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Maajid Nawaz is one of the few who has taken this initiative to bring forth authentic sources of information. He has created a space on Substack called “Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter,” which, as the name implies, shares unfiltered content regarding religion, current world affairs, civil rights, freedom of journalism, political updates, and history. In the past, Nawaz has been a victim of religious radicalization. Since then, he has advocated against extremism and misinformation and actively works to discredit unauthentic claims. It is already a community of 10K+ inquisitive people; join them now to free your perception of reality.


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If you have grown tired of watching a similar kind of propagandist blabber on corporate news media channels, then it is time to upgrade your source of information. With the rise of social media, many people have found an outlet to convey their reports and research work without the conspiracy of censorship.

What Is Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter About? 

There are very few people in today’s world who are concerned about digging facts and uncovering the truth. One such person is Maajid Nawaz, a British activist and a former radio host. Nawaz has a turbulent history with religion, in his early years he joined an Islamist group that followed a radicalized version of the religion. Nawaz was a member of an Islamist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, which led to his arrest in Egypt in December 2001. 

He was imprisoned in Egypt for five years, during which time he learned about human rights and connected with Amnesty International, who acknowledged him as a conscience prisoner. After Nawaz quit Hizb ut-Tahrir in 2007, he publicly dismissed his Islamist beliefs and supported a secular reading of the Islamic faith. He later wrote a book describing his journey toward discovering the true teachings of Islam, the book is called, "Radical: My Journey out of Islamist Extremism,"

He has since emerged as a prominent critic of Islamism in the UK and co-founded the Quilliam Foundation, a think tank dedicated to countering extremism. Additionally, Nawaz played a role in founding Khudi, an activist group in Pakistan focused on combating extremism.

As s victim of misinformation and radicalization of the truth can do to a person and at large to society. Thus, his newsletter collection features a podcast with Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson and publishes various articles denouncing unregulated information. He was particularly invested in analyzing the pandemic era, cross-checking facts, and creating awareness about the disease. His current newsletters work on a similar phenomenon and educate people about the truth in different niches. 

What Does Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter Offer? 

  1. The Radical Media Podcasts: Maajid Nawaz's podcast discusses a variety of topics, ranging from parliamentary debates on the UK's excess death rate to discussions on the founding of Hamas and the politics of COVID-19 mandates. Other episodes cover alleged governmental policies of involuntary euthanasia during the pandemic, and investigations into the use of drugs like Midazolam in end-of-life care. Nawaz also engages in interviews with figures like Jordan Peterson and addresses controversial figures such as Elon Musk. Through his podcast, Nawaz provides listeners with insightful commentary and analysis on pressing global issues and events. Nawaz uses his intellect and inquisitiveness to answer people’s questions and address controversial subjects. 
  2. Interesting Interviews: Nawaz brings people of diverse backgrounds on board to discuss common questions. He was very active during COVID-19 and addressed common queries when everyone was scared and confused. Episodes feature exclusive interviews with experts such as Dr. Wilson Sy and Dr. Tess Lawrie, exploring the UK healthcare system and ethics of medicine. Additionally, conversations with prominent figures like Professor Jay Bhattacharya and Sam Harris delve into the effectiveness and implications of COVID-19 mandates. Through these premium podcasts, Nawaz facilitates comprehensive examinations of critical issues shaping public health policies and responses to the pandemic.
  3. Informative Columns: The columns featured on Radical Media cover a range of controversial topics and provide alternative perspectives on current events, particularly concerning COVID-19 and pharmaceutical interventions. Rav Arora, one of the columnists, addresses issues such as vaccine damage, the safety of COVID-19 shots, and the history of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. Arora also delves into discussions about the alleged collusion between social media platforms and government entities to censor dissenting voices on COVID-19.

Who Should Subscribe To  Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter?

If you are skeptical about the mainstream media and think that they do not delve into the questions of a common man, you should consider subscribing to the Radical Media – By Maajid Nawaz. Also, if you appreciate interesting theories and concepts about healthcare, capitalism, religion, and government policies and want to educate yourself this is the way to get access to exclusive information. His podcasts also have an interesting set of speakers whom you can listen to talk about a certain topic wielding their efficiencies in the field. 

Final Words –  Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter

Maajid offers a unique perspective on a subject that differs from the mainstream media. This is why I like listening to his thoughts and interviews. He always addresses contemporary issues and understand’s the audience curiosity about it and never shies away from asking uncomfortable or controversial questions. While the newsletter may appeal to those seeking alternative viewpoints and critical discourse, readers should approach its content with discernment, considering it alongside other sources of information. Overall, Radical Media sparks meaningful dialogue and encourages readers to engage critically with the complex issues shaping our world today. You can subscribe to Radical Media - by Maajid Nawaz Newsletter and gain access to exclusive information and interviews. 

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