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Crypto is all the rage nowadays, but it is complicated and challenging to understand. This Crypto Nutshell newsletter review brings you all the details about this valuable crypto newsletter.


  • The newsletter lands in your inbox daily with the latest updates
  • Experts predict industry trends, helping you make better investment decisions
  • Crypto Nutshell is a free newsletter with a skimmable layout


  • The newsletter is lengthy
  • The multiple stories and resources may be overwhelming for some

Crypto is all the rage nowadays, but it is complicated and challenging to understand. This Crypto Nutshell newsletter review brings you all the details about this valuable crypto newsletter.

What is the Crypto Nutshell Newsletter About?

The Crypto Nutshell newsletter is an all-in-one newsletter for all your crypto news and insights. It is the perfect resource for people who want to learn about crypto and start making money. You also receive the latest predictions by experts. The best part is that Crypto Nutshell is not a boring newsletter. The emails will make you laugh while delivering information on recent crypto trends.

The layout of a newsletter plays a significant role in deciding if it suits your preferences. So, how could we miss it in this Crypto Nutshell newsletter review? Check it out here:  

Newsletter Structure of Crypto Nutshell

  • The newsletter begins with the edition's title on the top, followed by a by-line.
  • Next, you will see Crypto Nutshell’s logo.
  • The author begins the email with a greeting, edition number, and a brief intro to the newsletter.
  • After that, you will see the newsletter's summary in bullet points.
  • Then, the author shares "Market Watch," which gives you an overview of the latest winners and losers in the crypto world.
  • Following the table, you will see the first story with a relevant image.
  • Then, there is an advertisement inviting you to subscribe to another newsletter.
  • The newsletter continues with other stories for the day until you reach “Cracking Crypto.”
  • Cracking Crypto shares a link to the source of an informational crypto piece.
  • Next is a question to check your crypto knowledge under "Can you crack this nut?”
  • The newsletter does not only follow a witty tone but dedicates a “Meme Corner” to crypto memes.
  • In the next section, the author offers you the opportunity to advertise with Crypto Nutshell.
  • You will also find links to other newsletters that can help you understand crypto.
  • Lastly, Crypto Nutshell’s author asks for a review under the “How did we do” section.

Is it Free or Paid?

Often, subscribers wonder if they could afford the subscription for such informational newsletters. We have good news for you in this Crypto Nutshell newsletter review:

Crypto Nutshell is a free newsletter that brings crypto news and predictions from the experts. Subscribing to the newsletter is pretty easy; visit Crypto Nutshell’s website and enter your email to join 31,000 subscribers who receive the newsletter daily.

Subscribe to the Crypto Nutshell newsletter

The Crypto Nutshell Newsletter Reviews: What do Readers Think about this Newsletter?

Crypto Nutshell is a compact yet free resource for crypto enthusiasts, which makes it a favorite among readers. They also appreciate how the writer categorizes the newsletter into multiple segments, making it skimmable. 

My Honest Review of The Skynet Today Newsletter

Winding up the Crypto Nutshell newsletter review, I am all praises. This newsletter is an ideal resource whether you are a new learner or want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. It brings you the hot trends in crypto with links to other resources to help you understand crypto better. Furthermore, the memes and emojis make it a fun read instead of a boring essay-like newsletter.

So, if you are looking for a newsletter that teaches you about crypto while helping you make the right investment decisions, Crypto Nutshell is the perfect pick!

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