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UX Design Weekly Newsletter is published every Monday and it's entirely free to read. It has the best content related to infographics, navigation, dashboards, presentations, and essential article links on the same. Sign up if you're a designer-to-be.


  • UX Design Weekly Newsletter has the best content related to infographics, navigation, dashboards, presentations and a lot more.
  • The newsletter is formatted in an excellent way, which makes it easier to read for everyone.
  • The newsletter also offers valuable tips on UX design.


  • Readers need some background knowledge of programming and designing to fully understand what's being said in the UX Design newsletter.
  • Every newsletters has their own limitations. The UX Design Weekly Newsletter, for instance, is niche specific. It's specifically for designers, not for all.

What is the UX Design Weekly Newsletter about?

UX Design Weekly Newsletter is not just a regular newsletter. At its core, it's all about the best user experience design links. 

And those links are religiously curated by Kenny Chen. Kenny handpicks the most important design links and sends them right in your inbox. 

One more thing — the links are never spammy. Which is why this popular newsletter has over 37,109 subscribers.

The newsletter structure of UX Design Weekly Newsletter

The UX Design Newsletter is a weekly newsletter. It's issued every Monday to thousands of readers across the globe.

The newsletter structure is minimalistic and eye friendly. Additionally, it's well framed.

For example, in the latest issue it features: 

  • Articles
  • Sponsor
  • Tools And Resources
  • UX Portfolio, and an additional section titled: 
  • “Last But Not Least.”

The newsletter structure of the UX Design Weekly makes it so much more interesting.

Is it free or paid?

UX Design Weekly Newsletter drops the best UX links right in your inbox each Monday. And do you want to know the best part of it? It's absolutely free to read. You don't need to spend a single penny to enjoy this newsletter.

My Honest Review of UX Design Weekly Newsletter

If you're someone who wants to learn how to make better infographics, and better user experience on your website then the UX Design Weekly Newsletter is for you. To put it short: the newsletter curates “important articles links related to how to build infographics, dashboards, presentations & more in a spreadsheet.”

UX Design Weekly Newsletter is my personal favorite. It's my go-to for every design related in-depth queries.

Not just me, this newsletter is loved by tens of thousands of people. If someone says “the UX Design Weekly Newsletter is just boring,” then they're patently untrue. Because there is so much content in this newsletter.

Sign up and educate yourself about the UX design industry.

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