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Exponential View Newsletter has successfully achieved 91,000+ members by now. The newsletter offers weekly in-depth information for investors, executives, and thought leaders. You can explore the future for free, or pay for a deeper experience.


  • Expert Insights: It offers a deep analysis of AI and exponential technologies weekly. You will get the updates from Azeem Azhar who is a globally recognized expert.
  • Influential Audience: It focuses on attracting readers who belong to a group of- investors, C-suite execs, and global leaders.
  • Diverse Content: You'll receive podcasts, TV shows, and analysis every week. It means the newsletter gives importance to different learning preferences.


  • Limited Free Content: You can definitely access some information for free. But for detailed analysis, you will have to subscribe to the premium content.
  • Specific Niches Only: The newsletter only targets a specific audience interested in AI and technology.

If you want to shape your future with the knowledge of AI and technological insights, start by becoming a member of Exponential View. It has successfully achieved 91,000+ members by now. The newsletter offers weekly in-depth information for investors, executives, and thought leaders. You can explore the future for free, or pay for a deeper experience.

What is the Exponential View Newsletter about? 

The Exponential View newsletter, created by Azeem Azhar, is a comprehensive resource for understanding the intersection of technology and society. It offers weekly deep dives into artificial intelligence, exponential technologies, and their impact on the economy and future.

Azhar who is recognized globally for his insights, guides over 91,000 subscribers through the complexities of technological change. The newsletter features discussions with leading thinkers and executives. Exponential View wants to change the way you think about the world in the future, whether you're an investor, a C-suite leader, or just a tech fan.

The newsletter structure of the Exponential View: 

The structure of the Exponential View newsletter includes:

  • Commentary and Analysis: The newsletter begins with a commentary delving into the open-source versus closed-source models for AI. It discusses how these models will shape the future of the internet and technology.
  • Expert Insights: Azeem shares his thoughts and engages with insights from industry experts. For example, a discussion with Emad Mostaque from StabilityAI and Yann LeCun from Meta, among others.
  • Observations and Predictions: The newsletter often talks about key observations and predictions about the current state and future of AI. This includes discussions on the rapid changes in AI technology, the dynamics of the open-source market, and the potential implications for the industry.
  • Engagement with Current Events: The newsletter offers a current and relevant perspective by referencing recent events in the IT sector..

Each edition of Exponential View aims to provide valuable, up-to-date information for professionals and enthusiasts in the tech industry. Sometimes, the newsletter also includes sections for sponsorship opportunities and an archive of past content.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

Azeem Azhar is the one who has created the Exponential View newsletter. He has become popular for being a researcher, a product creator, and a strategist. His knowledge covers a wide range of areas. For example-  science, society, media, venture capital, and companies.

Azeem uses his knowledge of AI and advanced technologies to create the newsletter. He is great at making people understand about any difficult trends. That's why tech workers, investors, and anyone who has a love for technologies could greatly benefit from this newsletter.

The Stats of this newsletter: 

The following are some of the stats about the ABC newsletter. 

  1. What is this newsletter about? This newsletter is about AI, Machine Learning, and Technological Trends. 
  2. The Total number of subscribers: Exponential View newsletter has over 87,000 + subscribers
  3. How does this newsletter make money? This newsletter makes money through subscriptions, offering premium content to subscribers, and possibly through sponsorships and partnerships with other companies or organizations.
  4. Subscribe to this newsletter: Subscribe to Exponential View Newsletter here. 

My Honest Opinion of Exponential View Newsletter: 

If you like technology or work in the industry, subscribing to the Exponential View Newsletter is a great option for you. The newsletter has become very famous because it gives useful information to people who are interested in how technology, business, and society are connected.  I think people like the Exponential Newsletter because they know the importance of having proper knowledge of AI and technologies.

Personally, I like it because it tries to appeal to the readers with the updates through different types of content. For example- podcasts, detailed analyses, and visualizations. So, if you think you need valuable perspectives and thought-provoking insights about AI and technologies, join the family of 91,000+ subscribers. 

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