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The AI Weekly newsletter is all about AI technology and machine learning. The newsletter is categorized into multiple sections to enhance ease of reading. Check further details in this AI Weekly newsletter review:


  • It is a free-of-cost newsletter
  • The newsletter delivers engaging content on various AI domains
  • AI Weekly contains well-curated and well-organized content


  • AI Weekly lacks interactive elements
  • The newsletter contains multiple advertisements

The AI Weekly newsletter is all about AI technology and machine learning. The newsletter is categorized into multiple sections to enhance ease of reading. Check further details in this AI Weekly newsletter review:

What is The AI Weekly Newsletter about?

AI Weekly provides valuable, trusted insights about the developments and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). The newsletter promises to update you weekly and make you smarter than ever. It is divided into 10 AI topics so you can navigate to the topic you are interested in and enjoy authentic news effortlessly. The structure follows a well-organized format, presenting a mix of news, applied use cases, ethical considerations, robotics, research, and sponsor content. 

Now that you know what AI newsletter is about, is it your type? Check the email structure in this AI Weekly newsletter review here:

The Newsletter Structure of The AI Weekly

  • The newsletter begins with the Issue Number, Current Date, and a headline along with the sponsor’s name. 
  • Next is the news section that includes news about AI and machine learning. They give the source of content below each piece of news.  
  • You will frequently find the sponsor's advertisement and promotional offers in the AI Weekly newsletter.
  • The newsletter also includes an invitation to check out the sister newsletter, Essentials.
  • It ends with the closing remarks thanking readers for their time and the advertisement for the sister newsletter, Essentials, with AI topics. 

What Topics does AI Weekly Newsletter Cover?

AI weekly newsletter covers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning topics. It contains in-depth content and research about the technology encompassing AI General News, AI Ethics, AI Applied Use Cases, AI Robotics, AI Research, AI Marketing, AI Healthcare, AI Cybersecurity, AI for Good, and the Business of AI. Each section provides information, news, and insights about a specific AI domain; scroll down and find your chosen subject to read everything you want.  

Most readers often ask us about the subscription plan in the AI Weekly newsletter review; is it free or paid?

Is it Free or Paid?

This informative weekly newsletter comes at no cost. The weekly email copy comes every Thursday and provides loads of engaging content about artificial intelligence. However, you must subscribe to the newsletter to receive a weekly email copy. Visit the official website, submit your email address, and click Subscribe to subscribe to the newsletter. 

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Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Gerald Duncan Strong is the founder of AI Weekly. He is a tech enthusiast and runs an ecommerce business through Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Shopify. Duncan is well-versed in AI and aims to bring the latest news and innovations in the AI world to the readers. 

The AI Weekly Newsletter Reviews: What do Readers Think about this Newsletter?

The AI Weekly is a hub of authentic news about AI. The author is well aware of the technology and continues to curate and extract interesting information about the advancements in the domain. He has organized the newsletter in an engaging manner so that readers enjoy the content thoroughly. That is why readers review and rate it as one of the best and most trusted AI newsletters online. 

My Honest Review of The AI Weekly Newsletter

I am a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in AI developments and machine learning, but my fast-paced professional life makes it difficult for me to stay updated. AI weekly newsletter is among my best picks for its straightforward, no-BS format. The weekly copy offers a bundle of the latest authentic news I crave to read. However, it lacks interactive elements and visual appeal that the founder should work on keeping the readers hooked. I’ll wind up this AI Weekly newsletter review by mentioning that the newsletter is a good resource overall for AI enthusiasts. 

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