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Thinking About is an amazing newsletter for people who feel the world is missing out on meaningful conversations. The newsletter brings you thoughts and concepts that make the internet a sane space. This Thinking About newsletter review will help you decide if it is the right pick for you.


  • Thinking About newsletter brings interesting discussions
  • The newsletter follows a simple format
  • You can subscribe to the free version


  • The newsletter does not follow any particular subject
  • The free subscription does not give access to all editions

What is the Thinking About Newsletter about?

The Thinking About newsletter is a valuable resource for people who miss intellectual conversations online. The newsletter brings discussions and content on multiple topics, including literature, science, math, and more. The content is real, open, and quirky, and some of it is personal, too. The author aims to share thoughts in the emails that he does not share on social media.  

If you wonder how the email looks, we’ve covered that next for you in this Thinking About newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of Thinking About Newsletter

The newsletter follows a simple, long-form structure. Each edition shares a particular story in detail, supplemented with images. 

  • The email begins with an introduction to the day's story. 
  • Then, the writer dives into the details of the topic. The whole of the newsletter shares information on one story. 
  • When reading the newsletter online, you will also see comments that give you further insights.
  • The newsletter ends without any formal greeting.

What Topics does the Thinking About Newsletter Cover?

As the author says, “Thinking is always "about." It never lands," he shares his homeless thoughts in the newsletter. You will find insights on multiple topics, from literature to history, science, politics, math, and more. The emails also bring poem translations and new concepts on news that help clarify the discussion. 

Is it Free or Paid?

The author believes that every valuable resource comes with a price, and if something is free, you're the product. So, he encourages his readers to support writing as he keeps the subscription minimum. You can select from three subscription options:

Monthly: $6.50

Annually: $70 (10% cheaper than monthly payments)

Founding member: $200 or above

However, you can also choose the free subscription. But that only gives you access to occasional free posts and podcasts. Substack also offers group subscriptions and gift subscriptions for your friends and family.

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

The Thinking About newsletter is written by Timothy Snyder, a public intellectual on Europe and North America. He is an American historian of Europe and teaches history at Yale. Snyder has spent a third of his life in Ohio, a third in Europe, and a third in New England. He is a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Snyder’s work inspires art and music and is read at protests worldwide.

The Thinking About Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Thinking About differs from newsletters that talk about a particular topic. Thus, it is enjoyed by people who want to learn more about what's happening in the world without boundaries. The newsletter covers something different in each edition without insights into what you might receive in the next email. The readers love the spontaneity and Timothy's extensive knowledge of all topics. He is well-versed in all the subjects he covers in the newsletter. The best part is that this newsletter also shares podcasts regularly, even in the free version. So, the subscribers find this newsletter a treat to the eyes and ears.

My Honest Review of Thinking About Newsletter

While I am more interested in AI and tech newsletters, Timothy's newsletter is a must-read. His intellect and detailed insights into topics pushed me to subscribe to the Thinking About newsletter. I have subscribed to the free newsletter to receive occasional emails and podcast links I can enjoy in my free time. The emails bring something new in every edition, and I love to read each email. It is surely a worthy email for curious minds who want to enjoy sane discussions.

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