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Deep Learning is a weekly newsletter that brings you in-depth insights into new technologies, products, and the big news in the tech industry. It is one of the most authentic newsletters, bringing you the latest news and advancements in the AI world. This Deep Learning newsletter Weekly review tells you everything about it to help you decide whether to subscribe.


  • The authors of the newsletters are experts and well-versed
  • The newsletter covers news from industry and academia
  • Deep Learning Weekly is a free resource


  • Deep Learning comes weekly
  • It does not have any visual elements

What is the Deep Learning Weekly Newsletter about?

Deep Learning Weekly is a tech and AI newsletter that delivers readers the latest industry insights, product launches, and company acquisitions. The authors bring you blogs, articles, and news pieces from trusted resources to help you stay in the loop with changing trends. At the same time, you also get to read their expert opinions and views on the topic for a unique perspective.

Here’s the email structure of the Deep Learning newsletter to help you understand it better:

The Newsletter Structure of Deep Learning Weekly Newsletter

  • The newsletter begins with the Deep Learning logo in the middle before the header: "Deep Learning Weekly: Issue [issue number]."
  • You will also see a link in the top right corner to subscribe to the newsletter if the email was forwarded.
  • After the header, the author gives you a brief insight into the newsletter's contents.
  • Then, there's the author's name and publishing date, followed by links to share the email on your socials and read it in the Substack app.
  • Next, the author gives you a summary of the newsletter's contents and an email to contact the team. 
  • The first section is “Industry", which brings industry insights in one sentence with a short description of each piece of news. The author also adds links to the original sources for further analysis.
  • The following sections, "MLOps & LLMOps,” “Learning,” and “Libraries & Code” follow the same pattern.
  • Then, the “Papers & Publications" segment shares links to the latest papers and their abstracts to help you choose if you want to read further. 
  • Lastly, the author thanks you and mentions the sponsor.

What Topics does the Deep Learning Weekly Newsletter Cover?

The Deep Learning Weekly newsletter covers deep learning, AI, and machine learning. You will find everything in this newsletter, including new research, news articles, learning content, and others. It also touches niches like natural language processing and computer vision. The email covers everything in an easy-to-read layout to help you understand the tech landscape better. Each issue of Deep Learning Weekly provides a brief introduction summarizing the major weekly news, with links to relevant articles and resources.

Readers often wonder why this newsletter must be expensive for all the information it provides. But let the subscription plan details in this Deep Learning Weekly newsletter review surprise you pleasantly. 

Is it Free or Paid?

Deep Learning Weekly is a free newsletter you can subscribe to easily by visiting their Substack website. Enter your email address in the given space and click “Subscribe.” Once you subscribe, you will start receiving regular weekly updates in your inbox.

Subscribe to Deep Learning Weekly newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Jan Bussieck and Malte Baumann co-founded Deep Learning Weekly in 2016. Jan is the Growth Lead at IMG.LY and the co-founder of SPEQTOR. At the same time, Malte serves as the Head of Engineering at IMG.LY. Both the founders are informed and experienced data scientists with plenty of knowledge regarding machine learning.

The Deep Learning Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Over 24,000 subscribers read this newsletter every week to stay informed with the latest and exciting news in deep learning from industry to academia. The newsletter aims to help the readers stay up-to-date, and the positive reviews show that it succeeds quite well. The readers are happy with this free resource that gives them a quick overview of all the weekly AI and ML news.

My Honest Review of Deep Learning Weekly Newsletter

I have been reading the Deep Learning Weekly newsletter for a few months now, and it's an excellent resource if you do not have enough time throughout the week. It gives you a comprehensive overview of the AI and ML landscape. I’d suggest you give it a go to get all the updates every week.

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