Top 25 Travel and Tourism Newsletters on Substack And Beehiiv

We have mentioned a number of the best Travel and Tourism newsletters that you can subscribe to. We also mention reviews and pros and cons of subscribing to these newsletters in details.

Expat J Newsletter

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This newsletter blends breaking news on multiple topics that keep you hooked throughout. It offers free access to insights; however, some are paid. It covers a vast range of topics exclusively; it has something for everyone. Expat J keeps you informed and well aware-of the Dominican Republic and worldwide circumstances.

Four Corners of the Southwest Newsletter

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Southwestern America is home to mesmerizing natural wonders, inviting thousands of visitors from all over the country. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah make up the Southwest's four corners. That’s what Jan Spell talks about in his newsletter. Learn about the newsletter contents in this Four Corners of the Southwest Newsletter review.

Scott's Cheap Flights Newsletter

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Scott’s Cheap Flights is a gateway to unlocking a world of travel possibilities without breaking the bank. Check subscription details, pros, cons, and more in this Scott's Cheap Flights newsletter review:

Jack’s Flight Club Newsletter

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Jack's Flight Club newsletter is an email newsletter that uses flight deal alerts to help you to find ridiculously cheap flights. Last year, Jack’s Flight Club subscribers saved almost £30 Million on airfare through their deals. There are over 2,200,000 members of this popular newsletter around the globe.

Atlas Obscura Newsletter

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Atlas Obscura Newsletter is issued by the US-based online travel magazine company Atlas Obscura. It specializes in hidden wonders of the world, little known paintings by history's most famous artists, amazing travel stories, and many more. Atlas Obscura in recent years has grown to become a National Geographic of millions of millennials.

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