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If you’re looking for a newsletter to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence, check out this Data Machina newsletter review. Data Machina is a comprehensive machine learning and data analysis newsletter that offers insights on the latest machine learning applications.


  • Data Machina is a free newsletter
  • Carlos has been sending the email for over five years now
  • The newsletter brings a wide range of additional resources


  • The newsletter format may seem too long to some
  • The email lands in your inbox on Sunday, which most people don’t appreciate

What is the Data Machina Newsletter about?

Data Machina is a valuable newsletter with highly selected information and news on the latest machine learning projects, papers, research, and tools. You will also learn about the recent advancements and studies in artificial intelligence. The newsletter might not be best suited to people starting with the basics, but the email content helps researchers and professionals worldwide.

The newsletter follows a simple format with links to multiple other resources to provide all the information you look forward to. Read the newsletter story or click on the links to get further insights on the subject.

Next, the Data Machina newsletter review features the structure of the email.

The Newsletter Structure of Data Machina Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the title and a brief description of the story on top of the newsletter.
  • As you start reading, you will see a long content supplemented with images. The story may have sub-segments, or you may see multiple pieces of news in the email.
  • After sharing a few news pieces with links to further details, the author shares a list of articles under “10 Link-o-Troned.”
  • Similar to 10 Link-o-Troned, the email shares sections like ML Pythonista, Deep & Other Learning Bits, AI/ DL ResearchDocs, data v-i-s-i-o-n-s, MLOps Untangled, AI startups -> radar, and ML Datasets & Stuff with links to three resources under each heading.
  • Lastly, the newsletter ends with Postscript, etc

What Topics Does the Data Machina Newsletter Cover?

The Data Machina newsletter is a comprehensive machine learning and data analysis resource with news and resources on the latest ML insights. You get to know not only about the most recent innovations and research but also resources that help you understand the subject better. It is perfect for ML enthusiasts with basic knowledge as it only touches base on core concepts a little.

One of the most common questions readers ask is, “Is it free or paid?” Let’s tell you that next in this Data Machina newsletter review.

Is it Free or Paid?

Data Machina is a free weekly newsletter that lands in your inbox every Sunday to give you an overview of all the latest advancements in the last week. The author has been writing and sending this newsletter for the past five years, establishing it as one of the most authoritative reads in the category. Subscribe to this newsletter by visiting their website and providing your email address.

Subscribe to the Data Machina newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Data Machina is the brainchild of Carlos, who has been working on machine learning and artificial intelligence. He understands the intricacies of technology and how to use it to make life easier. 

The Data Machina Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Readers interested in the machine learning landscape find Data Machina one of the best ML resources. The newsletter not only brings the latest insights but supplements the reader with so many extra links and articles that they can go through the whole week. It is best to read it along another newsletter that covers the basics while you stay updated with trends through Data Machina.

My Honest Review of Data Machina Newsletter

If you’d ask my honest Data Machina newsletter review, I’d give it five stars. This newsletter is best for all machine learning enthusiasts who want to learn about ML and AI. However, the newsletter content may seem too much for people who do not have much time at hand. If you dedicate your weekend to learning something new, this Sunday newsletter can be a worthy addition. Or, enjoy your weekend and read this informative email on Monday with your morning coffee.

Data Machina is an excellent newsletter, bringing you all the latest news and insights in one place with extra resources for additional information. Subscribe to it yourself to know more!

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