1440 News Newsletter Review: Is It Worth To Subscribe? Pros and Cons

With so little time on hand and so much to know about every day (which, admittedly, isn’t all necessary but we just need drama in our life), it is near impossible to keep up with the plethora of content on the internet or newspapers. Unless you are a fan of reading and would rather hole up in your room, reading books of all sorts all day, and have no social or work life whatsoever (NEET, as the youngsters call them), chances are you just want to know the gist of the most current things and that, without worrying about missing on important facts about the matter.

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The 1440 News newsletter review

If that sort of information is your style, then newsletters have got you covered. There are quite a bit of them out there, with fashion or Hollywood-related newsletters being the most popular ones, read by gazillions of ladies all around the world. Indeed, newsletters might get passed as magazines, an attraction purely for women. This has now become an old myth though, as there are various genres among newsletters that don’t aim at providing gossip for tea parties but rather are a form of information and education.

One such respectable name is that of the 1440 newsletter service. Known as the most unbiased newsletter anywhere, covering almost all fields from politics and culture to science and business, 1440 is best for people who only have a couple of minutes to absorb as much as they can. Below is a 1440 newsletter review that covers all the information you might need to know before subscribing to this newsletter.

What is 1440 Newsletter?

The 1440 newsletter started off in Chicago as a simple email sent to 78 people, friends of the founders. Their name was inspired by the year 1440, which is when the printing press was invented (1436 to be precise, but oh well!). Another thing that inspired their name was the fact that a day has 1440 minutes, and they aim to cover every minute in their newsletter. 

Like many of the top-notch companies, the idea behind the establishment of 1440 came after the identification of a flawed system, and an underlying desire to change the way things worked. Tim Huelskamp, a venture capitalist, regarded as the founder of 1440, was joined by co-founder Andrew Steigerwald, a scientist working on Capitol Hill, who shared the mutual feeling of being stuck in a broken media landscape.

The two felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of agenda-driven messaging that the media had been a fan of for a very long time. Seeing that the news intake of the masses was determined by echo chamber-reinforcing algorithms, Steigerwald and Huelskamp decided to take matters into their own hands and decided to leave their careers behind them to start 1440. The newsletter saw its launch in 2017 with that one email sent to 78 friends. 

What sets 1440 apart?

Over the short years that 1440 has enjoyed since its inception, it has been received positively far and wide. There’s a reason why it is so hugely successful among readers. What sets 1440 apart is its unbiased attitude toward any and all news. The newsletter prides itself in checking its content for bias without using any algorithm, but by relying on human efforts. They seek to be as unbiased as humanly possible. 

Mission and Standard 

The mission of 1440 is to share fact-focused information with the world, scoured from over 100 sources, and reliably put in place and delivered to their readers. Their standard covers various points which they have divided into three tiers; personal, editorial, and partner standards.

1440 News Standards

Every day, 1440 commits to the guiding principles of delivering facts without motives and bias.

  • Putting the Human First

The team prioritizes people and community as they firmly believe that understanding the world enables personal growth and engaged citizenship and helps us be better to each other.

  • Accountability and Transparency

1440 has been open about its internal procedures to ensure that they are transparent. The team believed that publishing facts without motives requires honesty and entertains any questions about how they make money to their editorial process. 1440 answer every message (or at least they promise to do so).

  • Curiosity and Learning

1440 looks into every nook and cranny and is driven by a never-ending passion to learn. Their relentless desire to understand the community, country, world, and universe, ultimately leads to sharing it with their readers. 1440 is constantly evolving to better itself.

is 1440 news safe?

Yes. 1440 News newsletter is a legit and a safe platform to subscribe to. They run multiple newsletters from Artificial intelligence (AI) to cryptocurrency to Tech. They are the best newsletter.

1440 News is safer and all you have to do is to just subscribe to them by submitting your email. They have over 1 million+ subscribers on their newsletter which shows how credible they are.

1440 Editorial Standards

  • Only Consequential News

The best thing about 1440 is that they don't waste the reader’s time with speculative or opinion-based stories. 1440 only shares the news that can significantly impact people, places, or communities, avoiding hearsay or false statements.

  • Unfiltered Facts and Actions

1440 does not cover any news story concerning a person, political or otherwise, based on cherry-picked quotes. Any story that could be spun around by one-sided opinions or thoughts and conjectures isn’t included either. 

  • No Reading Between The Lines

1440 knows that their readers are smart (probably because they’ve been reading their newsletters for too long). So 1440 remembers to provide the necessary tools, context, and links to dig deeper. They make sure to publish the details that help connect the dots.

1440 Partner Standards

  • Alignment with their Mission Statement

The mission of 1440 media is to share fact-focused information with the world. As such, it is necessary that they choose their brand partners based on mutual alignment and shared values. They can’t afford to partner up with someone with controversial ideas which might make them look biased.

  • High Quality is a Must

Brands that partner with 1440 are expected to have an existing customer base with a strong reputation for consistent quality. They must not have third-grade gear working for them.

  • No Miracle Campaigns

Since 1440 promises to be unbiased, it does not partner with campaigns or companies which are downright outrageous and unbelievable. They do not allow ads from political campaigns or entities, tobacco brands, or any bait & switch products.

Is 1440 Worth The Subscription?

By now, it is easy to see that 1440 is a reputable and reliable newsletter that would greatly serve to increase knowledge. 1440 goes into the tiniest details to make sure their quality and promise aren’t compromised, and that says a lot about any company. 1440 cares about the reader's interest too so if you are really looking to stay informed, then this newsletter is definitely worth the subscription.

It isn’t a tabloid and certainly does not incite any controversy or gossip. According to 1440, their reader base is divided into three equal portions. Their readership spans the political spectrum with an equal percentage of those affiliated with the left, those with the right, and those that are independent. This is proof that the newsletter isn’t aimed at pleasing any certain party, but is completely unbiased.

1440 Topics, Subscribers and Earning

1440 essentially covers any and all worthy of capturing news and reports it as it is. 1440 isn’t affiliated with any major media outlet which means it’s entirely employee based. It does not publish opinions of big media personalities, instead, presents stories exactly as they occurred. 

One of the readers opined that 1440 assumes that readers are smart enough to form their own opinions. Another one opined similarly that they don’t want to see people’s opinions about some news or occurrence, as they can form their own. 1440 delivers just that. Some of the topics that 1440 reports on include:

  • Politics
  • Culture
  • Business
  • Financial Markets
  • Internationational Affairs
  • Science
  • Current Affairs
  • And many many more

Subscribers And Earning

Although 1440 isn’t one to advertise for every other company that comes by and it isn’t affiliated with any media resource either, it still enjoys a huge fan base of over 2.3 million. Although 1440 has raised a small amount of capital, via equity and (non-dilutive) debt, it is essentially bootstrapped, which means that it does not rely on investors but rather on operative revenue. 1440 is majority-owned by its employees, and though it is profitable, the profits are reinvested back into growing the business via a “‘flywheel’ business model”, as reported by Huelskamp.

1440 also has a Patreon page for its super-users and advocates, and is divided into four membership tiers; friends (€3.50 per month), the daily reader (€11 per month), fanatic (€15.50 per month), and Bona Fide Gutenberg (€27/mth), named after German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press.

Advertising and Neutrality

As for revenue generated through ads, 1440 isn’t too big on noisy advertisements. It has at most two ads per issue which are curated such that they do not interrupt the flow of the reading. 1440 is a big name now but it wasn’t always so, largely because of how much it prioritizes its readers. 1440 doesn’t rely on clickbait, does not stuff its Patreon link down the reader’s throat, and certainly does not sting the eyes with ads just so it can generate a hefty amount of revenue. Because of its faithful policy towards its readers, 1440 hasn’t garnered any notoriety and continues to deliver the consistent quality it always has. 

1440 leans neither toward the right nor towards the left. Many centrists find this quality of the newsletter appealing as it is hard to find other papers that are as unbiased as 1440. A diverse and highly qualified group of people hailing from every corner of the political spectrum form the team of editors who make sure nothing gets published without being screened by their critical eyes. Automation is kept minimal at 1440.

Subscribe to 1440 Newsletter here: Subscribe to 1440 Newsletter here.

Who read the 1440 Newsletter?

If you looking for a demography of people who are reading this newsletter. There are some newsletter that are either left aligned or either right but this newsletter is mostly neutral in the political sense.

The following is the demography of the people who are reading this newsletter:

  • 10% of the readers are far-left.
  • 20% of the readers of this newsletter are left wing.
  • 40% independent or centrist.
  • 20% of their audience is on right wing.
  • 10% is from far-right politics.

PS: 1440 Newsletter review: Is it is worth subscribing?

In this article we have discussed is it is worth subscribing to 1440 Newsletter and what you can expect from subscripting to their newsletter, the structure of their newsletter and is it is free or paid to subscribe to this newsletter.

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