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The Hustle is one of the most diverse newsletters in the business and technology world. It provides the microdose of news to young professionals looking for recent advancements. Excelled business people share their success story with their subscribers to help them grow. You can learn modern approaches regarding innovative business strategies from this newsletter.


  • A fresh take on business news and startup news.
  • One of the best newsletter with amazing copywriters to learn about business around the world and to get the latest information.
  • Easy to follow
  • Links to podcasts and other articles
  • Touch of humor
  • The Hustle newsletter is a daily newsletter that could take you 5 minutes to read.


  • Informal
  • Only for business and tech enthusiasts.
  • The Hustle newsletter isn't for the general news but especially targeting the Tech + Business Interjection.

The Hustle newsletter lands in your email every morning with a rundown of the latest events and current business trends to watch. The emails are short, taking around five minutes to skim through. You may also get The Hustle Newsletter information from their podcasts and blog posts.

This newsletter is the perfect business and technology news source to begin your day with!

What is The Hustle about?

The Hustle gives an insight into the latest business news to help new businesses grow. It helps organizations make better decisions by analyzing issues. It also allows companies to find new ideas to grow in their field by adopting new approaches.

The newsletter is designed creatively, with all news sections categorized properly without cluttering. Moreover, it gives you bizarre facts about the business community and practices you might not find anywhere else. So, if you want to learn from the best in the business in a witty, engaging manner – that's what The Hustle is all about!

The Newsletter Structure of The Hustle

The Hustle newsletter subscribe page
  • The newsletter begins with a header mentioning the main story of the newsletter. The date is mentioned on the bottom right of the header.
  • After the header, you will see a summary of the newsletter, followed by a link to the daily podcast.
  • The first section of the newsletter is "The Big Idea," which discusses recent advancements or news regarding business or technology to help businesspeople. The text within the section offers good readability using bold words and bullets.
  • Next, you will see a small blue highlighted part titled "Trending" with a small bit from any trending news.
  • The short and crisp stories continue in the "Snippet" category, with multiple pieces of information and recent news in bullet points.
  • After Snippets, there are new stories for the readers every day. One of the most common segments is the "Free Resource,” which offers free resources to facilitate business.
  • Moving past the stories, the “Around the Web” section comprises headings including “On this day,” “That’s interesting,” That’s cool,” “How to,” “Podcast,” “Useful,” and “Aww.” They have brief one-liners with links to detailed stories.
  • The last part of the newsletter is "Tweet," bringing a fun tweet your way for a light-hearted, humorous start to the day.

The straightforward layout of the newsletter makes it easy to follow despite its length, explaining its popularity among readers.

Who Started the hustle newsletter?

The Hustle newsletter is started by Sam Parr. He was the writer behind the newsletter. Later on, Hubspot acquired The Hustle newsletter from him and ever sense it is running by them. It is one of the best newsletter about business and the new trends in the buisiness in the United States and around the world.

The Hustle has over 2 Million American newsletter subscriber. It is one of the famous newsletter after Morning Brew and 1440 News.

What topics does The Hustle cover?

The Hustle covers all types of business stories, including those with a lesson or ideas to improve your business. You can find all kinds of news in the newsletter worldwide, covering the most critical news of the day. It has multiple pieces of information in one place; some in bullets, some explained briefly.

The Hustle newsletter is the intersection of Business and Tech news newsletter. The Hustle newsletter has other form of Media like:

  1. A YouTube channel
  2. The Hustle Podcast.
  3. The Hustle Trends.

Is it free or paid?

The Hustle is an excellent newsletter for businesses and is FREE! The Hustle doesn't have any paid subscription business mdoel, they are 100% free. How do they make money? They make money by working with sponsors and the company that own the Hustle newsletter is Hubspot which provide a software for inbound marketers.

PS: My Honest Review of The Hustle

The Hustle is perfect for modern business people looking for a different approach to business. It allows you to think in new dimensions by providing stories from all over the world. These stories may help you avoid the mistakes other businesses make and enable you to improve by adopting new strategies. It is the door to a new world with hundreds of new ideas that can be beneficial to your business.

However, this newsletter is not your traditional, to-the-point, formal newsletter. It sometimes has witty humor and jokes that some people do not appreciate. If you are open to witty references and memes while The Hustle provides you with all the hot information about the business – you are sorted!

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