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"WTF just happened today" is not only a thought on our minds when we hear shocking news without much context but also the popular newsletter by Matt Kiser. Matt writes, and releases WTF Just Happened Today around 3 pm PT daily. You might wonder why not early morning like other newsletters; Matt creates the newsletter every morning and updates it throughout the day to send in the afternoon. It helps him deliver the latest news to the readers. There's much more to know about everyone's favorite political newsletter that you will read in this WTF Just Happened Today Newsletter Review.


  • Easy to skim
  • Unbiased
  • Free subscription


  • Similar format

Let's help you decide if WTF Just Happened Today is the right pick for you.

What is the WTF Just Happened Today Newsletter about?

WTF Just Happened Today is a political newsletter by Seattle-based product manager Matt Kiser who started it as a blog to keep up on the Trump administration's latest antics. Eventually, it became a newsletter bringing you the most important and relevant stories of the day with immediate updates until the afternoon. You may find further advancements in the next follow-up stories.

Matt started this newsletter to answer that one question we often have about the political situation: "WTF just happened today?" He brings answers to this question by keeping the readers up-to-date with everything on the political landscape. Matt started the blog in 2017, later becoming a newsletter, reaching more than 43,000 subscribers.

The Newsletter Structure of the WTF Just Happened Today Newsletter

How can we miss sharing the simple, easy-to-follow pattern of the newsletter in the WTF Just Happened Newsletter review while mentioning everything else?

  • As you open the newsletter in your email, you will see the title, "WTF Just Happened Today," followed by a”day number” and the main story headline.
  • “Read today's update | Listen to WTF | Current Status” are at the top left corner.
  • Just below the newsletter is an invitation for readers who got the newsletter from a friend and have not subscribed yet.
  • Next, you will see a greeting from the author and "Today in one sentence." You can find the current mood, yesterday's update, podcast links, and share options at the end of this section.
  • As the main body of the newsletter unravels, you will see as many as five stories with citation links to the original stories.
  • The newsletter ends with a CTA to tip your blogger, and Matt's email address to share suggestions and opinions.

What topics does the WTF Just Happened Today Newsletter cover?

WTF Just Happened Today essentially covers the hot, steaming political news that has you wondering, “What just happened today?” It brings you stories in a simple format mentioning what happened, facts, who reported it, and where to get further information.

While the newsletter might not cover everything happening in politics in a day, Matt brings you the most critical stories after immense research. He takes the stories from credible sources like New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, and Wall Street Journal, but with his unique take.

Matt mentions that WTF Just Happened Today is not only meant to provide the latest information to the readers; it allows them to reason and put things into perspective when they only feel outraged.

Is it free or paid?

Seeing the structure and benefits of the newsletter in this WTF Just Happened Newsletter review, you might wonder if it will be heavy on the pocket. But the best part is that this newsletter is absolutely free. Go to the WTF Just Happened Today website, add your email in the given space, and start receiving the newsletters every day.

PS: My Honest Review of the WTF Just Happened Today Newsletter

WTF Just Happened Today is the one compact newsletter you must read daily to stay up-to-date on recent political advancements. Matt started it to keep track of the Trump administration's antics, but it blew out when people started loving how he explained everything with an unbiased perspective. Matt mentions that he wants people to think rationally instead of outraging. This unbiased coverage makes the stories more relatable and easy for readers to understand.

The newsletter format is not new; you might have seen it in others too. Yet Matt's unique style distinguishes him from others, making WTF Just Happened Today a favorite among over 43,000 readers. The newsletter brings more than short stories; it has links to podcasts and story citations to read further.

So, when are you subscribing to this newsletter to get your daily dose of political updates?

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