Chartr Newsletter Review

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The Chartr is an online newsletter that comes out twice every week. It is highly data-driven and visually packed. The newsletter has gained immense popularity because of its fantastic data journalism and has 450,000+ subscribers.


  • A short-read and bite-sized content with quick updates of the world.
  • Visually enriched with factual data and insights.
  • Free to subscribe


  • It is not a daily newsletter. 
  • Primarily beneficial for business entrepreneurs.

What is the Chartr newsletter? 

The Chartr is an online newsletter that comes out twice every week. It is highly data-driven and visually packed. The newsletter has gained immense popularity because of its fantastic data journalism and has 450,000+ subscribers.

Today's world is about gathering the correct data to utilize it in favor. The newsletter is excellently providing visually pleasing insights on business, tech, entertainment, politics, and society.

It successfully visualizes complex data and converts the whole news into a short story-telling concept with visuals. This 5-minute read helps the readers understand what is happening around them.

The newsletter structure of Chartr

The Chartr newsletter strictly follows a data-driven concept that is relatively easy to understand.

  • It begins with a header that shows the current date.
  • Then you will see another header named ‘Today’s Topics.'
  • Below that, the newsletter will have a welcoming message for the readers, the following 2-3 lines will talk about some global trending news. It could be about stocks, businesses, politics, or the entertainment industry.
  • After that, the Chartr will have a section mentioning today’s discussed data-driven content.
  • Then, the newsletter dives directly into what you are looking for. It will start with a visual chart of the first current topic. The charts will have lots of information and factual data.
  • Below is a written description of the charts with insightful resource links that help the readers explore the content thoroughly.
  • All of the current events will be discussed serially this way.
  • In the end, sometimes, there will be a call to action for the new readers to invite them to subscribe to the newsletter.

Is it free or paid?

You don’t have to pay a single penny to subscribe to the Chartr newsletter. The newsletter has gained over 450,000 subscribers by offering free subscriptions. With its fantastic data storytelling talent, Chartr has become one of the best sources of data-driven news.

The subscription for the newsletter might be free, but it offers an advertisement partnership. Those interested in creating visually insightful and eye-catching charts to show their business’s updates or products partner with Chartr.

The newsletter uses so many popular tools to create these informative charts. The Chartr also has a group of highly skilled staff in their team who are working day and night to produce the content for their data journalism.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

David Crowther is the sole founder and editor of the Chartr newsletter. He is a data analyst. He has done his bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Bath.

David’s intention behind creating the newsletter is to attract readers around the world who love to read everyday news in the form of visuals. The newsletter has created a new data platform for investors where they get to know industry updates. David has formed a great team of skilled people who can catch readers' attention from various aspects of life.

That's how Chartr has managed to gain over 450,000 subscribers. From the stock market to entertainment and politics, David's Chartr newsletter covers all the current important news and delivers it in a way that soothes the eyes and minds of readers.

Is the Chartr Newsletter Legit? 

Of course, Chartr is a legit newsletter that makes a great effort to create a visually appealing data-driven article. The whole team of Chartr works hard and does extensive research about the current important topics around the world.

Then, they select the news that they think will benefit the readers from various industries. Entrepreneurs, politicians, or random people who love reading about the entertainment industry will love the newsletter. Traders worldwide love Chartr because of how extremely resourceful the newsletter is.

The Chartr includes many authentic resource links to their newsletters. It helps the readers to explore their chosen fields more elaborately.

Who reads the Chartr newsletter? 

The Chartr provides current updates and shows data about everything happening around us. But people who love to know about the data-driven marketing industry mostly read this newsletter. They crave authentic information.

We have seen that the majority of the subscribers are traders and investors. This particular group of readers doesn’t always have the time to do exclusive research. But they need daily updates regarding their fields to compete with their rivals.

That's where the Chartr comes to help by offering a beautiful data-storytelling concept with charts and insightful resources. Because of its format, many students also read the newsletter to stay current about important events.

Chartr Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The majority of the readers have only said good things about the Chartr newsletter. People love to get information when it is short and concise and has visuals. That's why many business entrepreneurs, stock market enthusiasts, and entertainment buffs have given positive reviews to this newsletter.

David Crowther has successfully created a data-driven media advertising platform to help readers who have limited time and yet they crave for the data. The visuals of this newsletter are so updated that many subscribers have become their sponsored partners over time to promote their businesses.

My Honest Review of the Chartr Newsletter  

Personally, I prefer to start my morning with coffee and a short read that concludes the important events happening around the world. I respond well to visuals and that's why I like the Chartr newsletter. It saves my time and gives me the latest information with amazing visuals.

I like the fact that sometimes the whole newsletter might not even take five minutes of your time and yet will show you the details. The Chartr focuses on data journalism and has successfully managed to target more than 450,000 readers with it.

I also like that the newsletter doesn’t have too many ads and dives straight into the topics. The Chartr provides news about a plethora of trendy events including politics, entertainment, and social media which is also a plus for me.

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