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In today’s world of internet and technological advancements, DataScaleFail by Benchant has simple and easy solutions for basic technical problems. In complex data management and cloud systems, benchANT provides optimized consulting services.


  • Qualified IT experts provide solutions.
  • Tailored solutions for every subscriber.
  • Helps in choosing the right database system.
  • Optimizing cost management in database and cloud systems


  • Information can be overwhelming.

BenchANT has the goal of providing exceptional technical services and solutions to its readers, hence its slogan: “benchmarking as a service”. In today’s world of internet and technological advancements, benchANT has simple and easy solutions for basic technical problems. In the world of complex data management and cloud systems, benchANT provides optimized consulting services.

What is BenchANT?

BenchANT is a technical newsletter which is up to date with today’s cloud-based and data-driven society. BenchANT was established in 2021, and with funding from different sources, they set up their consultancy services. 

Management of database systems nowadays is the real challenge in the world of IT, and dealing with that is what benchANT does. They analyze the market trends related to the cloud data performances of the company and provide solutions on how the performance of any company can be improved. 

The goal of benchANT is to provide “benchmark services” related to data infrastructure. To sum it up in simple words, any company that manages data efficiently wins the top performance race. However, there are many complexities in managing data, if you take up to benchANT with your concerns they provide professional solutions to enhance the performance based on comparative analysis.

Moreover, you can also contact the benchANT with your issues other than just subscribing to their newsletter, and they will get back to you with a general solution.

Elements of benchANT Newsletter

The benchANT newsletter includes all sorts of technical stuff related to data management, such as: 

Updates in Data Systems 

Provides updates about new releases and upgrades in popular data management systems such as the release of PostgreSQL v16, its pricing, performance analyses, database ranking and comparison with previous versions. 

Technical Comparision

It provides a comparison between different types of data management systems by evaluating their performance, infrastructure and framework. After comparison, the newsletter also suggests the system that would be better for an ideal performance. A comparison between MongoDB and ScyllaDB draws the conclusion that they are good where flexibility and scalability are required respectively. 

Pricing for Different Systems

The newsletter also gives insight into the performance of data management systems along with their prices. It gives a good idea overview before choosing the right database system.


BenchANT has a free subscription to common newsletter articles that tell about the current performance of data management systems. However, for further consultancy services, benchANT has different prices based on the various services offered.

  • Services for free: Database & Cloud Ranking, Database-as-a-Service-Navigator, Database Performance Studies
  • Paid services: Data Infrastructure Consulting, Multi-Cloud & Database Benchmarking, Cloud Cost Optimization and Database Migrations

Thus, They offer cloud servers and database ranking analyses, and the prices vary as per the package. 

The different consultancy offered are:

  • Multi-cloud benchmarking.
  • Database performance evaluation.
  • Cloud providers.
  • Benchmarks/ project.

Final Words

BenchANT provides ideal solutions in the world of complex data management systems. There are many data systems and cloud servers these days, it can be tricky to choose the best one ideal to your requirements; this is where benchANT comes in handy. With tailored content from experts, you can make the right decision when choosing a data management system. BenchANT also provides personal consultancy and services to optimize your content for you. Moreover, all of the services are automated, meaning once you reach out to them you do not have to wreck your brain out working on something manually.

In a nutshell, if data and cloud-related niches are up your sleeve and you need further information in such a field then this newsletter is right for you.

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