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These emails are generally a 5-minute read and are sent every weekday morning. The service of the Flipside newsletter simplifies the process of staying up to date. It guarantees a complete overview of the political scene by giving multiple opinions.


  • Flipside promotes understanding of differing political viewpoints.
  • It saves time with concise summaries.
  • It attracts an inclusive and diverse audience.


  • It has the risk of oversimplifying complex political issues.
  • It contains challenges in maintaining neutrality when summarising polarised content.

What is the Flipside Newsletter? 

The Flipside newsletter summarizes the leading left and correct opinions on current and emerging subjects. These emails are generally a 5-minute read and are sent every weekday morning. 

The service of the Flipside newsletter simplifies the process of staying up to date. It guarantees a complete overview of the political scene by giving multiple opinions. 

Joining this email allows people to start their day with a quick, comprehensive review of the most discussed topics. It provides information on all sides of the political spectrum. 

The Flipside lets you stay informed in a busy world filled with overwhelming news. It cuts through the noise, offering a balanced view no matter your politics. 

The newsletter structure of Flipside  

The structure of the Flipside newsletter follows an organized layout.

The newsletter begins with the header section, which includes links to various areas of the newsletter, such as the latest issue, archives, about us, media, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The newsletter provides the issue date of highlighted content authors.

The main body of the newsletter presents a featured article or news items. This section contains quotations that provide multiple perspectives on the issue.

The Flipside newsletter mentions “ other opinions below,” indicating that further articles or onions may be related to the featured topic. 

A section provides links to previous articles, which helps the user to read out the previous content. 

Is it free or paid? 

This newsletter offers both free and paid subscription options.

 Readers can access the primary content for free or opt for a premium subscription with exclusive perks and features by paying a subscription fee. The free subscription provides access to the primary content of The Flip Side newsletter. Subscribers on the free plan receive regular email updates, including summaries and perspectives from liberal and conservative viewpoints on current trending topics.

There are three premium subscription tiers: Cub Bear, Busy Bear, and VIP Grizzly Bear, each offering different benefits at varying prices. With the paid tiers, there are various exclusive perks and features for subscribers.

Who is behind this newsletter? 

A dedicated team of individuals drives the Flip Side newsletter. 

Additionally, The Flip Side has an Advisory Board of individuals like Alison Lee Pillinger Choi and Angela Cho, who contribute valuable insights and expertise to the newsletter's mission of breaking down political polarization.

Collectively, this team works tirelessly to provide readers with balanced, informative, and diverse content, making The Flip Side a platform that encourages constructive dialogue and informed discussions in today's politically charged climate.

Is Flipside Newsletter Legit? 

The Flip Side newsletter is a legitimate and well-known source of news summaries and political perspectives from liberal and conservative viewpoints. It was founded to promote a balanced and nuanced understanding of political issues and bridge political divides.

Who reads the Flipside newsletter? 

The Flip Side newsletter is designed to appeal to diverse readers interested in gaining a balanced and nuanced understanding of political issues.

People actively interested in politics and current events, regardless of their political affiliation, may find value in The Flip Side's summaries and diverse perspectives. Those who value open-mindedness are willing to consider multiple sides of an issue to form their own opinions.

Individuals with limited time to consume news may appreciate the newsletter's concise summaries. 

Flipside Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Public opinion about The Flip Side newsletter may vary depending on individual preferences, political beliefs, and the specific content. Many readers appreciate The Flip Side's commitment to presenting political news and analysis. Some view The Flip Side as a platform encouraging empathy and understanding across the political spectrum. 

However, some are concerned about potential bias in selecting and presenting topics. At the same time, some expect a more comprehensive analysis, while others appreciate the brevity.

My Honest Review of Flipside Newsletter

The Flip Side provides concise summaries in a fast-paced world where news consumption can be overwhelming. It caters to various readers, from busy professionals to students and educators. As a reader, its mission of promoting understanding across the ideological spectrum is commendable.

One of its most appealing aspects is the time efficiency it offers. The Flip Side's commitment to fostering civil discourse and promoting empathy in a polarized world is noteworthy. It is a valuable resource for those seeking a balanced overview of today's political landscape. It can help readers see the motivations and reasoning behind different perspectives.

However, there are some considerations. While the newsletter strives for balance, the challenge of maintaining complete neutrality is obvious. There's a risk of oversimplifying complex issues, leaving readers with a surface-level understanding.

Moreover, I like the subscription plans. Subscribers can choose between monthly and annual billing options for flexibility. These plans ensure readers can access the content and benefits that align with their preferences and commitment to depolarization.

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