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The mainstream content can be boring at times. Knowingless By Aella Newsletter is a collection of newsletters blatantly defying societal norms and inviting people into professions that are never openly discussed. It is a projection of Aella’s thoughts and life, including a deeply personal account of her life, including creative pieces and short stories. The main theme of her newsletter is the exploration of the sex work industry, what qualities and techniques make one successful in this profession, and the profound social analysis around this theme.


  • The psychological aspect of sex
  • Discussion on sexual practices 
  • Advise related to being better at sex 
  • Interviews with sex workers 
  • General commentary on serious subjects


  • Adult content 
  • Some conversations can be unsettling 
  • Paid subscription

What Is Knowingless By Aella Newsletter About?

Knowingless By Aella Newsletter brings forth a concept that has never been experimented with before. Knowingless By Aella Newsletter delves into the procession of sex workers, exploring crucial strategies necessary in the field and discussing psychedelics. Furthermore, in-depth interviews with other women regarding sex and their preferences or opinions on the matter. 

What themes are explored in this newsletter: 

  1. Sexual Dynamics and Behavior: These newsletters offer a deep exploration of sexual dynamics, including discussions on what makes someone good at sex, the nuances of seduction, and the psychology behind sexual preferences and fetishes. The themes which are not commonly expressed so candidly. 
  1. Gender and Power Dynamics: The content is written from a woman’s perspective and includes directives about female choices and preferences in the course. The writings touch upon gender roles and power dynamics in sexual relationships, examining how societal expectations influence behavior and perceptions.
  1. Emotional and Psychological Insights: The author delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality, including topics such as anxiety, trauma, and the impact of mental health on relationships and sexual experiences. Often, there is inclusion of various interviews of different female sex workers who narrate their experiences and stories, highlighting the emotional and psychological challenges of the job.
  1. Social Commentary: There is a keen eye for social commentary, with discussions on controversial topics such as pornography, polyamory, and the stigma surrounding certain sexual practices. Also, discuss the preferences and women’s opinions on such subjects and practices. 
  1. Data Analysis and Research: The author frequently references survey results and data analysis to support their arguments and provide insights into human behavior and attitudes towards sex and relationships. For example, there is a well-research newsletter titled “Are sexual assault survivors more likely to have rape fetishes?” and “The Personality and Childhoods Of Pedophiles”. It includes graphs and statistical analysis. 
  1. Personal Reflection and Narrative: Interspersed throughout are personal reflections and anecdotes, offering readers a glimpse into the author's own experiences and perspectives on sexuality and relationships. The tone of the newsletter is very bold and expressive, considering that such voices are uncommon on mainstream platforms – making this newsletter one of a kind. 

Who Should Subscribe To Knowingless By Aella Newsletter?

She already has 35K+ inquisitive subscribers who enjoy the boldness of her writings. If you enjoy such themes, you can subscribe to her weekly newsletter on Substack.

Knowingless By Aella Newsletter is a must-read for anyone intrigued by the patterns and traits of human sexual psychology and societal manifestations and ideologies regulating it. Especially if you want to experience a fun, bold, and provocative undertone that amplifies the overall experience. It is not only about learning sex. It is about the emotional aspect of the act and how it affects the behavior of men and women. 

Furthermore, it offers a blend of thought-provoking analysis, candid personal reflections, and evidence-based insights; this newsletter offers a unique perspective on topics ranging from sexual preferences and seduction strategies to the psychology of intimacy and the stigma surrounding certain sexual practices. 

Additionally, offers interviews and casual conversations with women belonging to this profession. Aella does not shy away from asking personal or conventionally uncomfortable questions. It is for anyone interested in understanding the phenomena around sex alongside an engaging commentary on the subject. 

Final Words — Knowingless By Aella Newsletter

It is unusual to find informal conversations around sex on media platforms. While Knowingless By Aella takes on the challenge, it also adds a secretive and provocative aspect to it along with a deeply personal voice that is both bold and unapologetic. Where societal taboos or stigmas may discourage such discussions. However, Aella defies all odds and has built a community that finds her inquisitions interesting. 

Even if this collection of newsletters could be regarded as “sultry” and “vulgar” by some people, no one can deny the fact that it also initiates conversation around human psychology, victims of sexual violence, sex addicts, and sex offenders with strong factual evidence. Although the writing can be quirky, it also brings attention to serious subjects. 

You also get a glimpse of the lives of sex workers in her “Good at Sex Series”, where she interviews women belonging to the field, converses about the stigmas attached to the profession, and records general commentary on the subject. 

If you are intrigued to find more then subscribe to the Knowingless By Aella Newsletter.

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