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Are you a basketball enthusiast? Even if you are not, you must have heard about the magnificence of Kareen Abdul Jabbar. He is a former American basketball player, the most famous National Basketball Association (NBA) player who has won a plethora of awards throughout his life. Although his sparkling career has come to an end, he now follows a completely different trajectory that is filled with mindfulness, education, and wisdom. He has launched a weekly newsletter collection called, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Newsletter, available on Substack.


  • Insightful discussion on history, culture, and art 
  • Political updates 
  • Criticism of politics and literature 
  • Conversation on civic rights and racism


  • Paid Subscription

You can subscribe to his newsletter can seek enlightenment about history, politics, music, art, and literature and get to know the thoughts of the most successful NBA player without the glimmer of success, under the shadows of humility and wisdom. 

He has already amassed 100K+ subscribers who are inspired by his courage, you can join his journey too by subscribing to his newsletter collection. 

What Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter About?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has tasted the sweetness of success that every basketball player imagines to ever have. He started his career back in 1969 since then he turned back. Abdul-Jabbar's basketball legacy shines with the brilliance of six NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards adorning his victorious legacy. 

He has the honor of becoming an NBA All-Star, 19 times in his career a 15-time All-NBA Team member, and an 11-time NBA All-Defensive Team selection. His glory remained untouched for almost 40 years, for scoring the highest number of goals, 38,387 throughout his career. 

After conquering the world of basketball, he has many accolades in the literary world as well. Since the time he resorted to writing and journalism, he has published in some of the most prestigious newspapers including; Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. 

He has written about history, especially directed toward the turbulent history of Black rights, politics, and of course sports. He has authored three novels and a graphic novel. Most of the books discuss the undiscovered legacy of Black people in history like Black Profiles in Courage: A Legacy of African-American Achievement and What Color Is My World? The Lost History of African American Inventors. 

What Themes Are Discussed In Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter?

If you are not already convinced to explore the magnificent world of a literary expert and a former sports icon, maybe an outlook into his writing would entice you. 

  1. Social justice and civil rights: As a person of color, Abdul-Jabbar must have faced a lot of discrimination throughout his career, the depth of those scars emanates through his writing that actively calls for equal recognition for all people of color. He encompasses discussions about systemic racism, discrimination against marginalized communities, efforts for social equality, and advocacy for civil rights. The newsletter appears to delve into topics such as racial inequality, gender equality, and issues affecting minority groups.
  2. Political commentary: The newsletter engages in analysis and commentary on political events, figures, and policies. This may include discussions on government decisions, legislative actions, political campaigns, and partisan dynamics. It may offer perspectives on key political debates and criticism of Trump’s tenure and his current election campaign. He has penned his political analysis in newsletters; Nikki Haley Forgot About Slavery & Joe Rogan Forgot About Facts and Substack, Nazis, Free Speech, and Me & Trump Is Popular Among Black Voters?
  3. Cultural commentary: This newsletter also involves discussions on aspects of popular culture, entertainment, and societal norms like discussing Black artists, Beyonce, and Oscar nominations. The newsletter may analyze trends in movies, music, television, literature, and art, as well as critique cultural phenomena and their implications. It might explore how cultural representations reflect and influence broader societal attitudes and values.
  4. Current events: Newsletters provide coverage of recent news stories and events. They likely provide updates and analysis on significant developments across various domains, including sports, politics, economics, technology, and international affairs. It may highlight noteworthy events, trends, or controversies shaping contemporary discourse.

Who Should Subscribe To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter?

Anyone interested in interesting and engaging conversations around history, arts, politics, literature, and music should subscribe to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter. It engages people of diverse backgrounds and offers room for candid conversations, although most of the discussions are centered around Black people, you can find relevance if you believe in the ideology of equality. 

His insights are a pure delight, as a reader you will find a compelling and intellectually stimulating experience within its pages. If you are a socially aware and politically active individual you will be thoroughly entertained and adequately well-informed. 

Final Thoughts — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter

As a person of color, I find Abdul-Jbbar’s words emotionally moving and extremely progressive. He has done justice the his fame and popularity by advocating for the rights of minorities. Especially, his criticism of Trump’s tenure focuses on the racial discrimination and electoral rights of the Black voters. He has profoundly used his platform to call out politicians on their biases. Moreover, his discussions on art, books, music, and culture are thoroughly resonant and filled with an interesting point of view which is always a bliss to read. If you want similar experiences then subscribe to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Substack Newsletter. 

You can also follow Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on X; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

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