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AI Tidbits is an excellent newsletter with the latest insights and research in the AI landscape. It is one of the leading AI newsletters for artificial intelligence enthusiasts. So, let’s dive into the details in this AI Tidbits newsletter review.


  • AI Tidbits is well-suited for beginners
  • The newsletter shares links to articles
  • Subscribers can choose from free and paid plans


  • The newsletter format may seem long to readers
  • It usually only brings the highlights

What is the AI Tidbits Newsletter about?

AI Tidbits newsletter helps you stay updated on the latest news and publications in artificial intelligence. This newsletter shares a weekly summary of all the AI news in less than two minutes. 

The newsletter is one of the best resources if you have been looking to replace multiple AI newsletters you already follow. Subscribe to this newsletter and join the army of subscribers receiving and benefiting from the emails regularly.

The Newsletter Structure of the AI Tidbits Newsletter

AI Tidbits newsletter follows a simple but long structure that may not suit all readers. However, the email brings you multiple pieces of news briefly. The structure may vary, but the common email layout is:

  • The newsletter begins with the title and a brief description of the newsletter content, followed by a greeting from the authors.
  • Next, you will see multiple short tidbits, detailed insights categorized into headings, or a long text on a recent piece of information.
  • The email contains multiple images to help readers understand the subject in detail.
  • If you have subscribed to the free version, the newsletter ends with the authors prompting you to upgrade your subscription. 

What Topics does the AI Tidbits Newsletter Cover?

Ai Tidbits newsletter brings you a roundup of the latest technologies and news in the AI landscape. It also shares improvements on existing AI platforms and useful resources to elevate your AI experience. The newsletter shares all the information in an organized and concise manner, making it a favorite among readers. 

Now, if you're wondering about the subscription price of the AI Tidbits newsletter, let's tell you that next in this AI Tidbits newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

AI Tidbits is a free AI newsletter on Substack you can easily subscribe to by entering your email in the given space. However, the newsletter offers paid options with editorial takes, deep dives on AI, and monthly curated expert roundups. You can choose from 4 options:

  1. Free
  2. Monthly for $8
  3. Yearly for $80 (17% cheaper than monthly payments)
  4. Keep Going, Sahar, for $150 or more annually

Subscribe to the AI Tidbits newsletter 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Sahar Mor and Arthur Mor curate and send this email to thousands of readers every week. They have been working in AI and product management for years. Sahar is the Editor at AI Tidbits and Product Lead at Stripe. At the same time, Arthur is a Senior Product Manager at Intuit and co-editor at AI Tidbits.

The AI Tidbits Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Sahar and Arthur Mor have pushed this newsletter to the top among AI resources because of its informative content. Expert insights in paid subscriptions contribute to its increasing subscriber content. The readers love how the editors bring the top AI news without over-complicating the content, making it suitable for beginners.

My Honest Review of AI Tidbits Newsletter

AI Tidbits is among the best newsletters focused on making artificial intelligence easy to understand for beginners. While it does not dive deep into AI, it brings the latest news and research, allowing you to stay updated on recent trends and publications. The compact newsletter structure saves you from reading multiple articles by combining all the top information in one place.

This weekly roundup is different from other emails sharing AI news as the authors aim to share all information in one place without overwhelming the reader. You get to know all the latest buzz in one weekly email.

Subscribe to this informative newsletter to find out for yourself!

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