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TLDR AI Newsletter is a free daily newsletter known for interesting stories in startups, tech, and programming. Readers can easily understand the latest technological developments, with a focus on artificial intelligence.


  • TLDR AI brings the latest AI & tech news briefly
  • The newsletter is free of cost
  • It is a daily newsletter


  • Daily frequency can be overwhelming for some readers
  • Reading each piece of news in detail can be time-consuming

What is TLDR AI Newsletter about?

TLDR AI is an AI, ML, and data science newsletter that brings you all the artificial intelligence news in 5 minutes or less. It shares everything from research, innovation, engineering resources, and industry developments. Over 500,000 AI enthusiasts read this daily email to learn more about the recent news.

The name TLDR is the acronym for "Too Long; Didn't Read,” showcasing the straightforward layout. The newsletter brings easy-to-read summaries of the recent news in technology and AI. They cover all topics from natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, and more.

As the name suggests, TLDR AI follows a simple format, bringing you all the news compactly. Here's a look at the structure in this TLDR AI newsletter review: 

The Newsletter Structure of TLDR AI Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with Sign Up|Hire|Advertise|View Online in the middle on top.
  • Next, you will see the TLDR logo and publishing date.
  • The first section in the email is "Headlines and Launches," which shares the top industry headlines with a one-liner description.
  • The next segment is “Research & Innovation," bringing you the latest research in the same format as the previous part.
  • After that, you will see "Engineering & Resources," with articles and podcasts that share insights into engineering resources.
  • As you move toward the end of the email, you will see short, 5-10 minute reads under “Miscellaneous.”
  • Quick Links” is the last segment with links to articles, sponsors, and products.
  • The author ends the newsletter with referral and advertising links, followed by a thank you from the authors Andrew Tan & Andrew Carr.

What Topics does TLDR AI Newsletter Cover?

As the name suggests, TLDR AI covers all topics around artificial intelligence. It also includes sub-topics like machine learning, natural language processing, and data science. The newsletter brings you all the insights and news in a short format with links to detailed articles. Skim through the pieces of news in the morning and read the details of interesting headlines later.

We understand that the subscription fee plays a major role in deciding whether to subscribe to a newsletter or not. So, how could we miss that in this TLDR AI newsletter review?

Is it Free or Paid?

TLDR AI is a FREE newsletter that lands in your email at 9 am. Yes, you do not have to pay to read this information, keeping you abreast of the latest advancements in the tech and AI industry. Subscribing to the newsletter is incredibly easy. Just enter your email address in the given space on their website and click "Subscribe."

Subscribe to TLDR AI newsletter 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Dan N. is the genius behind his helpful newsletter, sharing valuable insights with users. He makes money through advertisements, allowing him to send a daily email without a subscription fee. He worked as a stock trader in New York and later invented the Scraper API.

Andrew Tan and Andrew Carr sign the newsletter. Andrew Tan is an AI researcher and investor who has been associated with the newsletter for over a year now. He is also the founder of Nova (acquired) and Builders Capital. At the same time, Andrew Carr is Cartwheel's Co-founder and Chief Scientist.

The TLDR AI Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

AI and technology enthusiasts love the daily dose of AI news early in the morning that they can skim through with their coffee. It allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news without having to scroll multiple websites to find news that interests them the most.

The headings in the TLDR AI newsletter with links to further details make it a perfect choice for busy readers.

My Honest Review of TLDR AI Newsletter

My honest TLDR AI newsletter review is undoubtedly a positive one. Reading the newsletter for the past few months has been a pleasant experience. While some people might find the daily frequency overwhelming, it is perfect for me. I skim through the newsletter and read further on pieces that attract me the most.

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