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You may find it difficult to find a good AI newsletter, but not with the Not a Bot. This Not a Bot newsletter review tells you why it is one of the best reads.


  • The newsletter comes from an expert
  • Not a Bot follows a simple structure
  • It is a free-of-cost newsletter


  • Some people might prefer a daily newsletter
  • The writer does not share his opinions on the news

What is the Not a Bot Newsletter about?

Not a Bot is an informative AI newsletter, not written by AI. It regularly brings the latest developments, news, research, and tools to your inbox. While it mainly caters to investors and developers, it is equally popular among AI enthusiasts. Not a Bot is read by over 50,000 subscribers, including Mark Cuban, Fortune 50 CEOs, and more.

This twice-weekly newsletter is the perfect dose of AI news without overwhelming you with too much information. Depending on your feasibility, it allows you to take your time and read the newsletter over a few days.

The Newsletter Structure of Not a Bot Newsletter

  • The Not a Bot newsletter begins with the logo in the top middle of the email, followed by “New here? Welcome to NAB, and make sure to subscribe to stay informed on the latest developments in AI!”
  • Then, the author welcomes you with a greeting before diving into the detailed content. You will also see a small announcement after a greeting (if any).
  • Next, there’s a CTA to sponsor Not a Bot. Some editions also have “In Today's Edition” that gives you a summary of the email.
  • Now, the author begins with the informative news, beginning with the first section, "Top AI News.” Each edition usually has three to six pieces of news in this segment.
  • The next part is “Building with AI” that brings you a link to a podcast you can catch on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.
  • Following the podcast, the author shares content under Fundraising, Our Top Picks, and Post of the Day.
  • Lastly, the author asks, "What did you think of today's newsletter?” and signs off the newsletter.

Now that we’ve shared the structure in this Not a Bot newsletter review, let’s tell you how to subscribe to it.

Is it Free or Paid?

You might wonder why this newsletter would have a hefty monthly subscription. But you know what? It's absolutely free!

The author brings you this newsletter every Monday and Friday without a subscription cost. Just visit the website and enter your email in the given space. When you add in your email, you will see a captcha. Once verified, you can click "Subscribe” to receive the newsletter in your inbox regularly.

Subscribe to Not a Bot newsletter

Who is Behind this Newsletter?

Haroon Choudery is the genius behind this helpful newsletter, sharing the top industry insights that interest AI enthusiasts and experts equally. He is also the CEO of AutoblocksAI and buildingwith_ai. Haroon helps teams build better AI products through his vast AI knowledge, which he also shares with Not a Bot readers. 

His expertise on the subject allows him to bring accurate information and the latest developments in the field to the newsletter subscribers. 

The Not a Bot Newsletter Reviews: What do readers think about this newsletter?

Not a Bot is not only a newsletter but an invaluable resource that saves readers the trouble of reading articles on multiple websites. Readers love this newsletter as it lets them stay updated on the most recent advancements and studies in AI. They also like that the newsletter is not AI-generated but human-written, allowing them to understand the content more easily. Haroon's grasp of the subject is vividly evident in the email content.

My Honest Review of Not a Bot Newsletter

Personally, I think Not a Bot is one of the best AI newsletters out there. It brings you the latest insights, tools, and developments into the AI world without making them sound complicated. The newsletter follows a simple format, and the twice-weekly frequency is ideal for people like me who do not have much time. You can skim through the headlines or read the stories in detail depending on your spare time.

Winding up this Not a Bot newsletter review, I’d say this free resource can be one of the perfect choices to stay informed on AI trends and news.

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