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Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter

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Maajid Nawaz is one of the few who has taken this initiative to bring forth authentic sources of information. He has created a space on Substack called “Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter,” which, as the name implies, shares unfiltered content regarding religion, current world affairs, civil rights, freedom of journalism, political updates, and history. In the past, Nawaz has been a victim of religious radicalization. Since then, he has advocated against extremism and misinformation and actively works to discredit unauthentic claims. It is already a community of 10K+ inquisitive people; join them now to free your perception of reality.

The Counteroffensive Newsletter

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You must have heard about a lot of wars on news and social media. But is it possible to fully unravel the atrocities of war and what it does to a person who loses everything in the blink of an eye: his identity, family home, memories, and homeland? The Counteroffensive Newsletter collection, initiated by Tim Mak focuses on bringing forth the tragic stories of war with a humane, empathetic, and respectful approach.

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