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The Big Brain newsletter is an interesting resource that comprehensively brings you trending AI news, tools, and jobs within 3 minutes daily. It has been one of the most popular AI newsletters, especially for beginners and job seekers. However, there's something new with Big Brain. Explore the details in this Big Brain newsletter review.


  • The newsletter suits beginners
  • Big Brain newsletter was a daily newsletter
  • It brought the latest news and jobs in the AI landscape


  • Daily frequency could be overwhelming for some readers
  • The newsletter has been discontinued (per recent information)

What is the Big Brain Newsletter about?

The Big Brain newsletter is among the most trusted resources in the AI world that have helped beginners navigate their AI path. Besides sharing the top tools, it also focuses on the latest news and jobs for AI engineers. 

Owing to the fondness and interest of readers in the newsletter, The Neuron acquired it recently. The team aims to make it more informative and transform the email into an expert AI resource that does not cater to beginners only. They mention, “Our mission is simple: teach you how to use AI to get sh*t done.”

So, Big Brain has not published a newsletter since the acquisition. But we’ve shared the previous newsletter structure in this Big Brain newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of the Big Brain Newsletter

  • The email begins with the Big Brain logo in the middle, followed by 📢 Sponsor | 💼 AI Jobs | 🐦 Twitter icons.
  • Next, the author welcomes you to the newsletter with a greeting and a summary of the day’s email; you also get to know the estimated time to read it.
  • After the greeting and summary, you will see the sponsor ad (if any) before the author dives into the newsletter content.
  • The first section, AI News, brings a few news pieces, followed by Today’s Poll and Other Headlines & Stories
  • Next, there is AI Career that shares Hot AI Startups, AI Jobs, and AI Tools (to supercharge your work).
  • AI Fun is the last section of the newsletter; it covers AI Art Pieces and the Prompt of the Day.
  • Lastly, the author encourages you to sponsor the newsletter and asks, “How would you rate today's newsletter?

What Topics does the Big Brain Newsletter Cover?

The Big Brain newsletter covered topics like AI tools, AI jobs, recent AI news, and AI fun images and information. It also brought the latest AI startups to help you understand the landscape better.  

Is it Free or Paid?

The Big Brain newsletter was a free resource read by hundreds of readers every year. You could subscribe to it by visiting their beehive profile. You can still subscribe to the newsletter but will receive The Neuron in your inbox instead. 200,000+ leading professionals read The Neuron daily, and you can also benefit from the valuable information.

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As we move toward the end of this Big Brain newsletter review, here’s a brief introduction to Big Brain and The Neuron team:

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Big Brain is the brainchild of Alex Valaitis and Alan Buxbaum. Alex Valaitis is innovating in the startup economy to deliver better outcomes for founders, employees, and investors. He is the co-founder and COO of Stealth and has been associated with LinkedIn, Intuit, and DeSo Blockchain. At the same time, Alan Buxbaum is the Technical Writer/Content Manager at ThinkGrowCrypto Media.

Pete Huang and Noah Edelman, the co-founders of The Neuron, have acquired the Big Brain newsletter. They have been working in the business industry and content for a long time.

The Big Brain Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Big Brain newsletter gained popularity quite early among the readers, making it one of the leading names in the AI industry. Subscribers loved the plethora of information about AI tools and jobs in each edition. Furthermore, the AI Fun segment adds a touch of humor to the email.

My Honest Review of the Big Brain Newsletter

Personally, I have been a fan of the Big Brain newsletter and recommended it to my friends and colleagues who want to stay in the loop with AI trends and news. Big Brain's acquisition by The Neuron will hopefully improve it and bring more refined information to the readers.

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