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As the name says, this newsletter is all about the worst and best pills. Public Citizen's Health Research Group founded Worst Pills, Best Pills, in 1971 to provide consumers with all necessary drug information. The main agenda is to provide information and caution regarding drugs they believe are not properly labeled.


  • Recent information on drugs in one place
  • E-warnings
  • Monthly comprehensive newsletter


  • You have to pay a subscription fee
  • It asks for your credit card information in the email

Subscribing to Worst Pills Best Pills enables you to understand any harmful effects of drugs you may not otherwise find on the packaging. Besides recommending safer alternatives, the newsletter also contains details about OTC drugs' side effects and adverse effects.

Worst Pills Best Pills offers 12 monthly issues followed by email alerts about recent drug news.

What is the Worst Pills Best Pills Newsletter about?

The Worst Pills Best Pills newsletter provides the latest information regarding drugs and their safe use. Many drugs do not come with the mention of side effects or adverse effects. Similarly, a few batches may miss critical warnings if released before the research was conducted. Worst Pills Best Pills is your go-to newsletter in such situations.

It is best suited for the elderly, who do not typically come across this information. Worst Pills Best Pills tells you everything about the drugs you are taking to ensure you stay safe.

The Newsletter Structure of Worst Pills Best Pills

The Worst Pills Best Pills newsletter follows a simple and easy-to-follow template. Each newsletter has a specific story that follows everything about the particular news. You can see a few italic sentences between paragraphs to provide information without missing anything.

The newsletter has paragraphs and bold phrases to make it easy for readers to skim. Besides the text in the form of bullets and paragraphs, it gives you specific warnings in highlighted boxes. It may include warnings about the use of some drugs.

This easy-to-follow format makes it a favorite among readers who want to know about the right use of drugs. Many people prefer Worst Pills Best Pills over other similar newsletters as it also gives references at the end of the article.

What topics does Worst Pills Best Pills Newsletter cover?

The Worst Pills Best Pills newsletter covers drug-related information from all regions of the world, especially those available to American consumers. It may cover topics ranging from recent recalling alerts from the FDA or using particular harmful cosmetics on the skin. The topics Worst Pill Best Pill covers are wide as they talk about all aspects of your health, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals.

Is it free or paid?

While Worst Pills Best Pills is an excellent newsletter for the latest drug information, many people do not subscribe because of the subscription fees.

Worst Pills Best Pills has a subscription fee of $15 for twelve online issues of the newsletter. You can get your first 12-month subscription for only $12, applying a 20% discount to the standard price. A monthly subscription to the Worst Pills, Best Pills News Print can get another $2 discount, bringing the subscription fee to only $10.

Visit https://www.worstpills.org/user/user/create_account, and enter the required details, including first name, last name, phone number, and the promotion code (if applicable). The sign-up form also asks for an email and a password to access the newsletter.

PS: My Honest Review of Worst Pills Best Pills Newsletter

Worst Pills Best Pills is a suitable newsletter if you want to know everything about the pills you are taking. Sometimes, we forget to ask the pharmacist about the side effects and adverse effects of the pills, but Worst Pills Best Pills has got you covered! It has the latest news regarding problems with drugs and unwritten warnings. At the same time, Worst Pill Best Pill also gives you alternatives to drugs that may not suit you.

However, you must remember that it has a subscription fee. You can access the online Worst Pill Best Pill newsletter for $15 on the standard price or $10 on a discount. So, it might not be the best choice if you want to opt for a free newsletter.

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