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The website has launched the newsletter Wait But Why (WBW). It is a popular name among readers worldwide, including famous individuals like Elon Mask.


  • Unique content delivery.
  • Best for creative-minded readers.
  • Shares blogs about versatile topics.
  • A touch of humor, sarcasm, and wittiness.


  • The structure could be confusing to new readers.
  • Sometimes, I don’t follow a timely schedule.

What is the Wait But Why Newsletter? 

The website has launched the newsletter Wait But Why (WBW). It is a popular name among readers worldwide, including famous individuals like Elon Mask.

People looking to read about entertainment, lifestyle, technologies, and blogs must go for the newsletter. Wait But Why has more than 600,000 subscribers and continues to grab more readers day by day.

You will get a weekly newsletter every Sunday by email after subscribing to it. The authors put great effort into increasing the reader’s interest by adding miscellaneous illustrated content.

The newsletter structure of Wait But Why 

After subscribing to the Wait But What newsletter, you will get two types of emails.

  • The beginners will receive a series of emails containing multiple blog posts.
  • The first few emails will have at least 36 selected blog posts about different aspects of life.
  • There will be hyperlinks on the blogs for you to select a chosen topic to read on.
  • Later, you will only get a weekly email that has only one blog post per mail.
  • The ending will have a witty feedback section where you will be asked whether you have liked the post.

Is it free or paid? 

The Wait But Why newsletter is free to subscribe to. The Wait But Why website has launched this newsletter. After the free subscription, the new subscribers will receive many emails. But it might be only for a limited time. The emails will deliver a list of 35 blogs that are quite popular among other readers.

With the free subscription, you will receive a weekly email with a recently published blog post. The topic of the blogs may vary. The widespread versatility of these blog topics has gained already 600,000 plus subscribers.

A team of writers works very hard to produce the best content, which is why a free subscription newsletter like this is becoming very popular globally. 

Who is behind this newsletter? 

The sole founder of the Wait But Why website is Tim Urban. He launched the site ten years ago, which has become quite popular. But the main contributors of the Wait But What newsletter are three people. They are Andrew Finn, Tim Urban, and Alicia McElhone.

They visualized a newsletter where readers will see posts about every imaginable topic. They wanted to engage the readers with many important topics but with a touch of humor. Readers can have an in-depth vision of various aspects of the world by reading this newsletter.

Each contributor has successfully created a newsletter with mixed humor, on-point commentary, wittiness, amateur illustration, and memes.

Is the Wait But Why Newsletter Legit? 

Yes, it is a legit free newsletter that comes out every week. The newsletter delivers long-post blogs with versatile topics. The blog posts' information and storyline have original insights with funny phrases, third-grade-level illustrations, and simple narrations.

You can choose to read the topics depending on your mood. 

There will be multiple criteria. You will have many choices if you want to explore a technological blog. You can also choose to read something about entertainment or lifestyle as well. Remember that these long posts will be thoughtful, humorous, and have original information to educate you.

Who reads the Wait But What newsletter? 

People from any aspect of life can read the Wait But Why newsletter. But they must be creative to digest the wittiness and humor-filled content. From younger readers to adults, anyone can enjoy the long blog posts of the Wait But Why newsletter.

Because of its unique way of delivering content, Wait But Why has gained many subscribers. The last time we checked, they also had more than 600,000 readers with many famous names.

Tim Urban is now one of the best online writers because he creates Wait But Why. The newsletter is successfully grabbing the attention of many readers daily.

Wait But Why Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Readers think the Wait But Why newsletter is a great creation where they read various topics with long-form discussions. We live in a competitive, busy world where finding something to read that can turn a boring time into an interesting one seems quite refreshing. That’s why the platform has been gaining many subscribers who like to read content that is not random.

Most readers have given positive reviews after subscribing to the newsletter. The majority number of these subscribers like the fact that they get the email lists of some hand-piqued best blogs with eye-catchy illustrations, fonts, and funny listicles.. 

My Honest Review of the Wait But Why Newsletter

Honestly, at first, I was confused about what I was really getting into when I started reading the blogs shared in the newsletter. The blogs were quite long and had so much commentary in between. But after a while, I felt hooked by the catchy phrases, sarcasm, wittiness, and humor.

The fonts, formats, illustrations, memes, and listicles grabbed my attention which was quite engaging.

 I appreciate that they give the series of emails at first to every beginner. I could read the most popular blog posts without scrolling through the whole website. However, I didn’t like the fact that they only give one newsletter per week and that also sometimes are not on time.

The blog posts are well-written and filled with many insights but mostly in a funny way. I would definitely recommend reading the newsletters, especially to those who want to lighten up their mood and have a good time.

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