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Bring balance to your work life by subscribing to this amazing newsletter and unleash the new world of countless sites, measureless tips and tricks, and Apps designed to make your work more fun, credible, and less draining in just a few clicks.


  • This newsletter provides up-to-date information regarding all new sites
  • The stepwise- breakdown and live screenshots make it easier for users to get their hands on the latest tools
  • This newsletter is rich with useful tips and tricks, hacks, and hooks the reader quickly. 


  • Unfortunately, users must upgrade their plans for more creative and useful content.
  • This newsletter is niche-based and might not be for those who are not big on tools and

What is The Wonder Tools Newsletter? 

The Wonder Tools newsletter does wonders in real life, too. 

Bring balance to your work life by subscribing to this amazing newsletter and unleash the new world of countless sites, measureless tips and tricks, and Apps designed to make your work more fun, credible, and less draining in just a few clicks.

The Wonder Tools newsletter is an excellent platform that holds incomputable resources where you’ll get tools for every task.

 Not just this, it also comes with a brief on how to use a tool. How is it useful? And, what can be its uses?

It also takes care of step-wise breakdowns on How to use a tool and case studies, which is why this newsletter includes examples, live screenshots, and use cases. Dig in and discover a new world of Apps and tools. 

The newsletter structure of Wonder Tools

Wake up every Thursday morning to this impeccable piece that works like magic for those who want to spend fewer hours at work. 

The stunning combination of concise writing and extensive info is everything a reader seeks and wants, which is what the Wonder Tools newsletter is. It is an all-about-useful-sites-and-tools newsletter with a garnish of AI and hot updates about trending and underrated tools.

The Wonder Tools newsletter's thought-provoking and easy-to-read writing style is the ultimate best friend who walks and talks Apps and websites. 

Once you open the newsletter, the header opens with options like home, notes, AI, archive, and about.

Moving further, you’ll find numerous topics on the main page with clear pictures and concise introductions, mostly recommended by the author or may be trending.

The layout of each topic is divided into headings and subheadings with essential hyperlinks and internal links, subjecting that the information included in these articles is authentic and original. 

By the end of each topic, a comment section is open for all users to drop their two cents and takeaway.

Lastly, other than the interaction column, which includes likes and comments, there is a bar displaying other articles by the author with pictures and titles. 

Is it free or paid? 

Although Wonder Tools is a paid newsletter, the author loves his subscribers dearly, so the unpaid section has access to a lot of exciting stuff.  

Like the author's favorite site links, goodies, and unlimited entrance to topics, every Thursday morning is a treat for you with Wonder Tools.

But, if you want a close relationship with the creator, update your plan and get your hands on limitless opportunities, from live demo classes and tools collections to templates and special access to beta software. 

The author let his paid subscribers dive into the ocean of 170+ posts and more. 

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Jeremy Caplan, the man behind this exceptional piece of work. 

Educator, Journalist, Violinist, Director of Teaching and Learning, and whatnot, Jeremy Caplan is a man who is making your life easier through this amazing newsletter by bringing an exceptional range of sites, Apps, and tools together.

His curious nature and love for exploring new stuff have led him to a place where he is a provider now—currently working as a director of teaching at the Newmark Grad School of Journalism.

As a former writer for Time Magazine, Caplan understands what reader likes to read and follow all the critical points in his posts. 

Is The Wonder Tools newsletter Legit? 

Regarding authenticity and being a reliable source, The Wonder Tools newsletter is the name of excellence and authenticity. It is linked to transparency fosters like Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Publisher Agreement. 

Who reads the Wonder Tools newsletter?

It may look like a niche-based newsletter for nerds and people who like to try new sites and Apps. But the truth is, this newsletter is for everyone.

From office workers and freelancers to writers and students, this newsletter is the perfect blend of getting things done quickly in a fun and creative way. Get your plan updated today, and make your life easier.

Wonder Tools Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Hands down, people who follow and have subscribed to the Wonder Tools Newsletter say nothing but good things only.

From making work easier and less hectic to creative and less draining, the Wonder Tools newspaper has helped people at every corner.

In addition, readers enjoy the straightforward tone with the fascinating writing style, keeping them hooked in the post from the end. The amazing tips and tricks and problem-solving techniques explained by the author are genuinely a treat for all readers. 

My Honest Review of Wonder Tools Newsletter 

Just as the newsletter's slogan says,” Useful tiny tips for getting more done, better.

In my opinion, Wonder Tools is for curious brains that always have room for updates and adventure. As a primary source of the vast range of discoveries of remarkable sites, tools, and how-to guides, Wonder Tool Newspaper is ahead of its time.

Everyone is looking for quick fixes and less hustle, and Wonder Tools is the right place for all useful tips and tricks. However, the reader may need to dig deeper to find the relevant post as all the articles are scattered and all over the place, which can sometimes frustrate the subscriber.

Further, even though the world is ultimately moving towards AI and the latest Apps and discoveries, there are still a large number of people who like to keep things easy and less complicated, which is why this newsletter may not align with everyone’s taste and serve only AI enthusiastic and nerds. 

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