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Gary Marcus' Marcus on AI newsletter is one of the best picks for those looking for an AI newsletter from a scientist renowned for his rational and unbiased views. It brings dissections and details on the latest AI developments from an expert's perspective.


  • It is a valuable newsletter from one of the most influential AI voices
  • Marcus on AI covers the topic in depth with relevant images
  • You get the option to subscribe to a free version


  • Free subscribers do not receive regular emails
  • Every edition focuses on one story only

What is Marcus on AI Newsletter about?

Marcus on AI is a valuable resource on artificial intelligence that does not only talk about the good in the AI world but also the bad. The newsletter does not glorify AI and aims to educate its readers about what artificial intelligence is properly. He brings you a fresh, expert perspective on the latest news from the AI world. Marcus questions the limitations and issues with AI in his newsletter.

Candice Clark wrote, “Amongst the myriad of opinions, one voice stands out as a rational and impartial advocate: Gary Marcus.”

So, this newsletter brings accurate and rational advice on AI. Let’s tell you more about it in this Marcus on AI newsletter review.

The Newsletter Structure of Marcus on AI Newsletter

  • Marcus on AI newsletter begins with the day’s topic in the top middle of the newsletter with a short description.
  • Next, you will see the author’s name, publishing date, and links to share the newsletter. 
  • Then, Gary introduces you to the topic and shares the story's details. From explaining the topic in easy words to sharing his opinion and supplementing the email with images – he covers all bases. 
  • As the story ends, you will see a short snippet about Gary Marcus followed by CTAs like “Upgrade to Paid,” “Share,” etc.

What Topics does Marcus on AI Newsletter Cover?

Marcus on AI is an "all about AI" newsletter covering artificial intelligence topics. Every edition brings you one story in detail so you do not miss any important aspects. He shares his opinion on the topic supplemented by social media posts by other AI users. 

Is it Free or Paid?

It is a free newsletter that lands in your inbox multiple times a week. However, subscribers with the free version do not receive regular updates. To stay updated on all editions, you can choose from three paid subscription options:

Monthly: $8

Annually: $80 (17% cheaper than monthly payments)

Founding member: $150 or above

Subscribing to the Marcus on AI newsletter is incredibly easy. Go to the Marcus on AI Substack profile, enter your email address in the given space, and click "Subscribe." 

Subscribe to Marcus on AI newsletter

If you’re wondering who the genius behind this newsletter is, we've covered that next for you in this Marcus on AI newsletter review.

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Marcus on AI is an incredible resource by Gary Marcus, the founder & CEO of Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber). He is also the founder and Executive Chairman of Robust AI. Gary is a scientist, best-selling author, and one of the most renowned voices in AI. He has written five books, including New York Times bestsellers and one of Forbes 7 Must-Read books in AI (Rebooting AI).

So, when subscribing to this newsletter, you must be assured that it’s not from a self-proclaimed AI guru.

The Marcus on AI Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

The readers are happy with the newsletter, even the free one. They want to read more about it but mention that the free versions are also valuable and resourceful. Marcus on AI has over 32,000 subscribers who wait for and read the newsletter regularly. They appreciate his in-depth knowledge on the subject and his way of explanation.

My Honest Review of Marcus on AI Newsletter

I always appreciate content from experienced and well-informed authors, and Marcus on AI is undoubtedly one of the best. It is among the top resources to stay updated with the good and bad in the AI landscape. Skimming through the newsletter takes around 10 minutes; the email is easy to follow for beginners as well. You can stay in the loop with the latest in AI without worrying about complicated jargon. 

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