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In today’s world, it is very easy to get manipulated by the mainstream media, who are trying to push forward a one-sided perspective. With the declining quality of journalism and media reporting, it is essential to support independent journalists who have been the backbone of this field. One such honest journalist is Seymour Hersh. He has launched his collection of newsletters on Substack called Seymour Hersh Newsletter. It is about time to stop complaining about the credibility of mainstream media and switch to independent journalism on private platforms.


  • Exclusive information about world politics 
  • Interesting inspection of historical events
  • Critical commentary


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Seymour Hersh Newsletter has already garnered 166K+ subscribers. It is a rapidly growing platform, joined by people who are desperately seeking authentic journalism from a credible man like Seymour Hersh.

What Is Seymour Hersh's Newsletter About? 

If you haven't heard about Seymour Hersh, you are probably living under a rock. He is an impeccable human being, well-known for his investigative journalism and bluntly honest research work. He has worked in honorable media outlets like The New Yorker and The New York Times. For his commendable work, he has been granted several prestigious awards, including a Pulitzer Prize for writing a story about the Vietnamese massacre and a George Polk Award multiple times. 

If any word has to come from his pen, it has to be authentic and well-researched. Has penned 11 books, among them "The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House", a celebrated exploration of Henry Kissinger's career that clinched the National Book Critics Circle Award. 

Over the years, his work has uncovered the crimes hidden from humanity. Especially the war crimes committed by military beasts such as The United States. He has written about injustice to the people of Syria, the inhumane torture of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib, and the killing of Osama Bin Laden. He has received a lot of criticism for his discoveries, but he stood undeterred in the face of adversity. 

Seymour Hersh's Newsletter provides similar kinds of exclusive information that is relatable to today’s world politics, like the USA’s financial aid to Israel and its president’s role in making Israel a nuclear power. In short, the stories no one has the zeal or sources to cover are written by Seymour Hersh. This time, it was published completely unfiltered and directly delivered to your inbox. 

What Themes Does Seymour Hersh Newsletters Cover? 

Seymour Hersh’s credibility is celebrated by the world. He is a globally renounced journalist and his work uncovers the most gruesome parts of history and brings forth the baseline of injustices happening in current times. 

  1. Investigative Journalism: Seymour Hersh is known for his rigorous investigative work, uncovering hidden truths and exposing injustices. His newsletters likely delve into similar investigative topics, providing in-depth analysis and revelations on current events and global issues.
  2. Government Accountability: The true purpose of journalism is to present truth to the public. People like Hersh do it perfectly. His words have the power to bring down beastly politicians and expose strong governments by bringing their wrongful actions into public sight. His newsletters are equally brutal and loaded with exclusive information. 
  3. Foreign Policy and International Relations: Given Hersh's background in covering international affairs, his newsletters may analyze geopolitical developments, diplomatic relations, and the role of major powers in global politics.
  4. War Crimes: While the world forgets and moves on, people like Hersh drag them to public courts with their impeccable journalistic work. Over time, he has unfolded several war crimes committed by the USA in different parts of the world and heavily criticized the government. His newsletters may address ongoing conflicts, humanitarian crises, and efforts to seek justice for victims.

Who Should Subscribe To Seymour Hersh Newsletter? 

If you have grown tired of the propaganda machines that the current news outlets are, signing up for Seymour Hersh Newsletters should be your next move. You will be surprised to witness the quality of journalism and fact-checking that he offers, alongside interesting commentary and truthful criticism. 

It is an opportunity to educate yourself about current global events and discover them from a credible perspective. With the awareness and knowledge you will seek, you can hold the government accountable for its actions, promote human rights campaigns, and better understand the geopolitical complications. 

If you are concerned about media ethics and transparency and value the importance of independent, responsible journalism in society, you should subscribe instantly. Anyone seeking insightful analysis and unique perspectives on current events, politics, and societal issues will find these newsletters engaging and informative.

Final Words – Seymour Hersh Newsletter

I value honest journalism and steer clear of the mainstream media outlets. I am eager to read exclusive information about controversial topics and events that no one frequently talks about. In this scenario, people like Seymour Hersh come to the rescue with his newsletter series. He is engaging a mass, like-minded audience in serious political discussions, which is creating political awareness among the masses. 

I admire not only his passion for bringing forward the truth but also his bravery in putting it out for the public to witness. The recent piece “The Political Costs Of Biden’s  Wars” discusses the political scenario around the elections in the USA. 

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