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As the name indicates, TLDR gives you TLDR summaries of the latest tech news. It is perfect for tech enthusiasts who want to know it all without spending a lot of time reading. So, if you belong to the tech world, TLDR is your best choice. Over 900,000 subscribers read it first thing in the morning.


  • Short and simple to read
  • Credible, authentic information
  • Mentions reading time for stories
  • Customized email


  • Too many ads
  • No original content

TLDR is the ideal newsletter that gives you your daily dose of tech news, 6 am every morning, within five minutes!  

What is TLDR about?

It is a daily email newsletter that offers a compact and easy-to-read overview of the most significant news articles from across the world. Each story is presented in a short and precise version. This makes it easy for readers to read it quickly.

Instead of wasting hours reading through lengthy news stories, the newsletter gives busy readers a brief and informative overview of the day's main stories. It also includes pieces of information regarding software development tools and futuristic technologies.

The Newsletter Structure of TLDR

  • TLDR has an easy-to-follow structure, so the readers get exactly what they want – the crux of the top tech stories worldwide. The newsletter mentions the date on the top, followed by a few important topics on the next line.
  • The next section briefly introduces one of their sponsors (basically an ad). However, reading it daily may skip that part if it does not interest you.
  • Following the advertisement, you can skim through tech news under the “Big Tech and Startup” heading. It has all news related to recent technological advancements and emerging startups.
  • The next section is "Science and Futuristic Technology," which takes you around the world of future technologies.
  • “Programming, Design & Data Science” is the third section most liked by data scientists and software engineers to understand more about the software world changes.
  • After the “Programming, Design & Data Science," you will see the "Miscellaneous" section, which contains snippets from relevant stories that do not exactly fit in other sections.
  • Moving towards the end, you will see the "Quick Links" segment with short stories that interest the audience.
  • The last part of the TLDR newsletter comprises Jobs related to software and technology.

What topics do TLDR cover?

TLDR is not just any technology newsletter but a plethora of all news you want to see in the morning! It covers various topics around science and futuristic technologies, software development tools, and open source. It also focuses on big tech news to start your day with global updates. Pick your favorites from a wide range of options to choose from.

Is it free or paid?

You don't have to pay anything to subscribe to TLDR to remain current on the most recent tech news. Go to and sign up for the newsletter by adding your email

 to the subscription bar.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you can choose your location and type of job to see desired jobs only. Signing up for the newsletter also allows you to choose your preferred type of content.

PS: My Honest Review of TLDR Newsletter

TLDR is an excellent newsletter for tech enthusiasts and businesspeople related to the tech world. It is perfect if you want to get a gist of all information about technology early morning. It provides you with short summaries of multiple news in one place without having to find them on different social media platforms.

TLDR can be a valuable tool in some situations. However, you must use it with other sources of information, and its limitations must be understood. 

It can provide you with short summaries, but relying too much on summaries may not offer you the full picture sometimes. It is the perfect on-the-go option for people who do not have much time at hand. Or you can research further about the news after you skim through the newsletter.

As it is free, so no such high demands, and it is a convenient option for your busy schedule.

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