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The Neuron is a daily newsletter which is without any doubt an amazing platform with 140,000 subscribers. Surprisingly, the newsletter has gathered around 10,000+ subscribers in just their first month after launching.


  • Informative and short-read content with a touch of humor.
  • Daily updates and trending news about the popular AI platforms.
  • A fresh perspective to the readers about which AI they should opt for.
  • Offers personalized emails regarding readers' preferences.


  • Infrequent login issues.
  • Sometimes too many AI updates, which can be confusing for the readers.

What is The Neuron Newsletter? 

The Neuron is a daily newsletter which is without any doubt an amazing platform with 140,000 subscribers. Surprisingly, the newsletter has gathered around 10,000+ subscribers in just their first month after launching.

You can get all the informative and detailed updates about the AI world through them. The main goal of the Neuron is to encourage people to use AI for the benefits of their business.

The Neuron is a daily newsletter

The newsletter is gaining massive audiences by their unique strategy where they don’t just run after a specific demographic market. Instead, they choose to follow the psychology of a reader who wants to learn everything about the latest AI tools.

The newsletter structure of the Neuron 

  • The Neuron Newsletter has an easy-to-read structure with a cat-themed thumbnail, which is very welcoming to the readers.
  • It starts with a header that mentions the name of the most talked-about AI tool.
  • The next section has a welcoming message and a part for the readers where they will learn about various AI updates for that day.
  • Next, you will see multiple headers mentioning the recent AI updates. The sections will elaborately discuss all the important updates for you to explore the AI world.
  • In every section, there will be a takeaway for you with the author’s suggestion. He will tell you what to expect from that update.
  • Then, there will be a humorous cat commentary section where it will say 2-3 lines from a reader’s perspective about how fun it was to read the newsletter.

Is it free or paid? 

You don't need to pay anything to subscribe to Neuron to receive the recent AI updates for your businesses. The newsletter sends business owners various important information about AI tools which will greatly improve their work.

The newsletter provides a platform for both startup and established AI businesses to advertise their products on Neuron. This service is not free. Also, the newsletter provides readers with paid courses that teach them how to use various AI tools.

Who is behind this newsletter?

Pete Huang is the main character behind the Neuron newsletter. It was his idea to evolve his social media appearances into a newsletter and reach a vast population. He thought it could be a great way to build a new brand and monetize it. Later, he and his content partner Noah Edelman made the newsletter into what it is today.

Pete wanted to create a newsletter to help business professionals by providing them the crucial AI updates. He beat his competitors by offering the businesses recent news and breakthroughs about AI field so that they can use the information in their favor. Since then, Neuron has only been thriving and gaining more subscribers day by day.

Is Neuron Newsletter Legit? 

Of course, the newsletter is fully legit and provides 100% authentic information about the world of AI. Before they post all the AI updates and suggestions, the Neuron team creatively go through all the tools and then they make up their minds about which products are now going to be useful for their readers.

The Neuron remains authentic and honest while testing the tools so that they can fully help the subscribers with their information. They don't rush with the content-making because your success is what they want. For this reason, you can put your faith in them before committing to using AI in your professional life.

Who reads the Neuron newsletter? 

The Neuron newsletter is mainly for two types of people. Readers who are really into AI and want to stay up to date about all the AI updates, belong to the first group. And the other one is the group of entrepreneurs who are trying to use the AI to boost their businesses.

Now, the time has come when it is a must thing for businesses to know what AI is and how to use it to become successful. Pete helps people who are struggling with the use of AI in their businesses through this newsletter. So, those who are trying to invest in a new startup or starting one, make sure to check out the Neuron newsletter

The Neuron Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

By far we have mostly found positive reviews of the Neuron newsletter from the readers. They love how the newsletter uses humor to deliver very important AI updates.

Pete and Noah try their best to help the subscribers with news and strategies about the ways AI can boost their work performances. The newsletter’s in-depth AI-themed lessons and updates have gained so many subscribers in the last few months.

Many who are researchers and business owners have praised Neuron because they benefited through authentic and informative details. No doubt why the newsletter has gained such positive reviews as the authors give beneficial cash-flowing ideas about AI uses.

My Honest Review of the Neuron Newsletter 

Honestly, I find the Neuron quite fascinating, entertaining, and exciting. I love the fact that Pete gave a lot of thought to how to give an AI newsletter a human touch by creating a cat-themed outer look. Yes, sometimes the newsletter may provide repetitive details, but they do it with a witty remark and make reading fun for the readers.

I also like how they always reply fast to their subscribers and their research is very thorough and detailed so that no one will have any confusion after reading the material. The courses Pete and Noah have for the subscribers are quite effective, especially for those who are trying to make it in the online business world.

The newsletter is different from its competitors as it follows the psychology of its subscribers instead of focusing on the usual target market.

The only thing I didn’t like is that sometimes the newsletter has too many headings which can be confusing for the new readers.

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