11+ Best Substack Newsletters That Are Worth Subscribing To in 2024

Do you have a knack for writing and readingabout different genres? Then let us take you down the road of treasures. Apriceless resource that keeps you abreast of current events, statistics,headlines, and more while helping authors promote their services.

The catch is “Substack”, which offersconsiderable newsletters from business to politics, arts and science to crypto,and whatnot! With over 1 million subscribers, the immense growth ofthe substack is not stopping anytime soon.

However, with the content flux on the site,you must be confused about which newsletters you must follow that match yourmood and preference. Then worry not! Since we have done the research, so youdon’t have to and jot down the top 11 substack newsletters you must follow tokeep yourself updated about current affairs and politics.

Before hopping to the snappy newsletters,let’s look at how substack works and what it holds for the readers.

How Does Substack Work and WhatDoes It Mean?

For authors, journalists, and other contentproducers, Substack is an email newsletter platform. It assists independentcreators in making newsletters and helps monetize their work. Instead ofrelying on advertisements or contract writing jobs, newsletter owners candirectly offer Substack memberships to the audiences.

Substack newsletter authors can be somethingother than computer savvy. The best part? You don’t have to worry about thenitty-gritty SEO plugins to rank your site, create infographics for socialmedia, or buy any hosting or blogging-related tools.

It’s all free, just the way we like it! Andthe story doesn’t end here since it also offers several tools to assist thewriters in getting started. Recently, it has started an eight-week mentorship program for writers. Inthis, selected substack writers participate in a series of exclusive virtualmeetings discussing community building, the creative process, and trying tomonetize their work.

At the start, it doesn’t charge a penny;however, if you start a paid newsletter to the audience, Substack will chargeyou a 10% commission on paid subscribers.

The platform serves as a stepping stone forwriters just starting out their careers since it supports rich media, includingembedded Tweets, YouTube videos, and more. Furthermore, if you want to traveland read newsletters, the former also offers a mobile application thatfacilitates locating readers and discovery.

Top 11 Substack Newsletters toFollow

The following are some of the best Substack newsletters that you can subscribe to for free:

  1. Alts.co: Best Substack newsletter about investment or alternative investment opportunites
  2. The GIST Newsletter

Now you know much about Substack, let’s lookat the following top 11 newsletters we bet will match your niche and mood.

1- Best for Investors-Alts.co

If you’re also one who wants to learn how toinvest on your own rather than hiring a professional to make investmentdecisions, then Alts newsletters are the perfect choice for you.


Alts send bite-sized chunks of investment tipsand tricks from the experts straight to your mailbox. When you are an investor,you are looking for assets that offer returns unrelated to those of equitiesand bonds simultaneously. That’s where the beauty of Alternative assets comesinto play. They have a diverse portfolio that can help you sleep better atnight if it includes assets whose value increases when those of other assets,notably stocks, decrease.


Alts was founded in 2020 by Wyatt Cavalier andVon Imhof. They emphasized how stocks and bonds are typically used when someonerefers to traditional assets. Therefore they have turned the table and broughtprivate equity, hedge funds, real estate, and commodities as common examples ofalternative assets.


With more than 18,000 subscribers, the Altsinvestment community mostly uses newsletters. Following registration, users areinstructed to select their preferred assets from roughly 30 categories, such asdomain names, NFTs, and racehorses.


The emails come in a few times every month.Even if you don't actively want to spend $52,000 on an edition of the Biblethat travelled to space, they are consistently entertaining readings since theyare packed with charts, links, and amiable commentary.

2-Best for Sports Lover-The GIST

Aimed squarely at female sports lovers, TheGIST is a newsletter and community that boasts 40k subscribers. As the namesuggests, the GIST offers its readers “the gist” of what's going on in theworld of sports.

Working with businesses that want to connectand interact with GIST's premium audience trulyGIST was able to generatesignificant revenue from both the women's and men's sports calendars. Itscurrent strategic partners are The NBA, Adidas, FanDuel, and Wilson. And theyare thinking to stop the numbers anytime soon since they are on track to exceedtheir 2022 revenue goal of $1 million.

The need to communicate authentically withunderrepresented sports fans has grown as the market expands. According toJacie deHoop, co-founder of The GIST, "our partners realize a need tobroaden their following, followers, and customers," and they see The GISTas a tool to reach and win over female admirers.


The GIST offers a Women perspective onsports, which sets it apart from other news providers since the analysis is notbiased and comes directly from the heart. Whether you're a die-hard Giants fanhoping for a strong finish to the season or a baseball newbie trying to makesense of the Nationals' World Series victory, The GIST's community is preparedfor the Monday morning water cooler chat.


The GIST is founded by three friends, JaciedeHoop, Roslyn McLarty, and Ellen Hyslop. According to the founder, the Gistshould be North America's go-to resource for women's sports. Also, they plan tointroduce new methods of delivering The Gist in the form of video and audio forthe Gisters to enjoy The Gist in the manner they find most convenient and atany time.

Within the year, they will also be expandingto the United States and are currently considering Boston and New York City astheir primary target markets. The millions of untapped female admirers are thedriving force behind their efforts to expand The Gist's community.


The GIST has been able to gather a pool of500,000 subscribers.


The GIST sends weekly newsletters related tosports around the world and offers an unbiased analysis of it.

3- Best for Daily Updates-The 1440 Media

1440, a free daily email newsletter founded in2018 and based in Chicago, is curated by a small team of editors, specialists,and analysts who look through hundreds of sources in the fields of science,culture, politics, and business to provide a brief, educational report on theday's news.

With just over 2 million active users and a53% open rate for newsletters, its readership profile implies it has struck thecorrect mix. According to self-reported measures, readership is evenlydistributed across Independents, Democrats, and Republicans, as well as withincoastal and rural regions and gender. To be more precise, the newsletter iswritten to appeal to those on both the political extremes and the middle,searching for objective information in as little as five minutes.


The daily newsletter 1440, which helps 2million+ Americans keep informed, is edited to be as objective as possible. Theeditors, specialists, and analysts at 1440 are trying to end public mistrust inthe media. They comb through hundreds of science, culture, politics, andbusiness sources to provide readers with a fair account of the day's events.Most Americans, worn out by the daily deluge of agenda-driven coverage, are thetarget audience for 1440.


Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Dr Andrew Steigerwald oversee the editorial orientationof 1440. Dr Steigerwald, a scientist with more than a decade of experience ininnovation and technological public policy, also served as a regulatorycolleague in the U.S. Senate. The largely self-funded business is alreadyprofitable, has 42 straight months of sales growth, and generates 8 figures inyearly revenue, indicating objectivity is the antidote to doom-scrolling.


It has more than 2 million active subscribers


1440 places a premium on its readers'experiences and allows only two carefully selected advertisements daily.

4- BestBusiness Newsletter-The Daily Upside

An ex-investment banker started The DailyUpside as a side project three years ago, and ever since, it's been providinginteresting and informative business news.

If the references in Morning Brew start tofeel too dated for you, The Daily Upside is a good (and funny) substitute. Itdelivers carefully picked business and economic content every day without anyfiller or fluff.


Each day's best thought-provoking tidbit isprovided in no more than 100 words at the beginning of The Daily Upsidenewsletter, followed by a simple "Good morning." The subject istypically one of business or finance, although not always.

Generally, it is a daily podcast that providesa concise and humorous recap of the day's business and financial news. It's agreat alternative for reading about broad economic trends that could affectyour finances or professional prospects.


The Daily Upside was started by a seasonedWall Street professional named "Pat" or "Patrick T." andreports on a breaking news in the banking, personal finance, investment, andbusiness sectors. It also outlines how geopolitical events could affect your financesor job.


The Daily Upside provides 700,000 subscribersto the brand's daily email newsletter with more depth and insights than just arecap of yesterday's happenings.


On Saturdays, you may anticipate daily newsbriefings being sent to your mailbox. Typically, emails ping between 8:30 and10:00 EST. At this same moment, a lot of people are using coffee maker in theworkplace.

5- BestFinance-Ask Finny

The Ask Finny newsletter is a free emailpublication newsletter that weekly offers finance and monthly budgeting chunksyour way to help you run your business, home, and savings side-by-side.

It provides information covering varioustopics related to personal finance, saving money, investing money, or debts.This newsletter is designed for individuals to manage their financial schedulesand help make better decisions providing useful tips, tricks, and insights.

So, if you’re also into savings, budgeting,and building empires, Ask Finny is just the right newsletter.


As stated above, it covers finance topicscoming straight from the experts to help you avoid making the same mistakesthey have made. It’s all about experience and real-time analysis. Frominvestments to budgeting and saving to debt management, it never slips anycorner and keeps you well updated about every inch of it.


If we talk about the Founder of the Ask Finny Newsletter,it comes your way by, Chihee Kim, the Founder, Co-founder, and ExecutiveManager with several roles in this industry. A jack of all trades, right? Weknow how difficult it gets to be the founder and co-founder simultaneously. Itspeaks volumes about how much of a significant character Chihee Kim is.Moreover, she oversees the organization's daily operations and is responsiblefor the growth and productivity of this field.


This newsletter has thousands of followers,which shows its significance among the audience.


The newsletter is distributed regularly, onceweekly or monthly. To be more precise, it sends out its newsletters everyTuesday and Thursday. However, we can plus minus a day or two from this sincenewsletters are published more or less often, depending on the content andgoals of each edition.

While some newsletters are more interested inproviding readers with current financial news and updates, others offer morein-depth analyses or instructional materials. In short, Ask Finny's frequencyis ultimately decided by the organization's objectives, top priorities, andsubscriber preferences.

6- Best for Empowering Women-The Newsette:

This newsletter covers a media company andcustom creative agency which motivates women every morning and serves engagingcontent.

The newsletter is intended to be sent tosubscribers' email inboxes each morning, giving them a pleasant start to theday. The newsletter's content is generally chosen after hours of research toinclude a blend of motivational stories, practical advice, and other materialthat speaks to the wants and necessities of the intended audience.

The business may provide clients who want todevelop content that appeals to women and promotes their brand values withunique creative services. The Newsette, in short, revolves around every inch ofbusiness and beauty and brings them onto the plate to help and assist womenwith compelling and intriguing content.


This newsletter is designed to cover topicslike fashion, beauty, and wellness, directly targeting women. In thisnewsletter, the content will inspire women to take out the best in their livesand cherish every inch of it. In addition to interviews with renowned andaccomplished women in various industries, each edition of the newsletter mayoffer guidance and suggestions on enhancing many facets of one's life.

The newsletter's content is probably carefullychosen to speak to the wants and requirements of the intended audience, with afocus on motivating women to realize their potential and achieve their goals.This email is a useful resource for women who wish to stay educated, motivated,and inspired as they manage their personal and professional life.


The Newsette was founded in 2017 by successfulbusinesswoman and entrepreneur Daniela Pierson. She manages the newsletter'sdaily operations and oversees its growth and success in her role as CEO.Pierson is renowned for her strong work ethic and dedication to building awebsite that inspires and encourages women. She has received various medals andappreciation for her work in honour of her leadership and business ability.Before starting The Newsette, Pierson held several positions in the media andentertainment industry, collecting important knowledge and expertise.


This newsletter reaches over 500,000 people and has a significant roleamong other newsletters. It shows the amount of recognition towards this newsletter.


This newsletter provides weekly articles tothose who have signed up for the subscription. Although free, you can alsosubscribe to this email newsletter if you are interested in the same industry.

7-Best Statically Perfect-Stat Significant

This newsletter is used as data analytics toaddress challenging topics. A significant stat newsletter is a kind of emailthat tackles difficult subjects using data analytics.

With real-time data and stats, you can expectStat Significant to assist you in spotting trends and patterns that might notbe immediately obvious. But with the experts, it feels so smooth how theymanage they cater challenging subjects into digestible chunks.


This newsletter includes data-driven essays onvarious topics, including statistics, economics, sports, and culture. Thisnewsletter can be a valuable resource for those interested in data-drivenanalysis. Not only monotonous stats and data, if you wish to stay alert aboutcurrent affairs, trends, and development in different fields, stat significanthave something for you.


The Founder of Stat Significant Newsletter isDaniel Pariss, a California-based data scientist and journalist who publishesarticles on the relationship between statistics and popular culture. Beforeworking at DoorDash for more than six years, He briefly worked in theentertainment sector as a film student and joined the company when it had about150 employees. And from there, he has taken the site from 0 to 10, and thechances of stopping the numbers are slim to none.


This newsletter has almost 30,000 members,close to $20 Million in income for the state. Subscribers can support whereneeded interesting and educational content that draws on facts to offer aunique viewpoint on the world.


They throw free weekly newsletters about statsand finance, which have their core focus on the data. So, we suggest notmissing any of their updates since they are not just the way you think; itrequires a lot of research and data to make a piece of their newsletters. Also,if you subscribe to them (absolutely free ), you will immediately receive newcopies of their newsletters without any additional or hidden cost.

8- Best newsletter for Analyzing Stock Market-Swaggy Stocks:

Swaggy stock, as the name implies, covers thestock market. Not only this it has some chunks for tools and analyses that arestraightforward yet effective for evaluating stock market sentiment.

The newsletter's material is probably intendedto be simple and easy to understand. Market breadth, investor sentimentsurveys, and technical analysis are a few examples of indicators and measuresthat can be included in the tools and analyses offered to help investors gaugethe general market attitude. The newsletter can assist investors in making moreknowledgeable investing selections.


Swaggy Stocks' newsletter offers readersdigestible knowledge about financial market analysis and pedagogy. Theplatform's unique strategy of combining humour and finance has helped it growin popularity. So look no further if you are interested in stocks, cryptocurrencies,marketing evaluation, and more.


Swaggy C, the Founder of Swaggy Stocks, is awell-known social media influencer who has a large community under one umbrellabecause of his entertaining and humorous approach to finance.


The subscriber count is 65000 for the SwaggyStocks Newsletter, which is immensely attractive since it's just the start.


Through its social media accounts, such asTwitter and YouTube, Swaggy Stocks frequently publishes new content. Dependingon the site, the frequency of these articles can vary. However, they typicallyoffer updates and analyses of various stocks and cryptocurrencies.

9- BestBusiness-Morning Brew:

Morning Brew as the name suggest, can be readwith the morning coffee. Remember daily newspapers? It’s the same thing, butnot-to-forget we are in the digital era, so why not digitalize it as well?Therefore, to put it simply. Morning Brew can be your daily newspaper with yourmorning tea or coffee.

This newsletter covers daily business andoffers readers a short and easy-to-read overview of the day's most importantbusiness news stories.


The newsletter covers various topics, such aspolitics, technology, and money. However, morning brew normally includes fiveto six short chunks in each edition highlighting the day's most important newsand concise summaries of additional pertinent events.

This newsletter provides readers exclusiveinsights into the most recent trends and advancements in various industries incomplement to the news.


Austin Rief and Alex Lieberman started the"Morning Brew" newsletter. While they were both undergraduatestudents at the University of Michigan in 2015, they began the newsletter.Since then, the newsletter has gained millions of readers and is now awell-known daily business email.


According to Adweek, Morning Brew had more than 3 millionnewsletter subscribers as of September 2021. However, the numbers are notprecluding and the morning Brew newsletter now has more than 4 millionsubscribers, up from 3 million just eight months ago. In 2021, a year whennewsletter subscriptions were in favour, Morning Brew brought in about $50million in sales (huge, right?).


On weekdays, the daily email newsletterMorning Brew is distributed (Monday through Friday). It presents the mostrecent business news and updates in an informal and simple-to-read style. So,each morning during the workweek, a refreshed version of the Morning Brewnewsletter would arrive in your mailbox.

Read Morning Brew Review.

10- Best for SportNews-The Gist College Sport:

The Gist College Sport this newsletter coversa specific focus on the most recent information about college sports. It isdesigned to keep college sports enthusiasts informed about and interested inrecent events in their preferred sports.


This fan-focused sports media company isupending the traditionally male-dominated sports sector. They are redefiningthe conversation surrounding sports by shrouding men's and women's sports equally.This newsletter is enjoyable and provides easily consumable content for allkinds of fans, whether you subscribe to their newsletter, podcast, or socialmedia updates.


In 2019, Canadian ladies Ellen Hyslop andRoslyn McLarty established the Gist newsletter. The newsletter was firstdesigned as a weekly sports newsletter for women, but it has now evolved toinclude articles on news, popular culture, and wellness. In addition to beingdedicated to giving a platform to many viewpoints, Hyslop and McLarty havereceived recognition for their efforts in the media sector.


The subscribers of The Gist College Sportssurpassed 400,000 subscribers in 2022. And for this immense growth, the companyplans to release a series of new newsletters to support the growth.


The Gist newsletter has traditionally beendistributed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On occasion, it may also be distributedon other days. A new issue of The Gist sports will be delivered to the emailaddresses of subscribers on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. This weeklypublication's goal is to maintain readers' awareness of and interest in themost recent developments in the aforementioned sectors.

11- Best for Marketing Newsletter-The Gist Sports Business:

This newsletter covers various sportsbusiness-related issues, including marketing, finance, and technology. Thisnewsletter focuses on the business aspect of the sports sector.


Everyone who wishes to keep up with the mostrecent changes in the sports sector might benefit from The Gist SportsBusiness. The Gist Sports Business is worth checking out if you're a sportsprofessional, an entrepreneur trying to get into the sports industry or just afan with interest in the business of sports.


The Gist Sports Business is a part of The Gistnewsletter and is not a separate publication or organization. In 2017, Canadianladies Ellen Hyslop and Roslyn McLarty established the Gist newsletter. TheGist began as a sports newsletter for female readers, but it has since grown tocover a range of subjects, such as news, pop culture, and wellness. SportsBusiness is one of the subjects covered by The Gist. Hence Hyslop and McLartyare probably involved in its creation.


To reward the investment and a list of subscribersthat have topped 400,000, a series of newsletters were scheduled for release in2022.


This newsletter is geared toward individualsworking in the sports industry as well as anyone else who has an interest inthe business side of sports. Mondays and Wednesdays are the days of the week onwhich the newsletter is published. The most recent events and developments inthe sports business industry, as well as in-depth analysis and commentary fromthe newsletter's authors, are compiled in each edition of The Gist SportsBusiness.

12- Best Substack Newsletter Overall-Tangle:

This newsletter covers a balanced andimpartial view of the day's news is what the audience can experience from thisnewsletter. The newsletter is created to foster thoughtful conversation anddialogue and covers a variety of themes, including politics, culture, andcurrent events.


The newsletter is famous for presenting bothsides of difficult subjects, and the content is designed to be available forreaders with various political points of view. This newsletter also offersupdates for social media and podcasts. Subscribing is free; readers can easilysign up for the Tangle website.


Tangle News, an independent politicalnewsletter, website, and podcast founded by Isaac Saul, distributes thestrongest arguments on current events from all political perspectives.Moreover, Yahoo News listed him as one of the 16 influential figures in the2016 election. Forbes named him in 2020 "Next 1000" upstartentrepreneurs redefining the American dream.


Almost 50,000 readers in more than 55countries worldwide read Tangle, an independent, non-partisan politicsnewsletter.


Every edition of the newsletter, which wouldbe released from Monday to Thursday, includes original reporting, analysis, andopinion articles.

13- Best for Culture and Arts-Sleek:

This blog is a Berlin-based online newspaperthat discusses a variety of subjects related to fashion, culture, and the arts.The newspaper seeks to give readers fresh insight into art and culture.


A newsletter is a useful tool for anyone withan interest in these topics because it is made to keep readers informed andconnected with the latest events in the world of art and culture.

Moreover, let's talk about it more. You'll getto know that Sleek provides readers access to a print magazine, social mediaupdates, and an online store where they can buy various fashion and art-relatedproducts. This newsletter is a journal for everyone interested in the mostrecent trends and innovations in creativity, culture, and fashion must read.


Christian Bracht is a man who has created acareer out of reading magazines. Before working briefly in advertising, heattended a fancy university to study Business Studies. The Founder managedcompanies like Scholz & Friends and Adidas. Eventually, in 2005, heestablished his own publishing business, of which SLEEK is a component. Hecollaborates with a group of editors, designers, and consultants who arepassionate about improving SLEEK.


According to the research, this newsletter hasmore than 85% of American subscribers, which shows that it has an impressiveimpact on the audience.


The latest stories, interviews, and featuresfrom Sleek are featured in a weekly newsletter published by the company.

14- Best Tech-Savvy Substack Newsletter: The Future Party:

This newsletter is a great resource for thosewho are interested in politics, society, and technology. The Future Partynewsletter covers a range of topics for technology and society, so if anyonehas an interest in this part of the industry, do read it.


This Substack newsletter looks at howpolitics, culture, and technology intersect. The writer of this newsletter isrenowned for his incisive commentary on a variety of subjects related to thegrowth of society and technology.


Paul Yurick and a few of his other teammatesstarted the company that would become the future party, and it has now attaineda revenue of five million dollars.


According to the research, this newsletter hasover 40,000 subscribers. This shows that The Future Party likely has a knownsubscriber count among others.


This newsletter is mostly sent out weekly, perthe author. The new editions are typically published on Fridays. Thisnewsletter is designed for those who want to keep their selves updated with theadvance and latest developments in different fields like politics, technology,and culture.

15- Best Environment-Friendly-Important, Not Important

Important, Not Important covers a wide rangeof environmental, technological, and scientific themes. It seems nice to seepeople interested in this region of organization.


This newsletter covers a range of subjects,including climate change, energy policy, artificial intelligence, and thefuture of labour. The newsletter regularly features discussions with expertsand influencers in various industries and is meant to be educational andentertaining.


Quinn Emmett and Brian Colbert Kennedy are theauthors of this newsletter and two friends who share a passion for researchingdifficult topics and coming up with creative solutions to the problems ourworld faces.


The subscriber count for this newsletter needsto be given, but according to the publicly available information, thisnewsletter has a significantly growing base of subscribers. This newsletter hasbeen featured in publications like Forbes and Fast Company and is positivelyliked by the audience.


This newsletter is published every week. EverySunday, readers receive the newsletter, which includes the most recent articleson science, technology, and the environment. A network of people interested inproviding insight into these themes is also available through the paidsubscription.

Therefore, the weekly publication schedule ofImportant, Not Important helps readers to stay updated without becomingoverwhelmed with information.

The Greatest SubstackNewsletters: Final Remarks

A good content management solution (CMS) forpublishing free and paid newsletters is offered by Substack. It has madepublishing a newsletter for writers and even media companies quick and simple.Our guide shows how to launch a newsletter if you want to use a platform likeSubstack to write. Or, if you’re looking for a handful of newsletters tofollow, check out the ones we mentioned in the guide above.

Best and Top Substack newsletters to subscribe:

Here are some of the Top and most famous Substack newsletters to subscribe to:

1. Flowstate: A daily newsletter that recommends music to help readers get into a state of flow. The music is usually free of lyrics and includes a variety of genres. Subscribers can preview Flowstate for free, but paid subscribers get access to an exclusive mix every Tuesday and more music recommendations.

2. The Novelist: Founded by author L Griffin, this newsletter is for writers and readers interested in learning how creatives are using Substack. Griffin shares her writing process, discusses self-publishing trends, and publishes serialized fiction.

3. Bankless: This newsletter focuses on cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It's a good publication to follow to see how people are building brands on Substack. The newsletter covers a variety of topics including Ethereum, Bitcoin, open finance, and decentralized finance.

4. Weekly Dish: This newsletter by British-American commentator, writer, and critic Andrew Sullivan covers current news events. Subscribers can expect a newsletter every day about whatever's happening in the news.

5. The Audacity: This newsletter by author and former blogger Roxanne Gay features the work of other writers. Every two weeks, Gay publishes an essay from an emerging writer, interviews them about their work, and asks them about their future aspirations.

6. The Dispatch: This newsletter covers conservative news stories. It's a good example of how a media organization is building a presence on Substack. The Dispatch covers a variety of topics, including politics, policy, and culture.

7. Sea of Stories: This newsletter by Salman Rushdie focuses on stories that have made a significant impact on him. Rushdie also publishes his original stories on this platform.

8. Glenn Greenwald's Substack: This newsletter by American journalist Glenn Greenwald covers topics related to independent journalism. Greenwald's areas of interest include the U.S surveillance state, whistleblowers, and more.

9. Parent Data: This newsletter by Emily Oster and Yam provides data and information related to pregnancy and parenting. The authors provide numbers, decision-making tools, spreadsheets, and statistics on these topics.

FAQS about Best Substack newsletters:

What is Substack?

With the help of the newsletter platformSubstack, authors and content producers can easily market and sell theirproducts. Readers can subscribe to a wide range of newsletters, and authors canuse the platform to attract a following and generate income from paidsubscriptions.

How do I find Substack newsletters?

You may locate Substack newsletters by going tothe platform site or searching for them in the directory of the platform'snewsletters. You also have the option of searching for particular authors orsubjects that are of interest to you.

Are Substack newsletters free?

While some of the newsletters on Substack areavailable without charge, some require a paid subscription. The membership costvaries based on the newsletter and the author. Still, many newsletters providea free trial period to test them out before you simply commit to purchasing a subscriptionthere. The cost of a subscription varies depending on the newsletter and theauthor.

How often are Substack newsletters sent out?

The frequency of newsletters sent out by Substack varies based on the writer as well as the subject matter. While somenewsletters are distributed once per day, others are distributed once weekly ormonthly. You may find out how often the newsletter is generally distributed bygoing to the newsletter's homepage or subscription page.

How do I subscribe to a Substack newsletter?

On the homepage of the newsletter or the subscription page, you will normally be prompted to input your email address aswell as payment information (if required). This is done so that you cansubscribe to a Substack newsletter. After you register, the newsletter willimmediately arrive in your mailbox. You don't need to be concerned aboutmissing any updates because this will never happen.

Can I unsubscribe from a Substack newsletter?

You can cancel your subscription to a Substack newsletter at any time by using the "unsubscribe" link that islocated at the bottom of each newsletter. Within your account with Substack,you'll also have the option to manage your subscriptions and change yoursettings.

How can I start my Substack newsletter?

You can begin receiving your Substack newsletter immediately after registering for a free account on the website ofSubstack. After creating your account, you can start publishing material,personalizing your newsletter, and inviting readers to become subscribers. Youcan also generate revenue from your newsletter by charging readers forsubscriptions or soliciting financial contributions.

How to discover Substack newsletter based on a Topic?

Just search the topic with subtext Substack like best Political Substack or Best Arts Substack or Best News Substack. You can get a list of the recommended newsletters.

Substack newsletters by Topics

In the screenshot above, you can see a list of all the Top Sports newsletters on Substack. You can also search by is the the newsletter is free or paid.

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