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As the name indicates, Last Week in AI brings all the top news from the artificial intelligence world to your inbox every week. The newsletter is an excellent pick for AI enthusiasts who wish to stay in the loop with the latest updates and information. Let’s talk about it in detail in this Last Week in AI newsletter review.


  • Last Week in AI lands in your email regularly
  • It is written by industry experts
  • The newsletter follows a straightforward layout


  • It is a weekly newsletter
  • The newsletter only brings news but no tutorials

What is the Last Week in AI Newsletter about?

Last Week in AI newsletter is all about AI and advancements in the industry. From changing trends to the latest research and more, this newsletter is an absolute resource. It brings top news from different AI categories, including tools, research, business, and more. Readers can stay updated on all artificial intelligence buzz via this weekly newsletter with a straightforward and easy to understand layout.

Talking of the layout, let’s give you a sneak peek into it in this Last Week in AI newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of Last Week in AI Newsletter

Last Week in AI follows a simple structure. It may seem too long to new readers, but it grows on you eventually when you realize it gives you a quick overview. Here’s how the email looks:

  • The newsletter begins with the newsletter edition number along with a quick look into the topics and descriptions.
  • The first section in the email is “Top News” that shares three or more pieces of news with detailed insights.
  • Next, “Other News” covers multiple sub-categories like Tools, Business, Research, Concerns, Policy, Analysis, etc. Each section has multiple latest news and trends in one sentence each with links to original sources. They may also have images, charts, graphs, or tables.
  • The newsletter ends with an invitation to upgrade to the paid version.

What Topics does the Last Week in AI Newsletter Cover?

Last Week in AI newsletter covers everything about artificial intelligence. Whether you want to know about the latest tools in the market, stay in touch with latest research, or see how the AI business is doing globally, Last Week in AI brings you all the hot takes. 

How could we tell you all in this Last Week in AI newsletter review but miss the subscription details? Coming right up!

Is it Free or Paid?

Last Week in AI is an invaluable resource, and the best part is that you can sign up for a free version. Just go to their Substack, enter your email, and select ‘Subscribe.’

Besides the free version, the author also offers paid subscription options with exclusive content. Choose from three paid subscription plans, get a group subscription, or gift Last Week in AI to a friend or family member.

The individual subscription choices are:

  • Free
  • Monthly for $5
  • Annual for $50 ($4.17 per month)
  • Founding member for $250 or more 

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Last Week in AI comes from a team of experts adept in artificial intelligence and tech. Andrey Kurenkov co-founded Last Week in AI besides The Gradient and Stories by AI. He is also a writer, YouTuber, podcaster, photographer, and a former AI researcher and PhD holder from Stanford.

Jacky Liang is another important part of the company. He is the editor of Last Week in AI and is a Research Scientist at Google DeepMind. Moreover, Daniel Bashir, Managing Editor at The Gradient and Deep Learning Compiler Engineer at Amazon Web Services, is an Editor & Staff Writer at Last Week in AI.

Furthermore, Jerry Kaplan, Sociail, Samuel J. Woods,, and tanvirr have joined the newsletter as founding members.

The Last Week in AI Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The Last Week in AI is a popular newsletter among readers who want to stay in touch with the latest updates at a glance. It takes around 15 minutes to read through the newsletter if you wish to only skim the headlines. Otherwise, you can read each story in detail at your preferred pace. 

My Honest Review of Last Week in AI Newsletter

As I wind up the Last Week in AI newsletter review, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that it is one of the best resources for AI enthusiasts. While it does not teach you about AI or ML learning like some other newsletters, it is best to stay in touch with the industry trends. You get news and information on an extensive range of topics around AI and tech.

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