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If you want a newsletter that brings you something interesting every week, add this one to your subscription list. Learn more in this Culture Curated newsletter review:


  • Culture Curated is an all-rounder newsletter covering multiple categories
  • The newsletter is free and follows a simple layout
  • You get enough content to read throughout the week


  • The newsletter brings too much random information 
  • It is not suitable for people who like category-specific newsletters

If you are looking for a newsletter that brings you something interesting every week, add this one to your subscription list. Learn more in this Culture Curated newsletter review:

What is the Culture Curated Newsletter About?

The Culture Curated newsletter is a weekly read that shares unique finds and interesting news with the readers every Friday. It does not focus on one particular topic but a bunch of news on different topics. This newsletter features reading segments, recipes, podcasts, and more. Furthermore, the author also shares a bonus newsletter every Monday that gives you a quick dive into the music world. 

The Newsletter Structure of Culture Curated Newsletter

As subscribing to the newsletter brings two editions every week, we will discuss the structure of the main newsletter, "Weekly Finds," next in the Culture Curated newsletter review.

  • When you open the email, the Culture Curated logo in the middle catches your attention immediately. 
  • Just below the newsletter, the author mentions the number of the newsletter edition with the publishing, e.g., Weekly Finds #33 - December 22nd, 2023.
  • Now, you will see a brief newsletter description, the author's name, date, and icons to like, comment, or share the newsletter.
  • The first section is "Read," which brings you a short yet intriguing piece of writing. 
  • Next, the author shares a tweet or quote under the “Overheard” section.
  • As you progress, you may also come across a sponsored or collaboration post under "Friends of Culture Curated.”
  • Following that is "Listen," which shares songs and playlists to enjoy.
  • "Random Finds" is another exciting category that brings apps and products with links.
  • The author also shares delicious recipes in the “Eat & Drink” part.
  • The newsletter might end with the Eat and Drink segment, or the author features something from his children in the "Kiddos" section.
  • Lastly, you will see buttons to “Share” and “Pledge your Support.”

What topics does the Culture Curated Newsletter cover?

Culture Curated does not cover any particular topics, but you will find content on culture, self-improvement, music, food, and more in this newsletter. The newsletter is an excellent resource for people who do not want to subscribe to multiple newsletters for app recommendations, self-improvement, recipes, etc. 

Who is Behind the Culture Curated Newsletter?

Neema Naficy sends out this newsletter to the subscribers twice a week. He shares curated content that he comes across every week, including thought-provoking videos and exciting videos and podcasts. You will also get to see content from other creators he stumbles across on social media. 

Now, you must be wondering how much the Culture Curated newsletter subscription is. Let's tell you that next in the Culture Curated newsletter review. 

Is it Free or Paid?

You can choose from different subscription models when you subscribe to the Culture Curated newsletter. Choose a free subscription or pledge to support them with a yearly fee. The monthly subscription costs $8, yearly it is $80. Plus, you can become a founding member for $150 annually. 

Subscribe to Culture Curated newsletter

PS: My Honest Review of Culture Curated Newsletter

Winding up the Culture Curated newsletter review, I have nothing disagreeing to say about it. The newsletter is the perfect pick for people who want to subscribe to one newsletter for all news. It brings you everything in one place, including self-improvement articles, podcasts, music, recipes, and more.

So, subscribe to Culture Curated to get your weekly dose of thought-provoking content.

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