Support: If you are engaging in such meaningful conversations and determined to make a change within and in the world. You can also extend financial aid, if you have the capacity, to the ones in dire need. 
  3. Access to Flyover Politics Discord: You can participate in the vibrant community at Flyover Politics Discord, a space for sharing perspectives on the world's state and finding solace in shared joys.
  4. Short Informative Newsletters: You will receive occasional informal newsletters covering various topics such as pop culture, historical organizing stories, recommendations, and communal processing of ideas.
  5. Pledge Drive Membership Level: Contribute more significantly to gaining access to exclusive merchandise from the Barnraisers Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training organizers across the country.

Who Should Join The White Pages Newsletter?

If you are a person with a sensitive conscience, well aware of the world’s politics and adversities. Or someone who wants to embark on a journey of exploring such themes, you should invest in this collection of newsletters. It provides deep insight not only into what injustice is going on in the world but also what can one do to save people from it. 

You can join the efforts of Garret Bucks that he is making to bring a collective change in the mindset of white people. Helping them see their privileges and guiding them on how to leverage them into using them to make the world a better place, by bridging the internally laid networks of racism. He has even authored a book on this subject called, The Right Kind of White”. If you want to become one, you should join him in his exceptional effort of a revolutionary change. 

His newsletters include interesting but well-thought-out discussions about sensitive themes. He often talks about ongoing injustices or wars in the world – human suffering. In one of his newsletters, “Where life is precious, life is precious”, he talks about the grave human condition in Chad and the tragedy of the Palestinians, emphasizing that each life is worth caring for. He ends it on an emotional note, “I imagine that you, like me, would love to live in a world where nobody is expendable.”

Final Review Of The White Pages Newsletter

I believe we live in a world where every day a new tragedy unfolds itself. While we humans have the power to cause that suffering, we also have the strength to end it. If one of us like Garret has taken the initiative to do so, we must support that cause. It is important to perceive and understand one another at a human level rather than dissecting in fine boundaries of religion, race, and status. 

The first step to making a change is to accept that there is a need for change. I believe the wisdom that The White Pages Newsletter imparts has the power to engage us in a conversation about internal change. If we are successful in grasping the negativities, we can put in a collective effort to make it significant change. You can support Garret in his arduous endeavors by subscribing to The White Pages Newsletter. 

Also, if you are capable you can donate to his cause at The Barnraiser Project and become a good white person.

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