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Seymour Hersh Newsletter

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In today’s world, it is very easy to get manipulated by the mainstream media, who are trying to push forward a one-sided perspective. With the declining quality of journalism and media reporting, it is essential to support independent journalists who have been the backbone of this field. One such honest journalist is Seymour Hersh. He has launched his collection of newsletters on Substack called Seymour Hersh Newsletter. It is about time to stop complaining about the credibility of mainstream media and switch to independent journalism on private platforms.

Social Media Geek-out Newsletter

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Social Media Geek-out is, without any doubt, your one and only source for deeply analysing the social media world and other updates that are somehow connected to it. You will get a highly detailed analysis, practice-able advice, and the latest facts to assist you in moving through the continuously changing social media landscape.

Social Media At Law Newsletter

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Social Media At Law newsletter, as they themselves describe, is “at the corner of new media and the legal profession”. This newsletter provides updates on the legal development related to social media covering both civil and even criminal aspects.

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