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Working Nomads is a wonderful platform for recruiters and job seekers. They send out two newsletters weekly to the subscribers. Learn all about them in this Working Nomads newsletter review.


  • Working Nomads newsletter brings new job posts in each edition
  • Readers can choose the newsletter frequency, job category, and position type to see
  • You also receive informative articles in this newsletter


  • The newsletter contains advertisements
  • Some jobs may not suit your interest

Working Nomads is a wonderful platform for recruiters and job seekers. They send out two newsletters weekly to the subscribers. Learn all about them in this Working Nomads newsletter review.

What is the Working Nomads Newsletter about?

Working Nomads is a valuable newsletter that brings new job posts for the readers in each edition. They send out two newsletters every week containing job-related polls, information, and various job posts to choose from. The newsletters land in your inbox every Monday and Wednesday. They are excellent resources for readers and advertisers, as the newsletters reach over 100,000 people weekly. 

Now, let’s tell you the straightforward structure of the newsletter in this Working Nomads newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of Working Nomads 

Working Nomads sends subscribers a LinkedIn newsletter twice a week according to their preferences. Here's how the newsletter looks:

  • The newsletter begins with an attractive picture, usually showing how to enjoy your life with remote work.
  • Next, you will see the header in large font.
  • The publisher Working Nomads’s name, description, and publishing date are just below the header.
  • Now, the author welcomes you to the newsletter with some important information.
  • As you dive into the newsletter further, you will see the "New Jobs" section that shares all the available opportunities. 
  • Next, there could be short informative stats, poll results, or anything else besides job posts.
  • Furthermore, there are links to more articles related to job search and working remotely.
  • Moving towards the end of the article, the authors share some insights and stats under the “Did you know?” section
  • Lastly, you will see an email inviting you to collaborate with Working Nomads for sponsorship.

The newsletter structure is straightforward with a no-BS approach where every word is valuable.

What Topics does Working Nomads Newsletter Cover?

The Working Nomads newsletter mainly focuses on bringing you the latest remote jobs. Every job mentioned has the recruiter's name and location along with the link to the job. Moreover, the newsletters also bring informative articles regarding remote work and job winning.

Who is Behind the Working Nomads Newsletter?

How could we not mention the brains behind this newsletter in the Working Nomads newsletter review?

Working Nomads, a platform that connects people who want to work remotely with people offering such positions, publishes the newsletter. It compiles the most interesting remote job offers in various professional fields. 

Is it Free or Paid?

Working Nomads newsletter is a free resource that brings hundreds of jobs with remote workers looking for jobs. 

You can subscribe to the newsletter by visiting their website and adding your contact information. Select the fields of your preference and interest to get relevant job posts. It also gives you the freedom to choose email frequency, locations, types of positions, and keywords for accurate job search.

Subscribe to Working Nomads newsletter

PS: My Honest Review of Working Nomads Newsletter

I believe this newsletter is ideal for people looking for remote jobs, as this Working Nomads newsletter review speaks for it. This newsletter brings you remote jobs worldwide, taking away the effort. You do not have to scroll multiple websites to find jobs that suit your requirements. Sign up for this newsletter, select your preferences, and start receiving regular emails in your inbox. The best part is that the newsletter shares all these jobs with no subscription fee.

If you are a nomad looking for a remote job, you might find it in this newsletter!

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