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You must have heard about a lot of wars on news and social media. But is it possible to fully unravel the atrocities of war and what it does to a person who loses everything in the blink of an eye: his identity, family home, memories, and homeland? The Counteroffensive Newsletter collection, initiated by Tim Mak focuses on bringing forth the tragic stories of war with a humane, empathetic, and respectful approach.


  • Updates about the Ukraine-Russia war
  • Support the victims of war 
  • Provide financial assistance 
  • Acknowledge stories of victims 
  • Celebrate the history, art, and culture of Ukraine


  • Paid Subscription

Tim is an investigative journalist, who has been working on the Ukraine-Russia war since the beginning. Even when the world has moved on, hundreds of people continue to suffer and mourn their losses, Tim and his team aim to capture those moments of resilience and the leftover ember of life in Ukraine. If you want to extend your sympathies to war victims in Ukraine, you can become part of the journey by subscribing to The Counteroffensive Newsletter. It is already a family of 52K+ subscribers, you can join them too and gain access to the humanitarian version of counteroffence. 

What Is The Counteroffensive Newsletter About? 

The Counteroffensive Newsletter was launched by Tim Mak, an investigative journalist who has worked on different projects and published in most prestigious newspapers including; Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, and Politico Magazine. He was working at NPR when he got deployed in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2023. Since then he has been working relentlessly to share stories of Ukrainians and scraps of their lives with the concerned audience. 

What Themes Does The Counteroffensive Newsletter Cover?

  1. War in Ukraine: The war going on in Ukraine forms the central narrative of the newsletter. It includes detailed accounts of battles, military operations, and the overall progression of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The newsletter likely provides insights into the strategies employed by both sides, the impact of warfare on civilians, and the evolving dynamics of the frontlines.
  2. Human stories: Most of the journalists cover the damage caused by the war, forgetting that the country still holds its civilian, culture, art, food, and memories of the good times. Amid the larger narrative of war, the Counteroffensive Newsletter highlights individual stories to humanize the conflict. These stories could include accounts from soldiers on the frontlines, refugees fleeing violence, families coping with loss, and civilians navigating life in a war-torn country. By sharing these personal experiences, the newsletter gives readers a deeper understanding of the human cost of war.
  3. Geopolitics: One of the agenda proposed by Russia to attack Ukraine was due to geopolitical. The Counteroffensive Newsletter explores the geopolitical dimensions of the conflict, examining how it shapes international relations and influences global politics. This theme might involve discussions on alliances formed between Ukraine and other countries, diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict, and the broader implications for regional stability and security.
  4. Cultural and social aspects: It is hard to forget that culture does not die with the atrocity of war this newsletter is a constant reminder of this fact. It delves into the cultural and social fabric of Ukrainian society. This could include features on traditional music, religious practices, and historical traditions, and how these aspects are affected by the ongoing conflict. By exploring cultural and social dynamics, the newsletter provides a holistic view of life in Ukraine amidst war.

Why You Should Subscribe To The Counteroffensive Newsletter?

As a human being, the suffering of others should cause us an equal amount of pain. If we cannot help them in any other way, it is enough to remember their suffering and acknowledge it often. War is a bitter reality, it hurts more if the world stops caring and the victims are coerced to suffer in silence. Therefore, on your part, it is important to invoke your conscience offer due empathy to the victims of war, and cherish their lives and memories each day. 

Moreover, if you subscribe, you will be supporting the journalists and reporters working in a war zone. People who have risked their lives and the future of their families just to bring forth the brutalities of the war. With your support, they will be able to get hold of expensive security gear, body armor, emergency supplies, and medical kits to navigate the constant bombardment and rubble in the city. 

In the chat room, you can extend your heartfelt condolences to the one suffering or lend empathy by listening to the stories of witnesses of the destruction of their homeland. It is a humanitarian cause and every human should support it. 

Final Words – The Counteroffensive Newsletter

I believe wars are the most cruel part of the human history. The act of forgetfulness of its tragedy is also a sin against humanity. By becoming part of this community we are not physically fighting the offenders but proposing a counter-offense by keeping the vigil of memories alive. We are silently supporting the ones suffering by keeping them in our minds, honoring their culture, life, food, monuments, and homes – not letting the enemy destroy the identity of a country. 

You can also become part of this journey and extend financial and emotional support to the Ukranians by subscribing to The Counteroffensive Newsletter.

You can follow Tim Mak on X: Tim Mak

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