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The Austin Kleon Newsletter is a creative archive that is designed with outpouring live for art, creativity, and originality. His newsletter features a 10-things-worth sharing list weekly infused with writing excerpts or art doodles. Kleon is an author; he shares his beautiful life stories, intimate ideologies, and wisdom in weekly newsletters, which are filled with intoxicating innovativeness. It is already a busy space with a whopping 100K+ subscribers.


  • Creative boost 
  • Philosophical discussion 
  • Advise on life 
  • Tips to pursue the passion 
  • Discussion on music, books, and art


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The mainstream media has become addicted to newly rising trends now and then. It has become difficult to find truly creative people without trailing behind mindless traps. It is where the vacuum for truly organic creative spaces exists, this void is very effectively filled by Austin Kelon on Substack.

What Is Austin Kleon's Newsletter About? 

Kleon is an icon of the literary and artistic world. His literary repertoire boasts two highly acclaimed works: "Steal Like an Artist,", and "Newspaper Blackout," a captivating collection of poetry crafted through the art of redacting newspaper articles with a permanent marker. Renowned for his expertise in creativity, Kleon frequently delivers captivating speeches on the subject to esteemed organizations including Pixar, Google, SXSW, TEDx, and The Economist.

In the digital age where it is a rare sight to have writers and artists leading the world, Kleon makes quite a mark with his bestselling book called, “Steal Like An Artist”. This book offers readers a refreshing perspective on creativity in the digital age through ten transformative principles. Kleon advocates for embracing influence, remixing ideas, and following personal interests passionately. He encourages individuals to create the work they wish existed rather than adhering to traditional clichés. 

If you are not already impressed with Kleons’s artistic expedition, you should check out his newsletter collection which emanates a similar amount of creativity and inspires one to connect with art around them on a spiritual level. His art and words both suggest that there is room for creativity in our mundane lives, it is just the sight we need to readjust every day, you can find the motivation to do so in his newsletters.

What Themes Austin Kleon Newsletter Endorses?

Kleon has not only built a space to endorse creativity but he also engages with our creative minds in the chat box to share ideas and inspire others. Here is a list of other themes he explores in his newsletter collection:  

  1. Creativity and Artistic Expression: Kleon delves into various aspects of creativity, including the importance of finding inspiration in everyday life, methods for generating ideas, and strategies for nurturing artistic projects. He explores different mediums of expression, such as writing, drawing, and visual art, and offers insights into overcoming creative blocks and cultivating a sustainable creative practice.
  2. Productivity and Discipline: No matter how raw art is, discipline is the key to attaining its peak. Therefore, Kleon shares practical advice on maintaining productivity and discipline in creative work. He discusses the importance of developing habits, setting goals, and staying focused amidst distractions. Kleon also explores techniques for managing time effectively and sustaining momentum in creative endeavors over the long term.
  3. Personal Growth and Reflection: An artist always has a distinctive journey, often he imparts wisdom from what he has learned from life. Kleon reflects on themes related to personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery. He shares anecdotes from his own experiences and discusses the value of embracing challenges, learning from failures, and continuously evolving as an individual. 
  4. Literature and Reading: As an author and avid reader himself, Kleon frequently discusses literature and reading habits in his newsletter. He recommends books across various genres, shares insights into his reading practices, and explores the inspirational power of literature in shaping perspectives and sparking creativity. Kleon also encourages readers to cultivate a habit of reading as a lifelong pursuit.
  5. Chatting Invitation: Kleon has built a community of like-minded individuals and likes to communicate with them. He considers it as part of personal growth to learn and preach lessons from one another’s lives. He also values the opinions of his readers and is always keen to share their interests or answer their troubles. 

Who Should Read Austin Kleon Newsletter?

Anyone who is seeking inspiration or wisdom should subscribe to Austin Kleon Newsletter. You will find a unique outlook towards life with his positivity, astute observations, and creative perception of life. He not only inspires but also shares useful tips for meditative art, disciplined life, resourceful practices, and indulgent thoughts. Kleon's newsletters resonate with readers of all backgrounds, inspiring them to embrace their unique talents, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a life rich in creativity and meaning.

Final Thoughts – Austin Kleon Newsletter

I am a creative person and find peace in creative activities. To have a weekly dose of spiritual boost is no less than a blessing for me. Kleon’s outlook on life and his useful tips or small suggestions have helped me shape my life into a much better person. I have driven deeply in the creative trajectory, and find myself working on small innovative projects every other day. I would recommend you all to engage your mind in the process of creation, it unwinds the path to positivity which has a lasting impact on life. You can explore it yourself by subscribing to Austin Kleon Newsletter. 

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