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If you are looking for a comprehensive newsletter that details everything about crypto, CoinSnacks can be your best pick. Learn more about it in this CoinSnacks newsletter review.


  • It covers crypto trading authoritatively
  • The newsletter brings in-depth analysis on latest market trends
  • CoinSnacks newsletter is free of cost


  • The newsletter has long-form content that might be overwhelming

If you are looking for a comprehensive newsletter that details everything about crypto, CoinSnacks can be your best pick. Learn more about it in this CoinSnacks newsletter review. 

What is the CoinSnacks Newsletter About?

CoinSnacks is a power-packed source of information, analysis, and updates about crypto. This newsletter comes out every Wednesday and contains curated articles, headlines, and narratives that keep the crypto players and investors in the loop. The letter contains multiple resourceful links that give you more insights about the crypto market. It is a bundle of information digestible to anyone interested in crypto. 

Each letter includes a must-read section containing trending topics and news, while the Deep Dives is loaded with long-form research articles and in-depth stories. Plus, you will also find numerous exclusive offers, research videos, and more to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.   

Now, let’s first tell you the newsletter’s structure in this CoinSnacks newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of CoinSnacks Newsletter

The newsletter is well-structured and divided into sections, giving users the discretion to navigate directly to their favorite section. While it does not begin with a formal greeting, it has a straightforward structure. 

  • The first part contains the must-reads or featured articles that contain headlines, announcements, and trending news about crypto trading. 
  • The next section, Deep Dives, contains long-form content with in-depth analysis and context. The reads give you a deeper dive into your favorite topic, as indicated by its name.  
  • All the articles are listed as visible tabs, giving you an overview. You can read more by clicking on the tab.
  • A section named Regulation also gives info about transforming regulations regarding crypto and its use. 
  • A navigation bar in the middle of the newsletter gives you instant access to the section you want to navigate to. 

Each email has multiple links to source more information about the topic. The newsletter also contains interactive videos and exclusive offers. 

Is it Free or Paid?

The letter is absolutely free. Visit the CoinSnacks website, navigate to the Subscribe tab on the top right corner of the webpage, and enter your email address to receive the latest issue of CoinSnacks every Wednesday. 

Subscribe to CoinSnacks Newsletter here

Moving to the next part of the CoinSnacks newsletter review, let’s tell you who brings this detailed newsletter to you.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Mr. David Newman and Dillon Newman behind CoinSnacks. They are also the Co-founder of Thunderclap Publishing. However, there is no public information regarding the author and editor of this newsletter. 

CoinSnacks Newsletter Reviews: What do Readers Think about this Newsletter?

The structure and content of the newsletter is specifically designed for traders, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. More than 60k subscribers trust and rely on the findings and have great reviews about the content. Readers find it a powerful, informative dose about the moving markets that helps users forecast and make decisions.  

My Honest Review of CoinSnacks Newsletter

Each copy of this informative newsletter fascinates me and forces me to delve into the depths of the crypto game. It developed my interest in this evolving form of business and urged me to read more. Each newsletter is full of content, pushing me to write all the good in this CoinSnacks newsletter review. The topics are well-researched, and the writer has authority over them. 

Overall, CoinSnacks Newsletter is a hit. It is a resourceful tool to get information about crypto trading without needing to search and scroll a lot. You can enjoy a weekly dose of information with a cup of coffee without spending a penny and make informed decisions that benefit you in the long run. So, I believe this newsletter is an ideal resource for those looking forward to stay updated on crypto trends.

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