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We often criticize the authenticity and deteriorating quality of journalism for feeding lies and propaganda to the masses. In times like these when we are almost convinced that finding a truthful journalist is impossible, it is then people like Glenn Greenwald show up and raise the bar single-handedly. While he is a commendable independent journalist, he also uses personal platforms to connect with people, Glenn Greenwald Newsletter is one of such spaces available on Substack. Here, you can find investigate masterpieces written and researched by Greenwald. And commentaries with solid factual pieces of evidence by other journalists as well, on themes of politics, corruption, global events, violence, and economy.


  • Exclusive content 
  • Well-researched, authentic reports 
  • Awareness of world politics and history 
  • A lot of free content to access


  • A paid subscription to access some newsletters

What Is The Aim Of Glenn Greenwald Newsletter?

It is nearly impossible to describe the importance of the Glenn Greenwald Newsletter without mentioning the exceptional credentials of Glenn Greenwald. He is a famous journalist and constitutional lawyer from Queens in New York City. He has garnered immense fame throughout his career by winning the most prestigious journalist awards including the George Polk Award and the Gannett Foundation Award for investigative journalism. 

Furthermore, he has authored four New York Times Bestseller books. The book titled, “No Place to Hide” is his most famous and respected work so far. After listing the credibility of Glenn Greenwald it is very easy to convince anyone to subscribe to his newsletter collection. Who would like to miss out on such exclusive information? 

Glenn has worked in the field of journalism for years and no obstacle has ever crushed his ability to discover the truth. In an era when it is so easy to spread misinformation via social media. It is no less than a privilege to have access to a collection of authentic journalistic reports that are not merely aimed to discredit one’s political opponent. 

His aim to unveil the truth also goes beyond self-praise because his newsletter often features other independent journalists’ work as well. His frequent collaboration with other people also provides a new perspective on an issue. 

What Does Glenn Greenwald Newsletter Offer?

After providing exclusive, well-researched, and well-documented content, it is unfair to question: what more is offered? Nonetheless, there is still more premium information that you can find in his newsletters. 

  1. Transcripts from System Update: System Update is the name of Glenn’s weekly podcast that is broadcasted on Rumble where he invites guests from different backgrounds like politics, finance, and journalism. He puts forward challenging questions, probes various controversial topics, uncovers the truth, and allows guests to enlighten us with their knowledge.  While this is a record interview, he aids his subscribers by providing a written transcript which is part of his weekly newsletters. 
  2. Features Outside Voices: As an emblem of humility and grace, Glenn not only puts forward his ideas and views but also uses his platform to amplify other unique voices. Thereby, you can witness authentic journalists work from different niches with an individual voice. It increases your knowledge and keeps you well-informed in all aspects. 
  3. Glenn’s Notes: Alongside featuring other voices, he also never shies away from putting forward his own ideas and well-researched work. His views on politics, history, and criticism of global policies specifically around global powers like America are truly commendable. 

Who Should Subscribe To Glenn Greenwald Newsletter?

If you are an enthusiast about world politics or history Glenn Greenwald Newsletter would be everlasting paradise. Otherwise, if you are someone who has grown tired of listening to similar blabbering of television media every day, you should sign up for this newsletter to witness what quality journalism is and what impact it has on people. 

While you are on a journey to educate yourself, you will find some other interesting voices as well who are working to establish freedom of journalism and by supporting them you will also be supporting this divine cause. If you believe it is important to steer off from government-induced propaganda and want to take off the blindfold to witness the truth this is the best opportunity for you. 

You will find trustworthy, evidence pieces of research like, “Crime, Incarceration, and "Reform" Prosecutors: a Debate”, one of the most controversial topics about an extraordinarily large number of annual imprisonment of Americans. The newsletter put forward the prospect of needless incarceration of civilians instead of addressing the reason behind the crimes, supported with unquestionable data and facts. If you want to be an informed citizen of America, you should subscribe and let go of the information fed by giant media houses.Greenwald’s newsletter already has a whooping 100K+ subscribers. You can also become a part of this massive group if you are keen on learning about world politics and its impact on civilians.

Final Thoughts – Glenn Greenwald Newsletter

I am eager to absorb knowledge about world politics, history, and human rights. People like Glenn Greenwald are a blessing to the world who have worked tirelessly to present the truth to the masses. Therefore, I admire and respect his work while closely following whichever project he is working on. The Glenn Greenwald Newsletter is one way to stay connected to the original and unfiltered voices of independent journalists. 

Anyone interested in educating themselves and increasing their horizon of information should subscribe to the Glenn Greenwald Newsletter. You will stay updated with current world affairs and uncover the truth about history and politics that no one ever told you. So, subscribe to Glenn Greenwald Newsletter now!

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